Claude Monet

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Climate Protesters Smear Paint on Monet

It was behind protective glass in Swedish musem

(Newser) - Climate protesters have once again targeted a famous artwork, this time in Sweden, where two women smeared red paint on the protective glass covering Claude Monet's The Artist's Garden at Giverny and glued themselves to the artwork. Police arrested the protesters at the National Museum in Stockholm, which...

Ai Weiwei Is Having a Bit of a Lego Moment

Chinese dissident re-creates Monet's 'Water Lilies' on a grand scale

(Newser) - For anyone who's ever witnessed an out-of-control Lego problem, Ai Weiwei has a bit of perspective for you. As ARTnews reports, the Chinese dissident artist's latest project involves 650,000 of the little Danish blocks in which he reimagines a classic: Claude Monet's Water Lilies. The piece—...

Big Money for Monet at Record-Shattering Auction

French artist's painting goes for $110.7M, a world record for impressionist art

(Newser) - Like a fine wine, this Claude Monet piece just got better with age. Or more valuable, at any rate: An 1890 oil painting from the French artist's "Haystacks" (or "Meules") series sold Tuesday at Sotheby's for $110.7 million—the first time an impressionist painting...

Guy Gets 5 Years for Punching $12M Monet

Andrew Shannon also had paint thinner on him in 2012 attack

(Newser) - Andrew Shannon put his hand through a $12 million Monet at the National Gallery Ireland two years ago, and it looks like he'll be spending the next five years behind bars for his trouble. Though he initially told cops that he was trying to "get back at the...

Picasso, Matisse, Monet Works Stolen in Huge Heist

Several paintings lifted from Kunsthal Museum

(Newser) - Several paintings have been stolen in an overnight break-in at a Dutch museum, including a Picasso, a Matisse, and two Monets, the BBC reports. The Kunsthal Museum has no permanent collection, and is currently showing works by more than 150 famous artists as part of the Triton Foundation's 20th...

Monet's Garden Blooms Again in New York City

A reproduction of the impressionist's personal garden is on display in the Bronx

(Newser) - An exhibit in New York City has meticulously re-created the flower-filled personal garden of Claude Monet. Visitors to the installation at the Bronx Botanical Garden essentially walk through a Monet canvas as they cross a bridge curving over water lilies and pass through natural bouquets of roses, carnations, delphiniums, and...

Brit to Care for Monet's Water Lilies

It's a bit 'daunting,' says gardener James Priest

(Newser) - Oh là là. The latest gardener to watch over the most famous water lilies in the world is ... British. James Priest, 53, is the new manager of a sumptuous garden and pond filled with water lilies created more than a century ago by painter Claude Monet at his home of...

Rebounding Art World Expects Huge Spring Prices

A dozen works are priced near $20 million each at auctions

(Newser) - The art market has bounced back amazingly well from the downturn, and auction houses are aiming to sell $1 billion in Impressionist and modern works at two major sales next week. A dozen works are expected to fetch close to $20 million apiece, a price the auction houses couldn't...

Monet Sells for Record $80.4M
 Monet Sells for Record $80.4M 

Monet Sells for Record $80.4M

Rare waterlily work attracts high bidders at Christie's

(Newser) - One of Monet’s rare waterlily paintings sold at Christie’s in London tonight for more than $80 million, a record price for the artist, the New York Times reports. At least six buyers competed for Le Bassin aux Nympheas, a 1919 work from a series of paintings considered among...

Monet Sells for Record $41M
 Monet Sells for Record $41M 

Monet Sells for Record $41M

Painting fetches tidy sum at Christie's

(Newser) - A Monet painting sold at Christie’s tonight for $41.4 million, a record price for the artist, the New York Times reports. Three bidders competed for the 1873 impressionist painting “The Railroad Bridge at Argenteuil,” which Christie’s estimated would go for $35 million. The high bid...

Arts Nazis Stole Goes on Exhibit
Arts Nazis Stole Goes on Exhibit

Arts Nazis Stole Goes on Exhibit

French/Israeli exhibit looks for owners of plundered paintings

(Newser) - Authorities in France and Israel are attempting to return paintings seized by Nazis during World War II to families to whom they belong, and have organized an exhibit of 50 “orphaned” works in Israel to solicit rightful claims. The tranquil themes of many of the works in the exhibit,...

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