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Michelle Obama's Brother Sues His Sons' Milwaukee School

He claims it refused to allow sons to re-enroll after couple voiced allegations of racial bias

(Newser) - The brother of former first lady Michelle Obama and his wife are suing a private Milwaukee school, alleging it refused to allow their two sons to re-enroll after they voiced concerns that racism and inappropriate conduct at the school had not been satisfactorily addressed. In a civil lawsuit filed Monday...

Michelle Obama's Brother Will Pen Memoir

Craig Robinson hopes to inspire with book due next year

(Newser) - Craig Robinson, brother of First Lady Michelle Obama, is working on a book to be published next year, the AP reports. Robinson, who coaches the men’s basketball team at Oregon State, hopes the book—entitled A Game of Character—will be part memoir, part inspirational guide.

Oregon State Hoops Hope for Change They Can Believe In

Obama brother-in-law takes over losing team

(Newser) - Barack Obama isn't the only man in his family to face the daunting task of taking the helm of a struggling institution. The New York Times reports that brother-in-law Craig Robinson returns from stumping for Obama to his day job—coaching the Oregon State men's basketball team back from a...

Office Actor Charged With Possession, DUI

Craig Robinson was on speed, coke, cannabis, police say

(Newser) - The Office actor Craig Robinson has been hit with drug possession and misdemeanor DUI charges, according to a complaint released today. Los Angeles police say they pulled Robinson over for a traffic violation this summer, discovered drugs in his car, and found him high on amphetamines, cocaine, and cannabis. The...

Cracks Begin to Show in Clinton's RI Stronghold

'There must be something I'm missing,' one backer says

(Newser) - Rhode Island, where Hillary Clinton enjoys a long-established support base, may not end up being the decisive (though tiny) landslide the senator has expected. Loyal Clinton backers seem to be wavering in the wake of Barack Obama's 11 straight victories, the Washington Post reports. "There must be something I'm...

Obama Camp Wields Steely Secret Weapon: Mrs. O

Michelle Obama seen as campaign 'closer'

(Newser) - Outspoken and gutsy but sometimes sarcastic and condescending, Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, is playing a central role in his campaign as it builds toward a final showdown. Known as "The Closer" behind the scenes, the 44-year-old Harvard-educated lawyer puts steel into the campaign while Obama stays above the fray,...

6 Stories