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Bad News, AT&T Wireless Customers
Bad News, AT&T
Wireless Customers

Bad News, AT&T Wireless Customers

Company says data from 'nearly all' of its wireless subscribers was hacked

(Newser) - AT&T delivered some stunning news to customers on Friday morning: "Nearly all" of its wireless subscribers were caught up in a data breach, in which hackers swiped call and text metadata from a third-party cloud system, reports the Wall Street Journal . In a securities filing, the company said...

AT&T Says Data From 73M Accounts Found on Dark Web

Company says it is notifying customers

(Newser) - AT&T said it has begun notifying millions of customers about the theft of personal data recently discovered online. The telecommunications giant said Saturday that a dataset found on the "dark web" contains information such as Social Security numbers for about 7.6 million current AT&T account holders...

AT&T's Mea Culpa for Massive Outage: $5

Company is crediting affected customers the average cost of a day of service

(Newser) - AT&T says it will give affected customers $5 each to compensate for last week's cellphone network outage that left many without service for hours, the AP reports. The Dallas-based company said on its website that customers will get the $5 credit on their account within two billing cycles....

AT&T Explains Mass Outage
AT&T Explains Mass Outage

AT&T Explains Mass Outage

Apparently it wasn't a cyberattack, despite rampant speculation

(Newser) - AT&T says the mass outage that affected about 60,000 of its customers Thursday was caused by a software update. Specifically, "the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network" was to blame, the telecom company said in a statement to ABC...

If Your Cellphone Was Useless Today, You're Not Alone

Major carriers appear to have resolved most of the outages, but the cause is still unclear

(Newser) - It's been a lousy day for a lot of smartphones, but the trouble is mostly over: AT&T said late in the afternoon that its network was back again for an hourslong outage across the country, reports the AP . The trouble began overnight, leading to nearly 60,000 outages...

Legacy of Old Lead Cables Is Big New Headache for AT&T

Shares plunging after a 'Wall Street Journal' investigation into the dangers

(Newser) - One of the big business stories percolating over the last week involves plunging share prices at telecom companies in general and AT&T in particular. On Monday, for example, AT&T's stock fell another 7% to reach a 30-year low, reports Reuters . The culprit: A damning investigation by the...

AT&T Shuts Down 3G, and Impact Could Be Wide

It might affect everything from car navigation systems to home alarms

(Newser) - If your home alarm or even your vehicle's roadside assistance system starts going kerblewy in the next few days, it might have something to do with this: AT&T is shutting down its 3G network as of Tuesday, reports CNN . The move is part of a shift on the...

After Dire Warning, a Change to 5G Rollout

AT&T, Verizon delay turning on some of the new 5G cell towers

(Newser) - AT&T and Verizon will delay launching new wireless service near key airports after the nation’s largest airlines said the service would interfere with aircraft technology and cause widespread flight disruptions, the AP reports. The decision from the companies came Tuesday as the Biden administration intervened to broker a...

Airlines Have a Dire Warning on 5G Rollout

They say it could lead to 'catastrophic' flight disruptions

(Newser) - Verizon and AT&T are set to deploy new 5G service Wednesday—and in a letter to federal officials Monday, major airlines warned there could be "catastrophic" consequences. As Axios notes, the dispute between the airlines and the wireless companies has been going on a while, with the aviation...

Report: 90% of OAN Network's Revenue Came From AT&T

Founder testified in 2019 that company execs inspired him to create network

(Newser) - The right-wing, fiercely pro-Donald Trump One America News Network is often seen as a fringe player in American media—but its inspiration, and most of its revenue, came from the country's largest communication company, a Reuters investigation finds. Court records reveal that OAN founder Robert Herring has testified that...

AT&T Was Biggest Loser in S&P 500
AT&T, Discovery
Slide for a Second Day

AT&T, Discovery Slide for a Second Day

Late drop in tech stocks left indexes lower

(Newser) - An afternoon drop led by big technology stocks left major market indexes broadly lower on Wall Street Tuesday. The S&P 500 lost 0.9%, with most of those losses coming in the last hour of trading. Apple, Facebook, and Google’s parent company all lost 1% or more. Walmart...

AT&T Joins With Discovery to Create New Media Titan

New TV, film, and streaming company will compete against Netflix, Disney

(Newser) - AT&T will combine its massive media operations that include CNN, HBO, TNT, and TBS in a $43 billion deal with Discovery, the owner of lifestyle networks including the Food Network and HGTV. The deal reflects a new reality for the industry: Faced with cord-cutting and incursions by streaming services,...

Frustrated AT&T Customer Chides Company in $1,100 Ad

90-year-old says slow Internet is 'major disappointment'

(Newser) - A California man frustrated with slow Internet service from AT&T has spent $1,100 trying to get the CEO's attention. In a quarter-page ad published in the Wall Street Journal Wednesday, 90-year-old Aaron Epstein tells CEO John Stankey that he has been a customer since 1960—and the...

Blame AT&T for Warner Bros.' Controversial HBO Max Plan

Telecom giant has different priorities, Edmund Lee argues

(Newser) - Theater chains and big Hollywood names are furious at Warner Bros.' plan to simultaneously release all of its 2021 movies at theaters and on HBO Max, the streaming service owned by WarnerMedia. At the New York Times , Edmund Lee has an explanation for the controversial move: AT&T...

Female CEOs Just Made a Record Fortune 500 List

37 of the companies in the annual ranking are run by women—a record high

(Newser) - This year's Fortune 500 list is out, and the top 10 companies are the same ones that made it in 2019, with Walmart in the No. 1 spot for the eighth year in a row. The real story attracting buzz, though, is that 37 of the companies are led...

John Krasinski Has Sweet Surprise for Boston Hospital Workers

A trip to Fenway, free season tickets, and a sincere thank-you

(Newser) - Some celebrity offerings amid the coronavirus aren't landing so well . John Krasinski seems to be a big exception to the rule. His no-frills "Some Good News" series on YouTube already has featured a reunion of sorts between him and Steve Carell about The Office. And his new episode...

Did You Get a Weird Text This Week? This May Be Why

Telecom glitch caused people to get 'ghost' texts from people who didn't send them

(Newser) - If you recently received a strange text that doesn't make any sense from someone you know, you're not alone—and a Maine radio station appears to have helped solve the mystery. Per Popular Mechanics , lots of head-scratching has been happening over the past couple of days, with people...

Trump: It Might Be Time to Boycott AT&T
Trump Suggests
a Boycott of AT&T

Trump Suggests a Boycott of AT&T

President criticizes CNN, and this time he includes its parent company

(Newser) - President Trump isn't letting world travel hamper his tweeting habits. On Monday, after arriving in the UK for his three-day visit, Trump unleashed criticism on a familiar target—CNN. But this time, he suggested that people start boycotting parent company AT&T, reports Politico . In his first tweet, Trump...

Resignation at HBO Marks 'End of an Era'
Resignation Is
'Seismic' for HBO

Resignation Is 'Seismic' for HBO

CEO Richard Plepler is out following AT&T takeover

(Newser) - The man who helped bring Game of Thrones to the small screen is out at HBO. "Hard as it is to think about leaving the company I love, and the people I love in it, it is the right time for me to do so," Chairman and CEO...

A Giant Merger Is Cleared, Despite DOJ Objections

Appeals court blesses AT&T acquisition of Time Warner

(Newser) - A federal appeals court has cleared AT&T's takeover of Time Warner, rejecting a challenge from the Trump administration, per the AP . The ruling by the US Court of Appeals in Washington came Tuesday in the high-stakes case, approving one of the biggest media marriages ever. The appeals court...

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