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IBM Shifting Retirees to Health-Insurance Exchange

It's a growing trend among big companies, says Wall Street Journal

(Newser) - As of the first of the new year, IBM retirees will no longer be on the company health plan—IBM is transferring them to a health-insurance exchange, reports Reuters . The company will give the retirees an annual payment, and they'll use it pick their own plan from a privately...

IBM Makes World's Smallest Movie

Starring: carbon monoxide molecules

(Newser) - The star of this movie was ready for its close-up—so ready it was magnified 100 million times. A Boy And His Atom is officially the world's smallest film, created by IBM by manipulating thousands of carbon monoxide molecules into an animated stop-motion short, reports the Telegraph . The film,...

IBM Boss Chews Out Staff: We Were Slow

Executives shuffled in wake of lousy earnings report

(Newser) - IBM reported some pretty lackluster earnings last week, prompting CEO Virginia Rometty to shuffle some executives and take the unusual step of criticizing staff performance in a five-minute video distributed to the entire company—all 434,000 employees, the Wall Street Journal reports. "Where we haven't transformed rapidly...

IBM's Watson to Start Dispensing Medical Advice

It teams with big insurer, hospital on two apps for doctors, insurers

(Newser) - Dr. Watson is accepting new patients. The Watson supercomputer is graduating from its medical residency and is being offered commercially to doctors and health insurance companies. IBM, the health insurer WellPoint, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center announced two Watson-based applications—one to help assess treatments for lung cancer and one...

Top 10 Companies for 2013
 Top 10 Companies for 2013 

Top 10 Companies for 2013

Apple, of course, makes forecasters' list, along with Pfizer, Walmart

(Newser) - The prognosticators at 24/7 Wall Street are out with their annual predictions on which companies will be the most profitable in 2013. And, yes, Apple is expected to retain its No. 1 spot—by a wide margin. Here is the forecast with expected 2013 earnings, via MarketWatch .
  • No. 1: Apple,

US Retakes Fastest Supercomputer Crown

IBM's Sequoia outperforms Japanese record holder

(Newser) - America can once again boast that it is home to the world's fastest supercomputer. IBM's Sequoia system knocked Japan's K Computer into second place after clocking in at a staggering 16.32 "petaflops"—that's 16 quadrillion calculations per second, reports the Wall Street Journal...

IBM Thinks Siri Is Spying, Bans It

Or at least, it might if it was allowed on company's network

(Newser) - IBM has banned employees from using Siri on its network, because it doesn't trust the iPhone digital assistant. On Monday, IBM's CIO told the MIT Technology Review that though employees are free to use their personal iPhone at work, it was having problems with apps posing security risks....

IBM's Female CEO to Attend Masters

Debate swirls over all-male Augusta National Golf Club

(Newser) - As the first female CEO of Masters sponsor IBM, Virginia Rometty's name has surfaced over and over this week in arguments about Augusta National Golf Club's policy against admitting women. And while she still hasn't discussed the issue publicly, Rometty will attend the tournament, likely adding more...

White House to Augusta: Time to Admit Women

But it's the golf club's decision: Obama

(Newser) - As controversy over the Augusta National Golf Club's men-only policy resurfaces, the White House is taking sides. President Obama "believes women should be admitted," says press secretary Jay Carney. It's "up to the club to decide," but Obama's "personal opinion is that...

Teed-Off Ladies Still Barred at Augusta

Even CEO of Masters sponsor IBM is female-non-grata

(Newser) - The prestigious Augusta National Golf Club, host of the Masters, seems to be sticking to its maddening policy of banning female members. Augusta National Chairman William Porter Payne won't even deign to publicly discuss the issue. Some critics believe it's long past time to extend an invitation to...

Buffett Buys $10.7B in IBM
 Buffett Buys $10.7B in IBM 

Buffett Buys $10.7B in IBM

He now owns 5.5% of the company

(Newser) - Warren Buffett typically shies away from tech companies, but not this year. In an interview on CNBC this morning, Buffett revealed that he’s bought $10.7 billion worth of IBM stock since March, a purchase that had been kept confidential in Berkshire Hathaway’s recent filings. The buy gives...

Virginia Rometty Named First Female CEO of IBM
 IBM Names First 
 Female CEO 

IBM Names First Female CEO

Global sales boss Virginia Rometty to take reins next year

(Newser) - IBM, long seen as a slow-moving boys’ club, has named its first female CEO. Global sales head Virginia Rometty will take over from Sam Palmisano in January, making IBM the highest-valued US corporation run by a woman, Reuters reports. Industry and Wall Street observers applauded the decision, which retains Palmisano...

IBM Surpasses Microsoft, Claims No. 2 Tech Spot

Shift illustrates tech industry's move away from PCs

(Newser) - Microsoft, once the world’s most valuable tech company, has now fallen to third place. IBM surpassed Microsoft yesterday to take the second-place spot, as its market value rose to $214 billion and Microsoft’s fell to $213.2 billion. It marked the first time IBM’s closing prices exceeded...

IBM's Watson Gets a Job With Health Insurer WellPoint
 IBM's Watson Gets a Job 

IBM's Watson Gets a Job

Will aid WellPoint doctors, nurses in patient diagnoses, treatments

(Newser) - Looks like Watson’s Jeopardy appearance was the ticket to a high-profile job. As the health field goes increasingly digital, health insurer WellPoint is teaming up with IBM to use the technology in medical settings. Watson will ultimately help doctors with diagnoses and treatment suggestions, the Wall Street Journal reports....

IBM Creates Chip That Works Like Human Brain

Chip could someday power computer that learns, handles complex tasks

(Newser) - IBM has created a prototype chip that mimics the workings of the human brain, simulating synapses, neurons, and axons in the hopes of creating a computer that can learn and think, the company announced today. So far these “cognitive computing chips” have only been put to simple tasks like...

Gay Couples May Have to Marry ... to Keep Benefits

Some New York companies phasing out 'domestic partner' perks

(Newser) - Now that gay marriage is legal in New York, some couples might have no choice but to take the plunge—at least if they want to keep their health insurance. Two major companies—Raytheon and IBM—say employees in same-sex relationships must get married if they want to keep the...

Apple Bumps Google as Most Valuable Brand

Tech and telecoms dominate the top brands

(Newser) - Apple has taken a bite out of Google. It's now the most valuable brand in the world, finally ending Google's four-year run at the top of Millward Brown's list of global brand value, reports Reuters . The study estimates Apple's brand to be worth $153 billion, almost...

Bristol-Myers Allegations: Push Our Drugs, Meet the Lakers!

Authorities say company bribed doctors with team 'happy hours'

(Newser) - It's a good day for bribery allegations:
  • In California, Bristol-Meyers Squibb is accused of bribing doctors to push its drugs in exchange for swanky gifts and "happy hours" with Los Angeles Lakers players. Players also participated in "dream camps" for doctors and their families. Ex-player Lucius Allen, who

Ken Jennings: Watson's Jeopardy Win a Victory for Humans
 Watson's Win a 
 Victory ... for Humans 
ken jennings

Watson's Win a Victory ... for Humans

Jeopardy ! king discusses his epic battle with the computer

(Newser) - Going into his Jeopardy! match against IBM’s Watson supercomputer, champ Ken Jennings saw himself as humanity’s representative, "the Great Carbon-Based Hope against a new generation of thinking machines," he writes for Slate . But victory wasn’t to be: Watson played Jeopardy much like a top-ranked human....

Jeopardy Challenge Ends With Humans Crushed

Watson's next job: medical diagnostics

(Newser) - "I for one, welcome our new computer overlords," defeated Jeopardy contestant Ken Jennings wrote below his final answer as the game show's 3-day supercomputer challenge wrapped up. IBM's Watson finished way ahead with $77,147 while Jennings and Brad Rutter—the two most successful human contestants in Jeopardy...

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