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Wisconsin GOP Decides on 'No Endorsement' Option

Wisconsin candidates for governor will need 60% of delegates' votes

(Newser) - Wisconsin Republicans agreed Saturday to have a "no endorsement" option when voting on whether to throw the party's official backing behind a candidate in the hotly contested governor's race. The top candidates in the governor's race were slated to make their pitch later Saturday for an...

Election Is On in Wisconsin After Supreme Court Rulings

State, US courts block governor's postponement

(Newser) - Voters in Wisconsin will face a choice Tuesday of participating in a presidential primary election or heeding warnings from public health officials to stay away from large crowds during the pandemic. Hours after Democratic Gov. Tony Evers issued an order Monday postponing the election for two months, the AP reports,...

Dems, Trump Clash Over Pandemic Voting

And the Wisconsin primary is center stage

(Newser) - While Wisconsin struggles to hold its primary on Tuesday, President Donald Trump and Democrats are bickering over how to provide voters with safe and secure access to a ballot as the coronavirus pandemic rages in the US and threatens to extend into the fall, affecting the general election, the AP...

Cruz, Sanders Notch Big Wins in Wisconsin

Both looking for momentum

(Newser) - Just one state voted Tuesday, but there was still plenty at stake in Wisconsin for both parties—and it was a good night for Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. On the Republican side, Cruz scored an easy victory over Donald Trump and John Kasich, reports CNN . With 97% or results...

Trump Likely to Lose Wis., but One Number Is Key

Blogger says he's in trouble only if he fails to get 35%

(Newser) - Donald Trump will likely lose Tuesday's primary in Wisconsin , and there will be great temptation when that happens to conclude that his candidacy is in real, this-time-we-mean-it trouble because of recent stumbles . Don't buy it, advises Nate Cohn in the New York Times . "His problem in Wisconsin...

What We Learned Last Night
 What We Learned Last Night 
primary takeaways

What We Learned Last Night

Mitt Romney sweeps primaries, but Rick Santorum not going anywhere

(Newser) - Mitt Romney scored a hat trick, winning all three of yesterday's primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. CNN and Politico each offer five takeaways:
  • Wisconsin rejected Rick Santorum: It was Santorum's last shot at winning a Midwestern state , and he ignored Maryland in order to

Pundits in Unison: It's Over, It's Romney

Rick Santorum is a dead man walking at this point

(Newser) - Did you hear it? The sound of the fat lady singing as Mitt Romney swept Wisconsin, Maryland, and DC last night? These pundits sure did. A round-up of the best everyone-else-is-toast declarations:
  • Jonathan Martin, Politico : "It’s really, truly over. The general election effectively began this week ... [and] by

Swing State Wis. Vote May Offer Crystal Ball
 Exit Polls a 
 Crystal Ball 

Wisconsin Exit Polls a Crystal Ball

Voters worried mostly about economy, while 40% are 'moderate, liberal'

(Newser) - Perhaps the most interesting of yesterday's primaries was the vote by the relatively moderate electorate in the key swing state of Wisconsin. Analysts are salivating over exit poll results, and the hints they may offer into how voters are likely to lean come November. For one thing, the economy,...

Clean Sweep: Romney Wins Wisconsin, DC, Maryland

Santorum looks forward to 'second half'

(Newser) - Another big night for Mitt Romney: He won the night's primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland, and Washington, DC, reports CNN and AP , a trifecta that should push him past the halfway point in the race for the magic number of 1,144 delegates. Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul finished well...

Tonight: 3 Primaries, 7 Things You Need to Know

Rick Santorum has one last chance to get a Midwestern state

(Newser) - You've probably heard this before, but today's Republican primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland, and DC are pretty important. They'll surely push Mitt Romney past the 600 delegate mark (does that make it "halftime"?), and they represent Rick Santorum's last chance to win a Midwestern state,...

Santorum: It's Not Even Halftime Yet
 It's Not Even 
 Halftime Yet 

Santorum: It's Not Even Halftime Yet

Candidate upbeat on May races

(Newser) - With twitchy Republicans looking to put an end to an onerous and hard-fought primary season, Rick Santorum is saying not so fast, reports Politico . “This race isn’t even at halftime yet, we haven’t even selected half of the delegates yet,” Santorum told Fox News Sunday this...

Romney Grabs 7-Point Lead in Wisconsin

But Obama leads Romney in general election polling

(Newser) - Mitt Romney leads Rick Santorum 40% to 33% in Wisconsin, according to a new NBC News-Marist poll . Ron Paul follows in third with 11% and Newt Gingrich is last with 8%. Romney leads the way with moderate and liberal Republicans, conservatives, and those earning more than $75,000 per year....

'Fake Democrats' Fall in Wisconsin Primaries

Democratic challengers will face Republican incumbents next month

(Newser) - None of the six "fake Democrats" put up by the Wisconsin Republican Party managed to stage an upset in yesterday's state Senate primary elections, setting the stage for the "real" Democratic challengers to face off with Republican incumbents next month. The ploy had already achieved its intended...

How Obama Won Blue Collars in Wisconsin
How Obama Won Blue Collars in Wisconsin

How Obama Won Blue Collars in Wisconsin

Repeat in Indiana could wrap things up

(Newser) - Given Barack Obama’s much-ballyhooed problems with white, working-class voters, it's instructive to remember that he clobbered Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin by 17 points in February, notes Mike Madden in Salon. If he can reconnect with those voters in Indiana—another state close to his Illinois home—he could wrap...

Obama, Clinton Skip Courtesies
Obama, Clinton Skip Courtesies

Obama, Clinton Skip Courtesies

Congratulations are out, while stepping on toes is in for 2008

(Newser) - Perhaps the super-long primary season has made candidates forgetful, but the Democrats were not at their most courteous last night, as Hillary Clinton failed to congratulate Barack Obama on his Wisconsin victory, and Obama took the stage in Texas while Clinton was still speaking in Ohio. No rules govern either...

Hillary Coalition Collapses as Barack Lures Working Class

He wins white men 3-2 in Wisconsin

(Newser) - Barack Obama's 17-point victory in Wisconsin contains a major warning for Hillary Clinton: not only did the Illinois senator win among his usual coalition of well-educated, young and black voters, but he also captured the vote of the working class, particularly men. The "durable coalition" that Clinton strategist Mark...

10 Key Factors in Wisconsin Vote
10 Key Factors in Wisconsin Vote

10 Key Factors in Wisconsin Vote

Here's what may tip the results either candidate's way

(Newser) - With Wisconsin voting winding down, "it's anybody’s state,” says Slate’s Chadwick Maltin. Here are five reasons Clinton could win. (Obama's follow):
  1. The demographics are perfect: 90% are white, and most are lower-income moderates.
  2. Polls here are seesawing, and they’re due to swing in Hillary’s

Clinton, Obama Home In on Wisc.
Clinton, Obama Home In on Wisc.

Clinton, Obama Home In on Wisc.

Primary shapes up as test of momentum

(Newser) - Tomorrow's primary in Wisconsin won’t decide the Democratic nomination, but Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are fighting tooth and nail anyway, Politico reports, airing their first negative ads of the campaign and taking shots at each other through aides. At stake is momentum: Obama doesn’t want to break...

Service Union to Back Obama
Service Union to Back Obama

Service Union to Back Obama

Endorsement of powerful SEIU likely to help with Texas' Latinos, in blue-collar Ohio

(Newser) - The giant Service Employees International Union will endorse Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential nomination race, Politico reports, with the move expected tonight or tomorrow. The union's national front had remained neutral in the primary campaign, though many of its state committees had backed now-departed John Edwards. The SEIU has...

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