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Feds: Most Humpbacks No Longer Endangered

NOAA wants to split species into 14 groups

(Newser) - NOAA says it's a whale of a success story: Most of the world's humpback whale populations, including all those that enter US waters, are no longer endangered, according to the agency. NOAA, which says 45 years of protection have helped whale populations rebound, wants to reclassify the...

Humpback Caught in Net for Week Finally Free

Hawaii crew cut 45-foot whale free

(Newser) - Officials say a 45-ton humpback whale entangled with fishing line in Hawaii waters for more than a week is finally free. The Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary said yesterday that its craft got within 10 feet of the mammal a day earlier and the crew used a pole...

Rare White Whale Spotted Off Australia

Migaloo is migrating to warmer waters for breeding: researchers

(Newser) - A celebrity albino humpback whale has been spotted for the first time this year off the coast of Australia. The famous Migaloo—who, until 2011, was the only documented all-white whale in the world—has been seen making his way north past Sydney on the country's east coast over...

Whale Stays by Trapped Buddy Until She's Rescued

And then performs spectacular jump when she's freed

(Newser) - Shortly into a whale-watching trip off the coast of Nova Scotia Sunday, tour guides learned of a whale in distress. The humpback, known as Foggy, was tangled up in fishing line and couldn't lift her tail, so Pirate's Cove Whale and Seabird Cruises called the Campobello Whale Rescue...

Whale Tail Smack Knocks Out Boy, 13

But he's OK, except for a broken collarbone

(Newser) - When a humpback whale’s tail swung over a small boat in Australia, it knocked a 13-year-old boy unconscious—but he survived the onslaught, the Daily Examiner reports. “I was sitting backwards in the boat looking at Drew and the tail just whacked him and sent him flying,”...

Whales Return to NYC
 Whales Return to NYC 

Whales Return to NYC

'Menagerie of giants' calling New York's waters home

(Newser) - Whales have returned to the waters around the Big Apple in numbers not seen for at least a century, a comeback experts believe is the result of anti-hunting laws and cleaner waters. Dolphins and seals have also made triumphant returns, and one ferryboat captain estimates the numbers of marine mammals...

20% of Species Risk Extinction

Amphibians in special danger

(Newser) - A whopping 20% of the world’s species are on the brink of extinction, according to a new study unveiled at the UN Biodiversity Summit in Japan. The Red List of Threatened Species now includes a staggering 41% of amphibians, with the heaviest losses coming from Southeast Asia, where habitats...

Cruise Ship Impales Whale
 Cruise Ship Impales Whale 

Cruise Ship Impales Whale

Humpback whale's death being investigated

(Newser) - The Sapphire Princess has found a dead whale stuck to its bow for the second time in just over a year. The Coast Guard says the whale appears to be a juvenile humpback, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The cruise ship was delayed near Juneau for three hours while the...

Hawaiians Scramble to Save Entangled Whale

Humpback is enmeshed in hundreds of feet of fishing line

(Newser) - Rescue teams are battling rough seas in an effort to save a young humpback whale tangled in hundreds of feet of heavy rope off the coast of Hawaii. A transmitter was attached to the rope after earlier efforts to free the whale failed, and the whale's position is being tracked...

Humpback Whales May Lose Endangered Tag

Some 60K animals believed to be alive today

(Newser) - In attempt to determine whether the humpback whales still need to be saved, the government is reviewing the marine mammals' place on the endangered species list for the first time in a decade. The results look promising: “They appear to be coming back pretty strongly in most of the...

Bucki the Whale Escapes Baltic for Open Ocean

The humpback strayed into the small sea in July

(Newser) - Bucki's going home, a little thinner but seemingly none the worse for wear. The humpback whale, which strayed into the Baltic Sea in July, has finally made his way back into the Atlantic Ocean, Der Spiegel reports. The whale is only the third in modern history spotted in German waters...

End of Tale for Baby Whale
 End of Tale for Baby Whale

End of Tale for Baby Whale

Stranded humpback calf put down after nuzzling Sidney ships

(Newser) - A lost baby humpback whale who broke the world's heart when it nuzzled ships near Sydney was put down today with an overdose of anesthetic, reports the Australian. Experts say the calf, dubbed Colin, had no chance of surviving. The whale had been attacked by sharks and needed several months...

Baby Whale's Fate Appears Grim

Calf needs milk fast, and won't get it from yacht it thinks is its mother

(Newser) - The humpback whale calf who mistook a yacht for its mother in the waters off Sydney is unlikely to survive the week, reports the Australian. "It has to get humpback whale milk and there is no way that that can be provided in captivity" said a government environmental official....

Baby Whale to Yacht: Are You My Mother?

Lost humpback calf nuzzles boat, must be lured out to sea

(Newser) - A disoriented baby humpback whale in the waters off New South Wales, Australia, apparently decided a yacht was its mother, the Daily Telegraph reports. Government naturalists lured the calf, which was nuzzling the boat and trying to nurse, out to sea by towing the yacht. "It's a very sad...

Humpbacks No Longer in Danger
 No Longer in Danger

Humpbacks No Longer in Danger

Spectacular success for conservation

(Newser) - Humpback whales, once feared to be on the verge of extinction, have made such a dramatic comeback that the International Union for Conservation of Nature has removed them from its list of vulnerable species. A ban on humpback whaling in the 1960s has allowed their numbers to grow to 55,...

Whales Return to Moby Dick's Old Haunts

New sightings of hunt-decimated populations off Chile raise hopes

(Newser) - Hosts of whale sightings are being reported off southern Chile, raising conservationists' hopes for a resurgence of the populations—including the real-life inspiration for Moby Dick—that flourished in the area before they were hunted nearly to extinction. Experts warn the apparent boom could be the result of more pairs...

Japan Backs Down on Whaling
Japan Backs Down on Whaling

Japan Backs Down on Whaling

Australian pressure leads Tokyo to call off humpback hunt

(Newser) - In its first-ever turnaround on whaling, the Japanese government has dropped its plans to hunt humpbacks. The about-face is a victory for Kevin Rudd, the new Australian prime minister, who had objected strenuously and ordered a patrol of the humpback hunt. Tokyo said, however, that the fleet currently en route...

New Zealand to Japanese Whalers: Go Home!

'Deception' blasted as fleet sails for 'research'

(Newser) - As a Japanese whaling fleet churned to Antarctic waters, a furious New Zealand prime minister today blasted the "deception" of Japan's claim that the killing ships will conduct research rather than commercial whaling. It would be better "if the Japanese stayed home," said Helen Clark. The fleet...

Aussies Blubbering About Decoding Whale Speak

Scientists put meaning to clicks & squeals

(Newser) - Australian scientists believe they've begun to decode the meaning behind whale sounds after extensive study of humpbacks off the nation's coast. They identified at least 34 types of whale calls, including a male purring sound associated with female wooing, high-frequency cries during disagreements, and a "wop" sound often exchanged...

Whales Head Home after 2-Week Stay
Whales Head Home after 2-Week Stay

Whales Head Home after 2-Week Stay

Officials think lost humpbacks have returned to the Pacific

(Newser) - Moby-Dick and Jonah can rest easy—the most overexposed whales in the world appear to have returned to the obscurity of the Pacific Ocean. The two humpbacks, who sparked an international media frenzy after getting stuck in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta 2 weeks ago, haven't been seen since late...

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