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People Want to Stay With These Companies in 2023

Some major businesses tend to retain employees for a decade or more

(Newser) - There are many elements to what makes up a good workplace—a combination of co-workers, benefits, pay, culture, and policies, just to name a few. Not many employers get it all right, but has put together a list of places employees definitely want to stick with in 2023....

Looking to Start a Biz? Check Out These Cities

Orlando tops WalletHub's ranking of America's most startup-friendly places

(Newser) - It's been a tough few years for business owners across the nation, from the pandemic to rising prices due to inflation. However, current challenges haven't stopped some from mulling over launching their own business—a sign of what WalletHub calls Americans' unstoppable "entrepreneurial streak." In an...

Bed Bath & Beyond Files for Bankruptcy

Retail giant seeks Chapter 11 protection after turnaround fails

(Newser) - After warning of possible bankruptcy in January, home goods retail giant Bed Bath & Beyond has filed for Chapter 11 protection, reports NPR . This follows steady declines in both customers and profits. Despite taking numerous measures such as closing stores, cutting jobs, and securing bank and investor loans to keep...

Billionaire Business Leader Dies
Billionaire Business Leader Dies

Billionaire Business Leader Dies

Cyrus Mistry, 54, had been chairman of Indian conglomerate Tata Sons

(Newser) - Cyrus Mistry, an Indian-born Irish businessman and former chairman of Indian conglomerate Tata Sons, died in an accident on Sunday after his car crashed into a road divider in western India, police said. He was 54. The crash occurred on a river bridge in Maharashtra state’s Palghar district near...

Every 144 Listerine Bottles Sold Is Good News for This Group

Unusual 1881 royalties deal still pays off for those who own shares in the trust

(Newser) - Investors have all kinds of investment vehicles to choose from, but the Hustle takes a deep dive into one that is obscure, lucrative, and legally strange—Listerine royalties. Shares of this royalty trust become available through private auction every now and then, but deep pockets are required. A partial share...

The Business Climate Is Tops in This State

North Carolina comes out on top in CNBC survey of best, worst US states for business

(Newser) - Looking to close a deal? Conducting business and staying competitive can prove a challenging endeavor, but in some states, the business world is booming. CNBC has released its 15th annual "America's Top States for Business" survey to help point movers and shakers in the right direction. It scores...

Kim Kardashian Apologizes for 'Work Hard' Advice

'Get your f---ing ass up and work' was taken out of context, she says

(Newser) - Update: Kim Kardashian says the controversial remarks she made earlier this month about working women were taken out of context. In a Good Morning America interview, Kardashian says the advice to "get your f---ing ass up and work" was not meant to be a a "blanket statement" and...

2 More Conglomerates Are Breaking Up

J&J, Toshiba announce plans to separate their businesses in coming years

(Newser) - Johnson & Johnson plans to split into two publicly traded companies. And in case you're wondering, no, they won't be called "Johnson I" and "Johnson II." Johnson & Johnson will keep its name and its title as the world's largest health-products company by sales...

One of America's Oldest Companies Is Splitting Up

GE to become 3 public companies focused on aviation, health care, energy

(Newser) - General Electric will divide itself into three public companies focused on aviation, healthcare and energy, reports the AP . The storied American company, founded in 1892, has refashioned itself from the sprawling conglomerate created by Jack Welch in the 1980s to a much smaller and more focused entity after it was...

JetBlue Rolls the Dice, Adds Low-Cost Transatlantic Flight

New York to London for about $400 round trip

(Newser) - With business travel near zero, and British citizens not allowed to visit the US unless it’s an emergency, adding a flight between New York and London could be a gamble. But it’s a route that usually earns an airline a lot of money, and JetBlue picked it up...

Reese Witherspoon Selling Media Empire for Nearly $1B

Her company, Hello Sunshine, focused on promoting women's experiences

(Newser) - Reese Witherspoon, in a move as savvy and startling as Elle Woods getting into Harvard in Legally Blonde, is selling a media empire worth nearly a billion dollars. Like Elle, Witherspoon decided to be the change she wanted to see in the world, and started a production and content company—...

Florida's Newest Business Owner: Casey Anthony

Woman acquitted of killing toddler daughter in 2011 has opened a private investigation firm

(Newser) - While it's been a tough year for small businesses, a new one has just popped up in Florida. Per Fox News , state records show that paperwork for Case Research & Consulting Services, LLC, was filed Dec. 14, and the private investigation firm has a well-known name as its owner:...

10 Best US Cities for Business Startups

Orlando tops WalletHub's list

(Newser) - Anyone stuck in a cubicle at a dead-end job has dreamed of either hitting it big in the lottery or of starting a business—and for the latter, there are certain US cities that may be just the ticket to making that dream become reality. WalletHub examined startup opportunities in...

Tears, Cheers Follow CEO's Surprise Reveal

FloraCraft's 200 full-time employees in Michigan to receive an average $20K bonus

(Newser) - Working in craft and floral foam may not sound like the most glamorous of jobs, but employees Michigan's FloraCraft are pretty happy with theirs right now. The company announced almost $4 million in bonuses for some 200 full-time employees, who will each receive an average of $20,000 in...

Kellogg May Be Losing Keebler Elves
Kellogg May Be
Losing Keebler Elves

Kellogg May Be Losing Keebler Elves

And Famous Amos cookies, too

(Newser) - Snack brands Keebler and Famous Amos are up for grabs: Cereal maker Kellogg is exploring the sale of its cookie and fruit snack businesses, including Keebler, Famous Amos, Mother's Cookies, Murray Cookies, Little Brownie Bakers, and Kellogg's Fruity Snacks. Despite $900 million in annual sales, the brands "...

10 Best Big US Cities to Launch a Business

Oklahoma City is first on the list

(Newser) - If you've got the entrepreneurial itch and are on the hunt for the best place to jump-start a business, WalletHub has some insights. The site pulled out more than 180 large US cities and looked at 19 key metrics for each in three main categories: business environment, including the...

2017 Killed These Products, Startups

Including a $700 juicer

(Newser) - Think 2017 was rough? Try putting yourself in the shoes of people who spent their energy and fortunes building products and companies, only to see them fall by the wayside this year. BuzzFeed rounds up failed products and startups of 2017, including a $700 juicer and an early internet communication...

Snap's Futuristic Sunglasses Apparently a Massive Fail

Hundreds of thousands of camera-fitted Spectacles said to be gathering dust in warehouses

(Newser) - A misstep for Snap? Citing "two people close to the company," the Information reports hundreds of thousands of its camera-equipped Spectacles released last fall are sitting unused in warehouses because of low demand, despite CEO Evan Spiegel's recent claim that some 150,000 sales had surpassed company...

Trump Disbands 2 White House Business Councils
Trump Loses
2 WH Business 
Councils Amid
The Rundown

Trump Loses 2 WH Business Councils Amid Criticism

He disbanded them, though one may have beaten him to the punch

(Newser) - President Trump tweeted Wednesday that he's shutting down both his Manufacturing Council and Strategic and Policy Forum "rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople" involved. However, Bloomberg reports the Strategic and Policy Forum had already decided to disband Wednesday in the wake of Trump's comments on neo-Nazis,...

5 Best, Worst States to Launch a Business

North Dakota is tops; New Jersey ranks lowest

(Newser) - "Location, location, location" has become a mantra in real estate, but it's also applicable if you're thinking of starting up your own business. WalletHub takes a close look at the business environment, business costs, and access to resources in all 50 states, diving deep into 20 various...

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