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Gov Vetoes 2 Digits, Extends School Funding for 400 Years

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers gets creative with partial veto power

(Newser) - Governors of Wisconsin have an unusual "partial veto" power that allows them to remove letters, numbers, and punctuation from legislation—and Gov. Tony Evers used it this week to extend a public school funding increase for an extra 400 years. The Democratic governor removed the "20" and the...

One Stat Destroys DeSantis-Walker Comparison

One Stat

One Stat Destroys DeSantis-Walker Comparison

'NYT' analysis: Florida governor is at 32% in the early polls, far higher than Walker ever climbed

(Newser) - Conservative Jonah Goldberg floated the question in a Feb. 8 piece in the Dispatch : "Is Ron DeSantis Just Scott Walker 2.0?" Goldberg is not alone in drawing a comparison between the current Florida governor and the former Wisconsin governor. The idea is that DeSantis, a presumed 2024 candidate...

On His Way Out, Walker Signs Laws Weakening Successor

Wisconsin governor calls criticism of the legislation "hype and hysteria"

(Newser) - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, just 24 days before he leaves office, signed a sweeping package of Republican-written legislation Friday that restricts early voting and weakens the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general. The AP reports that the Republican governor downplayed bipartisan criticism—calling it “hype and hysteria”—that...

Wisconsin Makes Move to Weaken Incoming Governor, AG

Legislature is controlled by Republicans; incoming governor and AG are Democrats

(Newser) - The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature has approved a sweeping package of bills weakening the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general, the AP reports. The state Assembly approved the lame-duck legislation Wednesday morning. The Wisconsin Senate did the same less than three hours earlier after lawmakers worked through most of the night....

Scott Walker Booed at Tree-Lighting Ceremony

Lame-duck legislative session has angered protesters

(Newser) - Demonstrators booed outgoing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday during a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony, a sign of tumult as Republicans in the Legislature met to push through measures to gut the powers of his Democratic successor. The Legislature met deep into the night Tuesday to pass a series of bills,...

Analysts: Wis. Won't Break Even on Foxconn Deal for Decades

State won't see benefits until 2042 at the earliest

(Newser) - President Trump says a deal to bring a $10 billion Foxconn plant to Wisconsin will bring "magnificent decades "—but analysts warn that it could be decades before the state sees any benefit from the deal. The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, which provides analysis for the state legislature,...

Wisconsin Gov. to Foxconn Plant Critics: 'Go Suck Lemons'

He calls it a once-a-generation opportunity

(Newser) - "There's a whole lot of people out there scrambling to try and come up with a reason not to like this," Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Friday of a $10 billion Foxconn electronics factory under proposal in his state. "I can tell you, that's fine...

America's 10 Least Popular Governors

Chris Christie makes the list but doesn't top it

(Newser) - Morning Consult has released its rankings of the country's most and least popular governors, and a certain one-time presidential hopeful from New Jersey is near the top of the disapproval column. Politico reports Chris Christie is the third most unpopular governor in the country with a 68% disapproval...

Scott Walker: I'm 'Proud' to Back Ted Cruz

Wisconsin governor says Cruz is 'best-positioned candidate' to take on Hillary

(Newser) - In a move that USA Today calls "not surprising," Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker offered up his "proud" endorsement for Ted Cruz on Tuesday, and he swears it's a real show of support he's throwing behind the Texas senator, not a protest vote against Donald Trump,...

Scott Walker: Likely No GOP Candidate Gets the Nomination

Then again 'it’s hard to predict anything'

(Newser) - One-time Republican presidential candidate and current Wisconsin governor Scott Walker thinks there's a good chance that the nominee who comes out of the July convention won't be Trump, Cruz, or Kasich, the Capital Times reports. "I think if it’s an open convention, it’s very likely...

Obama Can't Pardon Making a Murderer Inmate

Constitution bars him from freeing Wisc. inmate

(Newser) - Despite two petitions that now have around 300,000 signatures, there is zero chance of President Obama pardoning Making a Murderer inmate Steven Avery —and it's not because the president has strong feelings about the Netflix series that casts doubt on his conviction. As Leon Neyfakh at Slate...

5 Big Reveals About 2016 Candidates' Finances

Ben Carson is the GOP's top fundraiser

(Newser) - The latest campaign fundraising and spending reports are in and they reveal a lot about which campaigns are richer or poorer—and which are in sickness or health. Some highlights from the July-September reports:
  1. Donald Trump is no longer self-funding. According to the latest reports, Trump only had to spend

How Scott Walker's Campaign Collapsed

He was overconfident—and 'Trump-ed'

(Newser) - Scott Walker is out of the GOP race after a campaign that peaked well before it officially began: He led the polls in Iowa for much of the year, but he has dropped out of the race after just 71 days, which ABC News reports is one of the shortest...

Scott Walker Dropping Out: Sources

3 sources say Wisconsin governor is exiting presidential race

(Newser) - And then there were 15 : Three Republican sources tell the New York Times that Scott Walker will become the second GOP presidential contender to drop out of the 2016 race. The Wisconsin governor is expected to announce his decision at a 6pm Eastern time news conference. "The short answer...

11 Candidates, 11 Lines: Debate's Standout Remarks

Including one about turning the TV off

(Newser) - Eleven candidates and three hours of debate: Which lines made an impression? A standout statement from each of tonight's GOP hopefuls, via CNN , the New York Times , and the Washington Post :
  • Donald Trump: "I would get along with [Assad]. I would get along with a lot of the

Scott Walker: I'd Build a Border Fence With Canada

Meanwhile, Chris Christie would like to track immigrant like FedEx packages

(Newser) - Donald Trump famously wants to build a wall on our southern border and stick Mexico with the tab , but Scott Walker is looking to our northern border with Canada—which the AP notes is the world's longest at 5,525 miles—and says that he'd be open to...

Slumping Walker Will Try to Out-Trump Trump

Wisconsin governor promising more passion to supporters

(Newser) - After falling to third place in the Iowa polls, Scott Walker has decided it's time to steal from Donald Trump's playbook. Stories in the Washington Post , CNN , and NBC News report on how Walker is testing out a much more aggressive strategy this week. He's not only...

7 States to Change Rules After Chattanooga

Wisconsin the latest state to say it will arm on-duty National Guard members

(Newser) - Wisconsin is joining six other states in arming on-duty National Guard members after last week's deadly Chattanooga shootings . "Allowing our National Guard members to carry weapons while on duty gives them the tools they need to serve and protect our citizens as well as themselves," Republican Gov....

'I'm in': Scott Walker Joins Crowded GOP Field

Wis. governor says 'Americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them'

(Newser) - Make room, GOPers: Scott Walker is running for president. "I'm in. I'm running for president because Americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them," he tweeted ( this time for real ) today. But for the Wisconsin governor—who dropped a "barn-burner...

Walker May Have Mistakenly Tweeted His Candidacy

It's not supposed to happen until Monday

(Newser) - Psst, Scott Walker is running for president. He doesn't officially announce until Monday, but Politico reports that an apparently mistaken tweet—it's here , for now—seems to have jumped the gun by three days. It shows an image of Walker on stage with the hard-to-misinterpret words, "Scott...

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