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Democrats Have a Problem: The Suburbs
Democrats Have
a Problem: The Suburbs
the rundown

Democrats Have a Problem: The Suburbs

'Electoral whiplash' of last week puts control of House in jeopardy

(Newser) - The post-mortems from last week's election continue to arrive, and they still point to big trouble for Democrats. Fresh evidence comes in a new poll showing President Biden's approval ratings tanking below 40% . The same survey, from USA Today and Suffolk University, found that respondents would vote for...

New Yorkers' Demand for Homes Elsewhere Is 'Insane'

Home sales in the suburbs are booming, as are bookings for moving companies

(Newser) - The numbers are striking: Sales of homes in the suburbs surrounding New York City were up 44% in July when compared to the previous year, reports the New York Times . The newspaper has anecdote after anecdote of houses in Westchester Country, New Jersey, and Long Island being snapped up in...

Trump's Promise to Suburbanites Decried as Racist
Trump's Promise
to Suburbanites
Decried as Racist
the rundown

Trump's Promise to Suburbanites Decried as Racist

President says he'll protect them from low-income housing

(Newser) - Reaction was pouring in after President Trump on Wednesday promised those "living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream" that he would protect them from low-income housing being built in their neighborhoods. He first made the vow in a tweet , which he followed up with remarks during a visit to Texas. "...

A Big Demographic Shift Is Underway in the US

As cities fill up, suburbs are once again the fastest-growing areas

(Newser) - The broad strokes of American demographics: People left big cities in droves for the suburbs after World War II, but then the 'burbs grew out of fashion as people, especially young ones, flocked back to urban areas in more recent years. Now, as the Wall Street Journal points out,...

An NHL Team Ditched Its Roots. Now It's Going Back

New York Islanders are headed back to Long Island

(Newser) - The New York Islanders may be returning to the New York suburbs after a move to Brooklyn floundered. The hockey team won a bid to build a new arena on the grounds of the Belmont Park racetrack, home to the third leg of horse racing's Triple Crown each June,...

They Moved Here to Escape the Gangs. The Gangs Followed

'NYT' documents MS-13 problem in some of Long Island's suburbs

(Newser) - They were four young men, three living on Long Island and one visiting, and they all met tragic deaths at the hands of the MS-13 gang, the island's latest scourge over the past year and a half. In the New York Times , Liz Robbins and Nadia T. Rodriguez dive...

5 Towns That Prove the Suburbs Aren't Always Cheap

Bel Air, Los Altos Hills make the list

(Newser) - Think moving to the 'burbs will save you money? Not in these neighborhoods. Real estate firm Engel & Völkers has identified the priciest suburb around each of America's 10 most populous urban areas, based on the median home price. The top five, per Forbes :

Here Are America's 10 Best Suburbs

Though most only get average scores on cost of living

(Newser) - Looking for a change of scenery? Niche looked at data on schools, job opportunities, cost of living, local amenities, and crime in order to come up with its ranking of the top 100 suburbs in which to live in America. The top 10:
  1. Superior, Colo.: It gets As for education,

Missouri Town Hosting Vigil for Dead Deer

Some of suburb's residents upset by money being spent to kill deer

(Newser) - Residents of a suburb of St. Louis, Mo., will hold a candlelight vigil for dead deer tomorrow night. It may sound silly, but residents are also protesting the hefty sum that Town and Country officials have paid to thin the animal's population over the last few years. Vigil organizers...

Most US Poor Now in the 'Burbs
New Home to Most Poor Americans: the 'Burbs
in case you missed it

New Home to Most Poor Americans: the 'Burbs

Suburban poverty has skyrocketed, study finds

(Newser) - The face of American poverty is now a suburban one, according to new research from the Brookings Institution. Researchers found that the number of people living in poverty in the suburbs soared 64% between 2000 and 2010, more than twice the rate of urban areas—meaning that now more poor...

Bring Green Movement Back to the Suburbs

Revive environmentalism by making climate change a local issue: Essay

(Newser) - This month marks the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring—but these days, the environmental movement seems to have lost its steam. Pollution ranked as the No. 1 problem in the US in a 1970 survey; today, it hardly ever makes the top five. Writing in the New ...

Big Change: Cities Growing Faster Than Suburbs

First time since 1920s

(Newser) - For the first time in decades, cities' populations are growing at a faster rate than suburbs'. The 51 US metropolitan regions with at least a million people expanded 1.1% between 2010 and 2011; suburbs grew just 0.9%, Census data show. Compare that to the past decade, which saw...

Number of Black Kids Plunges in US' Biggest Cities
Number of Black Kids Plunges in US' Biggest Cities 

Number of Black Kids Plunges in US' Biggest Cities

And mostly because families are heading to the suburbs

(Newser) - Call it "black flight:" The number of black children living in the US' biggest cities has plummeted over the last decade, reports the AP . New York City lost 22.4% of its black, non-Hispanic kids, while Los Angeles lost 31.8%, Detroit 37.6%, and a whopping 42....

American Suburbia Is Turning Gray
American Suburbia
Is Turning Gray

American Suburbia Is Turning Gray

Four in 10 residents are 45 or older

(Newser) - The suburbs aren't the magnet for young families they used to be: Census figures show that 40% of residents are 45 or older, a big jump from 34% a decade ago, reports the Washington Post . That compares with 34% of city residents currently in the same age group. The...

Quit the Rat Race: Go Rural
 Quit the 
 Rat Race: 
 Go Rural 

Quit the Rat Race: Go Rural

You'll save money and escape distractions: Trent Hamm

(Newser) - Rural life often gets a bad rap: There’s no culture, no convenience, and locals are uneducated, we hear. It’s high time we examine the benefits of living in the country, writes Trent Hamm in the Christian Science Monitor . Indeed, the lifestyle can provide “a lot of economic...

Minnesota Town Tops List of Best Places to Live in US

Eden Prairie beats out suburbs of Washington, Boston, Seattle

(Newser) - If you follow the advice of Money magazine, you'll want to live in a non-diverse suburb of a not-too-gritty city. The top five places to live are Eden Prairie, Minn.; Columbia, Md.; Newton, Mass.; Bellevue, Wash.; and McKinney, Texas. The rest of the list is dominated by more suburbs and...

GOP Targets Suburbs for 2010
 GOP Targets Suburbs for 2010 

GOP Targets Suburbs for 2010

Hopes malaise over health care, national debt will help win them back

(Newser) - Republicans are convinced that the road to a takeover of the House is lined with white picket fences. Suburbia is the key to the 2010 elections, strategists from both parties tell the Wall Street Journal . An influx of minorities and the college educated—both groups that lean left—has shaded...

As Baby Boomers Age, Suburbs Try to Adapt

Street grids become walker-friendly for elderly

(Newser) - As baby boomers go, so go the suburbs. Now that boomers are entering or at least approaching retirement, the 'burbs are changing face to adapt to their needs, reports the Wall Street Journal. Across the country, communities are changing street grids to become walker-friendly, adding condos where single-family homes once...

Souter Trades Farmhouse for the 'Burbs

(Newser) - It’s a charming, rustic home, a colonial-era farmhouse that’s held generations of Souters. Until now. David Souter is trading the dirt road for the cul-de-sac, ditching his family home in favor of a 3,500-foot abode in the posh suburbs, the Concord Monitor reports. The reason? "He...

Terror Suspect Led Typical Suburban Life

But Boyd fought in Afghanistan, said 'good Muslims' waged jihad

(Newser) - The arrest of construction worker Daniel Boyd and his sons for conspiring to support terrorists came as a complete shock to their neighbors in North Carolina, who describe the 39-year-old father as a friendly gardener and fisherman. But Boyd has followed an uncommon path. After converting to Islam in the...

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