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Dolphins Die as Water in Amazon Lake Hits 102 Degrees

Researcher likens disaster to 'a science-fiction climate-change scenario'

(Newser) - Efforts have begun to save surviving river dolphins after more than 100 of them were found dead in the past week in the Amazon's Lake Tefé. Experts haven't determined the cause of the deaths, but the Mamirauá Institute, which is supported by Brazil's government, said "it...

These Sea Mammals Can Never Live on Land Again
These Sea Mammals
Can Never Live on Land Again
New Study

These Sea Mammals Can Never Live on Land Again

New study is good news for anyone fearing the orcas are coming for their cars, too

(Newser) - Anyone surprised by recent news of orcas attacking boats might be relieved to know that scientists have determined these massive mammals have evolved to the point where they can never migrate back to land. The same applies to all whales and dolphins, and, in fact, all "fully aquatic" mammals,...

4 People Attacked by Dolphins on Japan Beach

Officials are warning swimmers away from the water if dolphins are seen

(Newser) - Over the course of one day on a central Japan beach, four people were attacked by dolphins. Early Sunday, a man in his 60s was attacked a few yards off the popular Suishohama Beach in the town of Mihama, Fukui prefecture; he was left with broken ribs and bites to...

Dolphin Moms Use 'Baby Talk' With Calves
Dolphin Moms Use
'Baby Talk' With Calves
new study

Dolphin Moms Use 'Baby Talk' With Calves

Their whistles are higher-pitched when addressing their young ones

(Newser) - Baby talk isn't just for humans and our kids—or pets. A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests dolphin mothers also use a form of "baby talk" when communicating with their young through their distinctive whistles. Researchers found that female bottlenose dolphins adjust...

33 Swimmers Accused of Harassing Hawaii Dolphins

They've been referred to law enforcement

(Newser) - Hawaii authorities on Tuesday say they have referred 33 people to US law enforcement after the group allegedly harassed a pod of wild dolphins in waters off the Big Island, the AP reports. It's against federal law to swim within 50 yards of spinner dolphins in Hawaii’s nearshore...

8 Dolphins Die After Becoming Stranded in New Jersey

6 of them had to be euthanized to prevent further suffering

(Newser) - Eight dolphins have died after they became stranded on a beach in New Jersey, marine animal welfare officials said. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center said on Facebook on Tuesday morning that a pod of eight dolphins known as “common dolphins” had become stranded in Sea Isle City and that...

Scientists Surprised to Learn Whales Use 'Vocal Fry'

The marine mammals use it to help them find prey deep underwater

(Newser) - That low, rattling vocal register known as vocal fry—the Washington Post points to Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry as two examples of celebrities who have such gravelly voices—has proven a polarizing topic, with some insisting it's sexy, while others call it grating. But while the appeal of...

Rare, Welcome Sight in Bronx River: Dolphins

At least 2 are spotted in the New York City waterway for the first time since 2017

(Newser) - Parks officials in New York City sound pretty happy about two new visitors. "It's true—dolphins were spotted in the Bronx River this week!" tweeted NYC Parks, with an accompanying video. "This is great news—it shows that the decades-long effort to restore the river as...

Since Russia War Began, These Creatures Are Dying in Droves

Scientists think loud noises from invasion may disrupt navigation of dolphins, porpoises, whales

(Newser) - The human death toll from the Russian invasion of Ukraine is believed to be in the tens of thousands so far. But marine mammals in the Black Sea, directly to the south of Ukraine, are also dying in droves, and scientists think the loud sounds that accompany battle are to...

Swimmers in Japan Told to Be Wary of Dolphins

Officials have counted 17 dolphin attacks on three beaches this summer

(Newser) - Some claim it’s the work of a lone “rampaging” dolphin, but that has yet to be proven. What’s known is that there has been a string of dolphin attacks this summer at three beaches in Japan’s Fukui prefecture, which faces the Sea of Japan. Per the...

Dolphin Makes Wrong Turn, Ends Up in Connecticut River

Wildlife officials monitoring, but hope it makes it back to ocean on its own

(Newser) - A wayward dolphin has been swimming in a Connecticut river after making its way upstream from Long Island Sound. The dolphin was first spotted Thursday morning by fishermen along the Thames River. A video posted on social media shows the dolphin jumping around near the Norwich Marina, about 15 miles...

Dolphins May Be Surprise Victims of Russia's War

More than 100 have been found dead on Black Sea shores, with some pointing to noise pollution

(Newser) - Dolphins are turning up dead in the Black Sea, which experts say could be a consequence of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Since war began in February, Turkey has recorded a rise in dolphin deaths across its Black Sea coast. More than 100 dolphins had been found dead before the...

$20K Reward Offered for Those Who Drowned Stranded Dolphin

Texas beachgoers accused of harassing animal, leading to its death

(Newser) - A reward of up to $20,000 is up for grabs in exchange for information leading to the identification, arrest, or conviction of Texas beachgoers accused of harassing and ultimately drowning a stranded dolphin. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced the reward following the April 10 episode at Quintana...

Russia Enlists Dolphins in Ukraine War Effort

Satellite photos suggest they're guarding a Black Sea port

(Newser) - Russia has a unique team of guards protecting its ships at a critical port in the Black Sea. Satellite images show that Moscow placed specially trained dolphins at its base in Sevastopol harbor in Crimea, reports the Guardian . The images, first revealed by the US Naval Institute, show that Russia...

Dolphin Attacks Trainer During Show at Miami Seaquarium

Seaquarium determined the dolphin had accidentally been scratched

(Newser) - The Miami Seaquarium's Dolphin Flipper Show didn't go to plan on Saturday: a dolphin reportedly attacked a trainer in the water mid-show. Audience member Shannon Carpenter videoed the incident and tells WSVN what he saw: It "looked like the dolphin rammed into the trainer. There was a...

People Love to Swim With These Dolphins. No More

Under Marine Mammal Protection Act, NOAA bans close encounters with nocturnal spinners

(Newser) - US regulators on Tuesday banned swimming with Hawaii's spinner dolphins to protect the nocturnal animals from people seeking close encounters with the playful species. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration rule under the Marine Mammal Protection Act prohibits swimming with or getting within 50 yards of a spinner dolphin...

Superpod of Nearly 1.5K Dolphins Massacred in Faroe Islands

Even supporters of whaling are 'appalled'

(Newser) - On the Faroe Islands, the Faroese consider the "Grind," a hunt in which pilot whales and dolphins are killed, an important part of their culture that dates back hundreds of years. But even some of the hunt's most ardent defenders are decrying what happened Sunday in the...

After Ship Sinks, Dead Turtles With Throat Damage Wash Up

A dozen dolphins have been found dead as well

(Newser) - Nearly a hundred carcasses of turtles with throat and shell damage, as well as a dozen dead dolphins and a blue whale, have washed ashore in Sri Lanka since a container ship burned and sank , raising fears of a severe marine disaster. Ecologists believe the deaths were directly caused by...

When Dolphins Need Help, They Call Their Friends
A 'Striking' Find on How
Dolphins Communicate

A 'Striking' Find on How Dolphins Communicate

Allies recognize, respond to signature whistles, which are like names: study

(Newser) - If you want to be lifelong friends with a dolphin, you'd better have their back. New research shows male dolphins will race to assist other dolphins at the sound of their signature whistles—if they're part of the same alliance. The ground-breaking findings suggest dolphins have a concept...

World's Oldest Solitary Dolphin Has Vanished

Residents of Ireland's Dingle Bay are searching for Fungie, a bottlenose who's lived there since 1983

(Newser) - Has anyone seen Fungie? A dolphin that has resided in Ireland's Dingle Bay for nearly four decades has up and vanished, and residents aren't just missing him for sentimental reasons (though there's that, too)—Fungie had become a vital part of the local economy. Euronews reports that...

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