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Survey Says: Americans Are Pretty Darned Sleepy
Sleepy? You're Not Alone

Sleepy? You're Not Alone

Americans report that they would like to be getting more shut-eye

(Newser) - If you're feeling—YAWN—sleepy and wish you could get some more shut-eye, you're not alone, reports the AP . Some takeaways from a new Gallup poll on the subject, released Monday:
  • 57% of Americans say they would feel better if they could get more sleep, while only 42%

Poor Sleep Boosts the Age You Feel
Sleep Study
Has Warning
for Night Owls
in case you missed it

Sleep Study Has Warning for Night Owls

Even with ample sleep, evening people report higher subjective age, linked to depression

(Newser) - "If you want to feel young, the most important thing is to protect your sleep." So says the author of a new study suggesting that just two consecutive nights of poor sleep make a person feel years older than they really are. Researchers in Sweden surveyed 429 people...

Young Adults Choosing Sleep Over Late-Night Partying

A trend toward more sleep and earlier bedtimes is shifting how some bars and clubs operate

(Newser) - Gen-Zers and younger millennials are skipping wild nights out in order to catch up on their Zs. According to the Wall Street Journal , data from several sources points to longer sleep on average and earlier bedtimes for people aged 18 to 35, who are happier to hit the sheets early...

Before Sleep, Many Turn on a Fan and Read a Book

Experts say consistent routine facilitates getting enough rest

(Newser) - A steady bedtime routine, with an emphasis on minimizing distractions, is key to getting a good night's sleep, experts say. An online survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found how widely Americans' pre-sleep routines vary—though people could well be doing several things before turning out the...

Can't Get 8 Hours of Sleep? Do This Instead
Can't Get 8 Hours of
Sleep? Do This Instead
in case you missed it

Can't Get 8 Hours of Sleep? Do This Instead

Going to sleep, waking at regular times linked to reduced risk of premature death

(Newser) - If you're among the one in three Americans who fail to get the seven to nine hours of sleep each night that experts have long touted as ideal, fear not. New research suggests "sleep regularity" may be more important than sleep duration—at least "the day-to-day consistency...

For Some, Hitting the Snooze Button Has Benefits
For Some,
Hitting the
Snooze Button
Has Benefits

For Some, Hitting the Snooze Button Has Benefits

Small study finds snoozing past alarm can alleviate sleep inertia without much loss

(Newser) - There's a good chance you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock this morning. It's a common habit and, though little understood, may actually help you wake up, according to new research. In a survey of more than 1,700 people, researchers found almost 70% routinely hit...

Daytime Napping May Combat Brain Shrinkage
Daytime Napping May
Combat Brain Shrinkage

Daytime Napping May Combat Brain Shrinkage

Those with genetic predisposition to habitual daytime napping found to have larger brain volume

(Newser) - Adults who partake in short daytime naps could be doing more than catching up on sleep. New research suggests they could also be slowing the rate at which the brain shrinks with age. Researchers at University College London and Uruguay's University of the Republic took data from 35,080...

There's a Reason Why You May Need to Sleep Longer in Winter

Scientists say people get more REM sleep in colder months, might need to adjust sleep habits

(Newser) - If you're annoyed at how much sleep you seem to need in the winter, you're not alone—and scientists think they're closer to understanding why. The Guardian cites new research out of a sleep clinic in Berlin, where scientists examined nearly 190 patients who were there for...

What Sleeping With a Weighted Blanket Does to Your Brain
What Sleeping With
a Weighted Blanket
Does to Your Brain
in case you missed it

What Sleeping With a Weighted Blanket Does to Your Brain

Night use boosts production of melatonin, small study finds

(Newser) - Weighted vests and blankets have been used for decades to induce calm. But how do they work? Researchers may now have part of the answer. Christian Benedict, an associate professor of pharmacology at Sweden's Uppsala University, had heard of "the magic effects of the weighted blanket"—including...

Study Holds Warning for Those Sleeping 5 Hours a Night

50-year-olds who did so had 30% greater risk of multimorbidity than those who slept 7

(Newser) - Eight hours of sleep may do you good, but five hours or less could actually do you harm, or so suggests a new study. The PLOS Medicine study of British civil service workers used self-reported sleep duration measurements collected six times between 1985 and 2016; that data was bucketed into...

Researchers Say This Is How to Get a Crying Baby to Sleep

Researchers recommend a process that takes 10 to 13 minutes

(Newser) - For any parent who has wished there was a magic solution to get their crying newborn back to sleep, good news: Japanese researchers say they've found it. In a study published Tuesday in Current Biology , researchers sum up the crux of the issue: "Approximately 20%–30% of infants...

Do You Love to Nap? This Company Wants to Hire You

If you're hired, mattress company Casper will pay you to sleep

(Newser) - Could a bulldozer ram into your home and you wouldn't wake up from a deep slumber? There might be a gig tailor-made just for you. Although you'd usually get a reprimand or worse for falling asleep at work, online mattress company Casper wants you to do just that,...

The Thing of Your Nightmares Might Actually Have Dreams

Spiders seem to experience REM sleep, with twitches suggesting they act out activities

(Newser) - You've probably seen a dog kick its legs mid-dream, as though running. Spiders apparently do much the same thing, according to a new study—the first to indicate that arachnids dream. Daniela Roessler, a postdoctoral fellow at Germany's University of Konstanz, trained infrared cameras on sleeping spiders at...

Sleep Is Better When a Partner Shares the Bed
Sleep Is Better When
a Partner Shares the Bed
new study

Sleep Is Better When a Partner Shares the Bed

New study suggests overall better scores from couples than single sleepers

(Newser) - For those trying to get a better night's sleep, a new study suggests one more tip: Share the bed with a romantic partner. Generally speaking, couples get better sleep than singletons, according to the University of Arizona study . Researchers looked at about 1,000 people who self-reported their sleeping...

Climate Change May Mess With Our Sleep
Climate Change Could
Erode Your Sleep
new study

Climate Change Could Erode Your Sleep

Higher temps could translate into less sleep annually

(Newser) - Add another tally to the "woes of climate change" column. A new study suggests that by the year 2099, people will get as many as 58 fewer hours of sleep annually due to the impacts of heat on slumber. Researchers had 47,000 adults in 68 countries wear sleep-tracking...

This Is the Perfect Amount of Sleep Once You Hit Middle Age

7 hours per night is the sweet spot for those in middle, old age, per latest research, but with caveats

(Newser) - If you've been skimping a bit on sleep and breaching that long-held "eight hours a night" mantra, you might be OK—as long as it's only by an hour or so, and you're a Gen Xer or boomer. Scientists in the UK and China have found...

Light at Night Harms Health, Even While You're Fast Sleep

For your brain, the lights don't go out just because you close your eyes

(Newser) - If you tend to fall asleep with the TV or a bedside light on, add it to the list of ways you are probably harming your health without even trying. In fact, per CNN —citing a recent study led by Dr. Phyllis Zee, chief of sleep medicine at Northwestern—...

'Vicious Cycle' Involves Napping, Cognitive Decline
'Vicious Cycle' Involves
Napping, Alzheimer's

'Vicious Cycle' Involves Napping, Alzheimer's

Study suggests excessive daytime napping is associated with greater risk for the disease among older adults

(Newser) - Older adults who suddenly find themselves napping longer and more frequently during the day might want to have their brains checked. That's according to researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital who explored a link between excessive daytime napping and Alzheimer's disease. They analyzed the duration and frequency...

Centuries Ago, We Slept Much Differently
Centuries Ago, We Slept
Much Differently

Centuries Ago, We Slept Much Differently

People often went to sleep for a few hours, got up, then returned for a second shift

(Newser) - Got any big plans after "first sleep" tonight? This question might have actually made sense centuries ago, when human sleeping patterns appeared to be much different from those of today. As Zaria Gorvett explains at the BBC , people in the Middle Ages—and perhaps for long before that—commonly...

Top Snooker Player Takes Ill-Timed Nap

Mark Williams nods off during UK Championship, goes on to lose

(Newser) - Still feeling the effects of the coronavirus, a top snooker player fell asleep in the middle of his match in one of the most prestigious events in the sport, per the AP . "My head went down and I woke up and I didn't have a clue where I...

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