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Instantly Recognizable Stars Offer 'Instantly Forgettable' Film
Clooney and Roberts'
Reunion Isn't So Memorable

Clooney and Roberts' Reunion Isn't So Memorable

'Ticket to Paradise' reunites Julia Roberts, George Clooney, for better or worse

(Newser) - In reuniting George Clooney and Julia Roberts for their fifth movie together, Ticket to Paradise aims to resurrect the classic romantic comedy. Bickering exes David and Georgia, 20 years removed from their divorce, join forces to sabotage the wedding of their daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever), fearing that in marrying a...

Long Shot Isn't Your Typical Rom-Com
Long Shot Isn't Your
Typical Rom-Com

Long Shot Isn't Your Typical Rom-Com

Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron getting good reviews in rom-com

(Newser) - A firebrand journalist bumps into his former babysitter, the US secretary of state and a soon-to-be presidential candidate, to kick off Jonathan Levine's Long Shot . The romantic comedy is not at all a long shot with critics, who give the film starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen a solid...

Rebel Wilson 'Deeply Sorry' for Plus-Size Self-Promotion

Many irked that Aussie actress seemed to forget there'd been plus-size stars before her

(Newser) - Rebel Wilson is making the rounds to promote her upcoming rom-com Isn't It Romantic, but she had less than perfect pitch on Ellen DeGeneres' show last week. Per HuffPost , the Australian actress told DeGeneres she's glad Hollywood is starting to see less-stereotypical roles for plus-size actors, and that...

Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty Seems Pretty Misguided
Amy Schumer's
New Movie Is a Flop

Amy Schumer's New Movie Is a Flop

Its 'body-positive message gets lost,' says one critic of 'I Feel Pretty'

(Newser) - It's another disappointing showing for Amy Schumer, say critics, who've given new flick I Feel Pretty a 36% rating on Rotten Tomatoes . (Audiences were even less kind, at 26%.) Alongside other funny females like Busy Philipps, Aidy Bryant, and Sasheer Zamata, Schumer stars as a self-conscious woman...

10 Best Romantic Comedies
10 Best Romantic Comedies

10 Best Romantic Comedies

Argue about inclusion of 'You've Got Mail' but not 'Sleepless in Seattle' with your valentine tonight

(Newser) - Earth Girls Are Easy. Coming to America. Those are just two of the surprising films that show up on this list of history's 33 greatest romantic comedies courtesy of Thrillist . They're joined by some old standbys (hello, Love Actually). Thrillist only had two criteria when judging romcoms: actually...

Study: Rom-Coms Make Women Think Stalking Is Normal

And that can be dangerous for them in real life

(Newser) - A recent study shows romantic comedies could have an even more insidious effect on society than continuing to give Katherine Heigl work. The Guardian —citing a study published last year in Communication Research—reports rom-coms portraying obsessive behavior as romantic can make women more likely to tolerate stalkerish behavior...

DC's Toxicity Killed the Political Rom-Com

Bipartisanship? Powerful, likeable women? Too 'unrealistic': Chloe Angyal

(Newser) - Back in the '90s, there were plenty of Washington-based romantic comedies: The American President saw a commander-in-chief falling in love with a lobbyist who convinced him to put his ideals over politics, while Speechless told the story of Democratic and Republic speechwriters getting together. There's still plenty of...

Katherine Heigl: How Rom-Coms Messed Up My Career
 Heigl: How 
 Messed Up 
 My Career 

marie claire interview

Katherine Heigl: How Rom-Coms Messed Up My Career

She did too many, she explains in new interview

(Newser) - If you thought Katherine Heigl's career was suffering because she's difficult to work with , well, allow the actress to set the record straight: It was actually doing too many romantic comedies that was the problem. "I had an amazing time. I love romantic comedies," she explains...

Five-Year Engagement a Bit Drawn Out
 a Bit Drawn Out 

Five-Year Engagement a Bit Drawn Out

Jason Segel, Emily Blunt star in truthful romantic comedy

(Newser) - The Five-Year Engagement clocks in at over two hours, which is a bit too long for many critics. But its honesty about relationships makes the Jason Segel-Emily Blunt rom-com stand out from the pack.
  • "Because it's so willing to drill down into Tom and Violet's misery, The

7 Female Movie Characters That Don't Really Exist
7 Female Movie Characters That Don't Really Exist
in case you missed it

7 Female Movie Characters That Don't Really Exist

Mindy Kaling introduces you to 'The Klutz,' 'The Ethereal Weirdo,' and more

(Newser) - Mindy Kaling may be a successful writer for The Office, but what she really wants to do is write a movie. A romantic comedy, in fact, because she loves to watch people falling in love. Sadly, “the genre has been so degraded in the past twenty years that saying...

Crazy, Stupid, Love Reviews: All-Star Cast Including Steve Carell and Julianne Moore Make It Click
 Crazy, Stupid, Love 
 Actually Quite Smart 
movie reviews

Crazy, Stupid, Love Actually Quite Smart

Steve Carell, Julianne Moore star in winning romantic comedy

(Newser) - Critics largely enjoyed Crazy, Stupid, Love—and some have fallen head over heels for the romantic comedy with an all-star cast.
  • In the Los Angeles Times , Betsy Sharkey gushes that the film “may well restore your faith in the very possibility of love, to say nothing of romantic comedies.

Friends With Benefits a Sexy, Standard Rom-Com
 Friends With Benefits
 Sexy, Standard Rom-Com 
movie review

Friends With Benefits a Sexy, Standard Rom-Com

You know where it's going, but you probably don't care

(Newser) - Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis may not break any new ground in Friends With Benefits, but critics are largely giving the sex-filled rom-com the thumbs up:
  • "The jokes don't all work and the topical references can be irritably hipper-than-thou," writes Andrea Gronvall of the Chicago Reader . "

Most Romantic Cities in America

Amazon looks to rom-com, Barry White sales

(Newser) - Seeking a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day? Love is in the air (and perhaps the water supply) in Amazon ’s 20 most romantic cities in America. The firm compiled the list with an eye on key sales data: romance novels, rom-coms, and, of course, Barry White albums. The...

When Did 'Naked' Come to Mean 'Artsy'?
 When Did 'Naked' 
 Come to Mean 'Artsy'? 

When Did 'Naked' Come to Mean 'Artsy'?

Nudity has become lazy signal of high-art aspirations

(Newser) - Love and Other Drugs is a relatively rote romantic drama, reflects Jennie Yabroff for Newsweek . But the film, in which the terminally-ill Anne Hathaway teaches cynical Jake Gyllenhaal to appreciate the little things in life, tries to distinguish itself as a high-minded movie almost solely by including nudity—lots and...

The Switch: Good Acting, Bad, Bad Writing

'The film offers few—make that no—surprises'

(Newser) - Fine acting by Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston can't save The Switch. The film, an adaptation of a short story published in the New Yorker, promises an off-beat take on parenthood, but delivers a formulaic, and not-so-funny, rom-com plot. Here, the lackluster reviews:
  • "When you laugh at a line

Why Katherine Heigl Makes $15M a Movie
 Why Katherine 
 Heigl Makes 
 $15M a Movie 
the new julia?

Why Katherine Heigl Makes $15M a Movie

Ahead of her: Just Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock

(Newser) - Katherine Heigl has been murdered in the press for trashing her own roles (she called Knocked Up "a little sexist" and complained about her sub-par Grey's Anatomy material); she's been called difficult and was even fired by her own publicist—yet Heigl is the third highest-paid woman in Hollywood,...

Letters to Juliet Best Left Unsent
 Letters to Juliet 
 Best Left Unsent 
Movie Review

Letters to Juliet Best Left Unsent

Sappy, predictable rom-com a guilty-pleasure only

(Newser) - Critics aren't exactly head-over-heels for Letters to Juliet, a predictable romantic comedy about a young woman helping an older one reconnect with a lost love, but it has its charms. Here's what they're saying:
  • Letters will hardly go down as the funniest or sharpest caper of the year,”

Promises, Promises More Problems, Problems
Promises, Promises More Problems, Problems 
Theater Review

Promises, Promises More Problems, Problems

Miscast and old-fashioned, revival falls flat

(Newser) - Back when it debuted in the late '60s, Promises, Promises was a critical darling. These days... not so much. Here's what the critics are saying:
  • “Problems, like promises, abound,” writes John Simon of Bloomberg . Chief among them: “Musical comedy has evolved well beyond these cookie-cutter songs, however

This Back-Up Plan 's More a D Than a B
 This Back-Up Plan's 
 More a D Than a B 
movie review

This Back-Up Plan's More a D Than a B

Critics prefer childbirth to Jennifer Lopez's latest rom-com

(Newser) - Jennifer Lopez stars as a perennially single woman who meets Mr Right just after her artificial insemination is a success in The Back-Up Plan, a romantic comedy that spawned more contempt than kudos among critics.
  • Mary Pols at Time suffered through 41 weeks of pregnancy and 25 hours of labor,

Jen Just Too Old for Rom-Coms
 Jen Just Too Old for Rom-Coms 

Jen Just Too Old for Rom-Coms

It's time to rethink your career choices—and love life

(Newser) - Bounty Hunter is well on its way to being a flop, just like Jennifer Aniston’s last two romantic comedies (Management, sigh)—which means it's probably time for a new career direction. “She's aged out, no matter the yoga and the highlights. She just can't do America's sweetheart next...

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