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5 Beer Brands Could Soon Be Tough to Find
5 Beer Brands
Could Soon Be
Hard to Find
in case you missed it

5 Beer Brands Could Soon Be Hard to Find

With contract set to expire, 5K Anheuser-Busch brewery workers threaten strike

(Newser) - Drinkers of Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Busch, and Stella Artois might have to test another brand. "Without a contract by February 29, there won't be any beer come March," the Teamsters union, representing 5,000 workers at 12 Anheuser-Busch breweries in 11 states, has warned after...

Bud Light Officially Dethroned
Bud Light

Bud Light Officially Dethroned

It loses its top spot as America's biggest-selling beer

(Newser) - In what the Wall Street Journal paints as ongoing fallout from its Dylan Mulvaney controversy, Bud Light has been officially pushed out of the American beer market's top spot. Formerly the country's top-selling beer, Bud Light is now down to No. 2, with Modelo Especial replacing it in...

Bud Light Sales Dip, but It Remains Top-Selling Brew

Memorial Day week sales were down nearly 24% from 2022, but that's a mild improvement for the brand

(Newser) - Bud Light sales heading into to Memorial Day weekend were down by nearly 24% from 2022, reports CNN , but it remains America's best-selling beer. The Memorial Day week numbers marked a mild improvement over previous weeks, suggesting the brew has weathered the worst of the fallout from the right...

Dylan Mulvaney Speaks After Bud Light Backlash

Trans influencer says she's 'OK,' but is troubled by her critics' 'need to dehumanize' her

(Newser) - The brouhaha over Anheuser-Busch's Bud Light promo involving transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney has put two executives on leave and spurred conservatives to get on the boycott train . Mulvaney herself has been quiet throughout, but on Thursday, the 26-year-old actor took to Instagram after being "offline for a few...

After Bud Light's Trans Influencer Promo, 2 Execs Are on Leave

Sources say the decision wasn't voluntary

(Newser) - Two executives are on leave at Anheuser-Busch following the brouhaha over Bud Light's partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Alissa Heinerscheid is Bud Light's marketing VP and Daniel Blake, her boss, is in charge of marketing for Anheuser-Busch's mainstream brands, the Wall Street Journal reports. A statement...

Brewery on Making Beer for 'Conservative Dad': Nope

Seth Weathers implied Illinois' Bent River Brewing was in on his 'Ultra Right' concoction; they say no

(Newser) - While some conservatives are throwing away or boycotting their Bud Light and other Anheuser-Busch beverages to protest the former brand's promotion with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, one has decided to cut out the middleman and create his own concoction. Seth Weathers' Ultra Right 100% Woke Free American Beer is...

Amid Backlash, Budweiser Breaks Out the Clydesdale
No One Seems
to Be Happy
With Bud's
New Ad

No One Seems to Be Happy With Bud's New Ad

Beer giant's promo ticks off the right and the left after controversy around transgender influencer

(Newser) - Conservatives are trashing Bud Light, literally and figuratively , as well as Anheuser-Busch's other offerings, in the wake of a partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Now, a new ad from the beverage giant appears to be trying to smooth over that backlash, though it doesn't appear to be...

GOP Rep Boycotts Bud Light ... for Beer Owned by Same Corp.

Apparently Dan Crenshaw didn't realize Anheuser-Busch also owns Karbach

(Newser) - Rep. Dan Crenshaw is among the conservatives boycotting Bud Light after the beer brand used a transgender actress in a promo , but what he apparently doesn't realize is that the beer he favors instead is owned by the same parent company. Crenshaw, of Texas, is among those posting #boycottbudlight...

Why Conservatives Are Throwing Bud Light Away
Why Conservatives Are
Throwing Bud Light Away

Why Conservatives Are Throwing Bud Light Away

They're outraged by partnership with trans TikTok star

(Newser) - Transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney has partnered with Bud Light—and conservatives have been signaling their displeasure with over-the-top videos, including one from Kid Rock. "Grandpa's feeling a little frisky today," the singer said in a video he tweeted Monday night. He then fired a submachine gun...

Beer Heiress Enters Missouri Senate Race

As Republicans continue pushing Eric Greitens to drop out

(Newser) - Anheuser-Busch beer heiress Trudy Busch Valentine on Monday filed to run for US Senate as a Democrat in Missouri, the AP reports. Valentine’s entrance to the race comes days after Republican candidate Eric Greitens was accused of physically assaulting members of his family, which added fresh urgency to a...

Anheuser-Busch: Free Beer for All If Vaccination Goal Hit

Company offers to buy America a round

(Newser) - President Biden plans to call for a "month of action" Wednesday to reach his goal of having 70% of Americans at least partially vaccinated by July 4—and Anheuser-Busch says it will sweeten the deal with a round of beers for the nation. The Budweiser maker says that as...

2 Big Names Will Be Churning Out Hand Sanitizer

Tito's vodka company, Anheuser-Busch will be tweaking production to make cleansing gels

(Newser) - Just a couple of weeks ago, Tito's warned consumers not to use its vodka as a DIY hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus outbreak. But perhaps that got management thinking about how it actually could help during the pandemic, because now Tito's has made itself a full-fledged partner in...

Reporter Exposes Beer Guy's Tweets. Then, a Twist

Des Moines Register under police watch as investigation rolls

(Newser) - A 24-year-old Iowa man asked people to Venmo him money for Busch beer and ended up raising more than $1 million for a local children's hospital. Then came a twist in that feel-good story: Carson King on Tuesday publicly apologized for years-old racist tweets uncovered by Des Moines Register...

Beer Titans Go to War Over 'Corn Syrup' Ad

MillerCoors lawsuit claims Bud Light ad purposefully misleads consumers

(Newser) - Medieval kings have sparked a legal battle between beer titans. MillerCoors is suing Anheuser-Busch over a "misleading," minute-long Super Bowl ad emphasizing the use of corn syrup in making both Coors Light and Miller Lite. The ad shows Bud Light's "king" visiting his fellow monarchs at...

Craft Brewer's Sale to Bud Owner Has Fans Hopping Mad

'Treachery' was one reaction to Anheuser-Busch acquisition of NC's Wicked Weed

(Newser) - To a craft beer aficionado, the only sin worse than drinking a Bud would be if your favorite brewery sold out to the company that owns it. That's the situation that has fans of the Wicked Weed brewery now crying "treachery," per the Washington Post , which reports...

Keurig to Build an At-Home Booze Maker

It's partnering with Anheuser-Busch InBev

(Newser) - Keurig, the maker of single-cup coffee machines, says it's teaming up with beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev to build an at-home booze maker, the AP reports. The companies said Friday that they hope to create a product that could whip up beer, cocktails, and spirits. Vermont-based Keurig Green Mountain tried...

Coming to Your Beer Can Soon: Calorie Count

8 out of 10 beers sold in US will soon include nutritional info

(Newser) - Be prepared: Drinking beer is about to get a little less fun. The four biggest brewers in the US will be listing nutritional information on their beers—which means that every time you take a swig, you'll come face to face with the exact calorie count of the beer...

America's Fallen Out of Love With These 5 Beers

Especially Bud Select

(Newser) - Americans still love beer—it's a $100 billion industry in the US—but there are some beers we're just not that into anymore, particularly as specialty and craft beers become more popular. 24/7 Wall St. runs down 10 beers falling out of favor with Americans:
  • Budweiser: Yes, the

Anheuser-Busch Could End Up Making 1/3 of All Beer

Company talking potential takeover with SABMiller

(Newser) - Two of the largest beer makers could soon become one. Anheuser-Busch says it has approached SABMiller about a potential takeover and plans "to work with SABMiller's board toward a recommended transaction" which would put the company in control of 30% of the world’s beer market. Such a...

Budweiser Gets 'Panties in a Bunch' over 'Queen of Beer'

'King of Beers' doesn't take kindly to other company's slogan

(Newser) - A California brewing company calling itself "The Queen of Beer" may be royally screwed now that the "King of Beers" has gotten wind of it. She Beverage Co. applied to register its queen-based slogan with the US Patent and Trademark Office last year, but Anheuser-Busch filed a notice...

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