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West Dominates Greenest Cities List

WalletHub weighed factors such as greenhouse gas emissions and farmers markets

(Newser) - WalletHub is out with its assessment of how the 100 largest US cities are doing on practicing green living. San Diego tops the list, edging out San Francisco. To rank the cities, the site took into account 28 factors, including greenhouse gas emissions per capita, green job opportunities, energy...

Why Farmers' Markets Aren't That Great

 Why Farmers 
 Markets Aren't 
 That Great 
new study

Why Farmers Markets Aren't That Great

Study says they're pricey and not much healthier

(Newser) - Who doesn't like a farmers market? Organic food, weird jams, and a sense of community have drawn shoppers nationwide for years. But a new study says the markets don't really fulfill their reputation of promoting a healthy diet—and definitely don't save people money, Pacific Standard reports....

Mark Bittman: 6 Morsels of Good News on Food
 6 Morsels of  
 Good Foodie News 
mark bittman

6 Morsels of Good Foodie News

School lunches are improving; Walmart's into sustainability: Mark Bittman

(Newser) - Sometimes it’s important for a critic to drop the criticism and offer some praise. In the New York Times , Mark Bittman presents a taste of good news in the food world:
  1. Backers of better food policy are gaining real traction: The reauthorized Child Nutrition Act will improve school lunches,

Investors Flee Wall St., Bet on the Farm

Farmland has outperformed S&P 500 since recession

(Newser) - While Wall Street fiddles and the rest of the real estate market largely fizzles, there's a new hot commodity that has investors flocking to it: Farmland, reports the LA Times. Average farm real estate prices have doubled over the last decade, unlike, say, Florida condos, and many Americans and foreigners...

Hipsters Go Redneck With Taxidermy, Moonshine

A little bit of country finds its way to Williamsburg

(Newser) - Hipster faves fixed-gear bikes, v-neck T-shirts, and ironic mustaches have a pair of new, and very red-neck, companions: Taxidermy and moonshine. The former, Melissa Milgrom reports for the Daily Beast , gives actual and spiritual Williamsburgers the chance to actually own an animal. And, one practitioner notes, “part of being...

What'd Michelle Buy at Farmers Market? Kale

No produce yet from White House's own garden, however

(Newser) - The farmers market Michelle Obama has been pushing for opened near the White House today, Eleanor Barkhorn writes for the Atlantic—though without any produce from the first lady’s own much-publicized garden. Mrs. O was among the first customers, and though she skipped the “Beets Even the President...

Michelle Pushes for Farmers' Market Near White House

Shop would close roads; some fear heavy traffic

(Newser) - Michelle Obama is backing a push for a farmers' market near the White House, WTOP reports. The president said last month that he and his wife were interested in “a little farmers' market outside of the White House.” Now, with Michelle's support, a market hopes to move in...

Use Stimulus to Invest in Food Reform
 Use Stimulus to 
 Invest in Food Reform 

Use Stimulus to Invest in Food Reform

Fixing food will save health and environment

(Newser) - Just because Barack Obama has a lot of issues to deal with once he's sworn in, he shouldn't leave food reform off the table. Putting a bulk of the stimulus package toward local and regional food systems will cut costs and bring us back from the edge, Tom Philpott, founder...

Summer Tips for Greener Kids
 Summer Tips
 for Greener Kids 

Summer Tips for Greener Kids

Going outside would be a good first step

(Newser) - Summer is the perfect season to turn your rugrats into ecomaniacs, as warm weather and school vacations collide. Grist lists some basic steps to green up your family’s summer:
  1. Get outside: The best way to commune with nature is to experience it first-hand, but the time kids spend outdoors

'White People' Is Model of Right Time, Right Place

Offensive site points up how blogs can serve as book proposals

(Newser) - The skyrocket success of blog “Stuff White People Like” has shown anew how quickly (and lucratively) a zeitgeist-capturing blog can become a mass-market success story. Only three months young, the site—which skewers the posturing of liberal bourgeois Caucasians—has earned its creator a massive readership and a six-figure...

Picky Eater Decodes the Beef Scare
Picky Eater Decodes the Beef Scare

Picky Eater Decodes the Beef Scare

What goes into a 99¢ burger can be pretty unpleasant, author Pollan says

(Newser) - Don't fault slaughterhouse workers for this week's enormous beef recall, author and foodie Michael Pollan tells Newsweek—it's the system. Blinding-fast production lines that expect workers to slaughter up to seven cows per minute do not a safe or ethical steak make. "It's one of those episodes that peels...

Livestock Pigging Out on Junk Food
Livestock Pigging Out
on Junk Food

Livestock Pigging Out on Junk Food

Farmers are turning to leftover sweets as biofuel drives up the price of corn

(Newser) - The biofuel craze has doubled the price of corn in just a few years, forcing farmers from Pennsylvania to California find alternatives to feed their livestock. What they're coming up with is cookies, candy bars, cheese curls, breakfast cereal and french fries, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Markets May Lose Farmers
Markets May Lose Farmers 

Markets May Lose Farmers

Popularity of fresh produce a double- edged sword

(Newser) - Farmers' markets have gotten so trendy the they're beginning to annoy their founders: the farmers. Now some of the locally-grown-produce movement's most high-profile members, turned off by the time commitment and the carnival-like atmosphere at many markets, are dropping out of the circuit.

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