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FBI Chief Warns of Potential Attack Amid FISA Fight

After Wednesday's chaos, House Republicans may now see a path forward

(Newser) - FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Thursday of "the potential for a coordinated attack" in the US, similar to the ISIS-K attack that killed more than 140 people in Russia last month. Wray told lawmakers he was "hard-pressed to think of a time [during my law enforcement career] where...

Johnson Faces Revolt Over Spy Tool Reauthorization

Trump urges Republicans to 'kill FISA'

(Newser) - A bill that would reauthorize a crucial national security surveillance program was blocked Wednesday by a conservative revolt, pushing the prospects of final passage into uncertainty amid a looming deadline. The legislative impasse followed an edict earlier in the day from Donald Trump to "kill" the measure. The procedural...

Russia Propaganda Is Aired on House Floor, Intel Chair Says

Turner says colleagues repeat false information in Ukraine aid debate

(Newser) - Russian propaganda about the invasion of Ukraine has echoed in House debate, Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner said Sunday. Appearing on CNN's State of the Union, the Republican was asked about Rep. Michael McCaul's comments that Russian propaganda had seeped into their party's base. "Oh, it'...

Republicans Seek to Rename Dulles Airport After Trump

Bill is put forward in the House, but it stands no chance in the Senate

(Newser) - If some House Republicans get their way, people flying into the DC area might soon be landing at Donald J. Trump International Airport. A group of Trump supporters has introduced a bill to rename Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia in honor of the former president, reports NBC News .
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Mike Johnson Hoped for an 'End of the Exits.' Now, Another

Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin to resign April 19, leaving House GOP down to a one-vote margin

(Newser) - Earlier this month, when Colorado GOP Rep. Ken Buck announced he was stepping down early from his seat in the US House of Representatives, Speaker Mike Johnson insisted there were no further resignations planned. "I think, I hope and believe that that's the end of the exits for...

Spending Bill Clears House, Triggers a GOP Mutiny

Marjorie Taylor Greene files motion to vacate against Speaker Mike Johnson

(Newser) - House Speaker Mike Johnson is having a good-news, bad-news Friday. On the one hand, he got a $1.2 trillion spending package through the House via a "streamlined process" to avert a government shutdown, reports the AP . On the other, his speakership is endangered as a result.
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Buck's Exit Is a Big Problem for Boebert

She can't run in special election without leaving seat in another Colorado district

(Newser) - Republican Rep. Ken Buck announced Tuesday that he is leaving Congress earlier than planned, creating a dilemma for Rep. Lauren Boebert. Whoever wins the special election to replace Buck for the rest of his term in Colorado's 4th District will have a big advantage in the general election as...

Hunter Biden on GOP Invite for New Hearing: Nope

President's son's lawyer dismisses 'circus act'

(Newser) - Hunter Biden on Wednesday rejected an invitation from House Republicans to appear for a public hearing next week alongside former business associates, an inquiry his attorney dismissed as a "carnival side show." In a letter obtained by the AP , Biden's attorney Abbe Lowell blasted Republicans' efforts to...

No One Wants to Go to Mike Johnson's GOP Retreat

Fewer than 100 House Republicans plan to attend in W. Va., with some saying they're tired of drama

(Newser) - This year's retreat for House Republicans is nestled in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, promising a break from the confines of DC and a chance for the GOP to recalibrate ahead of the November election. It doesn't look like the getaway will be a particularly well-attended event,...

Republican Is Leaving Congress Early

Ken Buck is quitting House amid 'bickering and nonsense'

(Newser) - Republican Rep. Ken Buck announced Tuesday that he's leaving Congress at the end of next week, further narrowing the GOP's slender House majority. Buck, a member of the hardline conservative House Freedom Caucus, said in November that he wouldn't seek re-election in Colorado's 4th District but...

House Speaker Begs for 'Decorum' at State of Union

Mike Johnson reportedly put out the plea on Wednesday during closed-door GOP session

(Newser) - President Biden is set to deliver his State of the Union address on Thursday night, and the speaker of the House is already trying in advance to reign in lawmakers on the Republican side. "Decorum is the order of the day," Mike Johnson reportedly warned during a closed-door...

Lawmaker Calls Congress Broken, Says He's Out
Lawmaker Flops,
Will Run Again
After Trump Call

Lawmaker Flops, Will Run Again After Trump Call

Mark Green had announced he was quitting after Mayorkas impeachment vote

(Newser) - After being lobbied in calls from "constituents, colleagues, and President Trump," Rep. Mark Green has reversed his decision to retire from Congress. Trump welcomed Green's unretirement in a Truth Social post on Thursday and said he'll endorse him, Axios reports. Reelection would keep the Tennessee lawmaker...

Key Moment in GOP's Impeachment Inquiry: Hunter Testifies

'I did not involve my father in my business,' says president's son

(Newser) - Hunter Biden appeared Wednesday on Capitol Hill for a closed-door deposition with lawmakers, a critical moment for Republicans in their impeachment inquiry into his father and the family's business. "I am here today to provide the committees with the one uncontestable fact that should end the false premise...

Government May Partially Shut Down in Days

And an ever bigger shutdown looms next week

(Newser) - Prepare to hear three words a lot this week in regard to DC news: "looming government shutdown."
  • Two deadlines: Around 20% of government funding expires at midnight Friday unless the two sides strike a deal, with services including food stamps and housing assistance at risk, reports the Washington

Report: Senators Will Swiftly Toss Impeachment

Sources tell 'New York Times' Senate could dismiss Mayorkas impeachment within days

(Newser) - The House's impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was a months-long process, but the Senate might take just days to reject it. Sources tell the New York Times that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer hasn't decided exactly how to deal with the impeachment, but House managers plan...

Days After Bucking GOP, Lawmaker Says He's Quitting

Mike Gallagher voted against impeachment measure on Tuesday

(Newser) - Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher, who broke with the Republican Party on an impeachment vote Tuesday—bringing him the threat of a primary challenge—announced Saturday that he's leaving Congress. Gallagher told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he will enter the private sector instead of running for reelection in November and...

Republicans Look for a Way Around This Week's Debacles

Johnson deflects responsibility and plans to try again on two rejected measures

(Newser) - Republicans are alternately ripping their House leaders, dismissing the losses incurred this week, and looking for a way to move past the debacles. Speaker Mike Johnson put two measures to a floor vote on Tuesday night, only to lose in full public view on the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary...

How the Mayorkas Impeachment Failed

Democratic Rep. Al Green rushed to the House still wearing hospital garb

(Newser) - House Speaker Mike Johnson is taking flak from fellow Republicans after Tuesday's failed attempt to impeach Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. Johnson had expressed confidence that he had enough votes for impeachment despite the razor-thin GOP majority, but the measure failed in a 214-216 vote after three Republicans voted against...

House Preps for Historic Cabinet Impeachment Vote
House Preps for Historic
Cabinet Impeachment Vote
the rundown

House Preps for Historic Cabinet Impeachment Vote

Republicans hope to impeach DHS secretary Mayorkas, but the margin is slim

(Newser) - With an unprecedented vote, lawmakers will decide Tuesday evening whether Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas becomes the first Cabinet member impeached by the House in nearly 150 years. The House will vote on two articles of impeachment advanced by the Republican-controlled House Homeland Security Committee. Here's what to know:...

Congressman Learns Capitol Dome Isn't His Personal Gym

Report filed against GOP's Rich McCormick of Georgia for 'unsafe' pullups hundreds of feet high

(Newser) - The last thing that officials at the US Capitol need is a visitor jumping over a guardrail and getting in a workout hundreds of feet in the air—and not just any visitor, but a sitting US congressman. That's what apparently happened Tuesday when Georgia Republican Rick McCormick was...

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