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One Country Imposed 74% of 2023's Known Executions

With China excluded, Iran led the world last year, according to Amnesty International

(Newser) - The number of executions carried out around the world jumped to an eight-year high in 2023, largely due to a single country, according to Amnesty International . Though the number of countries delivering death penalties fell to an all-time low of 16, Amnesty logged at least 1,153 executions last year,...

National Zoo Is Getting Visitors
Panda Diplomacy Returns

Panda Diplomacy Returns

China is sending 2 young giant pandas to the National Zoo later this year

(Newser) - The National Zoo won't have to wait long to refill its panda habitat, reports the Washington Post , with the zoo announcing that China is sending two young pandas to DC later this year. The pair of 2-year-olds are female Qing Bao ("green" and "treasure" in Mandarin) and...

As Taiwan Welcomes New Leader, China Flexes Muscles

Island scrambles jets after China conducts military exercises as a 'powerful punishment'

(Newser) - Taiwan scrambled jets and put missile, naval, and land units on alert Thursday over Chinese military exercises being conducted around the self-governing island democracy, where a new president took office this week. China's military said its two-day exercises around Taiwan were punishment for separatist forces seeking independence, per the...

US Carmakers 'Trembling' Over This Low-Cost Chinese EV
This 'Dream' EV Could Prove
a Nightmare for US Carmakers

This 'Dream' EV Could Prove a Nightmare for US Carmakers

Seemingly well-made Seagull by China's BYD costs a third of what similar US electric vehicles do

(Newser) - A tiny, low-priced electric car called the Seagull has American automakers and politicians trembling. The car, launched last year by Chinese automaker BYD, sells for around $12,000 in China, but it drives well and is put together with craftsmanship that rivals US electric vehicles that cost three times as...

Xi, Putin Reaffirm 'No Limits' Partnership
Putin Praises Xi
in Show of Unity

Putin Praises Xi in Show of Unity

Russian leader hails Xi's efforts to 'regulate' the 'situation in Ukraine'

(Newser) - China's leader Xi Jinping welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday as he began a two-day state visit. Putin thanked Xi for his effort to resolve the Ukraine conflict at a Beijing summit, where the two leaders reaffirmed a "no-limits" partnership that has grown deeper as both countries...

Biden Quadruples a China Tax. Not Enough, Says Trump
Biden Quadruples a China Tax.
Not Enough, Says Trump
the rundown

Biden Quadruples a China Tax. Not Enough, Says Trump

Election 2024 is now playing out in the form of Chinese tariffs

(Newser) - President Biden is rolling out new tariffs on China Tuesday on electric vehicles and a slew of other products from semiconductors to solar cells and medical products. The move six months before Election Day could have political implications in critical Rust Belt states as Biden and Donald Trump try to...

Biden: Crypto Firm Can't Own Land Near Wyoming Base

Chinese-backed firm ordered to sell site, remove all equipment

(Newser) - President Biden issued an order Monday blocking a Chinese-backed cryptocurrency mining firm from owning land near a Wyoming nuclear missile base, calling its proximity to the base a "national security risk." The order forces the divestment of property operated as a crypto mining facility near the Francis E....

China Is Conquering the Electric Car Market

US may impose tariffs on foreign imports as soon as this coming week

(Newser) - China has been stepping up its game in the electric vehicle market, with more than 70 new models on sale this year alone. One big factor is that Chinese automakers are able to develop vehicles much faster—roughly 30% faster—than "legacy manufacturers," per the Wall Street Journal ...

Exec's Videos on Work Culture Cause Uproar in China

Baidu exec accused of glorifying overwork, showing no empathy for colleagues

(Newser) - The head of public relations at China's biggest search engine may be out of a job after posting a series of videos that were seen as glorifying overwork and the harsh treatment of subordinates. Baidu exec Qu Jing caused a PR crisis for the company with the videos posted...

Is It a Panda or a Dog? Zoo Says It's a 'Panda Dog'

Painted dogs at Chinese zoo inspire no small amount of controversy

(Newser) - A zoo in China has come under fire for painting dogs to look like giant pandas and making visitors pay to see them. The fluffy black and white Chow Chows appear in an exhibit that opened at the Taizhou Zoo in Jiangsu province this month with a cover charge of...

Xi's Trip to Europe Mostly Centers on Strategic Partners

After France, Chinese leader goes to Hungary and Serbia

(Newser) - Chinese leader Xi Jinping will spend most of his five-day tour in Europe this week in two small countries in the continent's eastern half, a region that Beijing has used as a foothold for its expanding economic ambitions in Europe. Following his stop in Paris on Monday to kick...

'I Wonder If They Are All Bad Debtors Like Me'

In China, those in default go on a national blacklist and are barred from high-speed trains

(Newser) - In the US, people who run into insurmountable debt can declare bankruptcy and attempt to regroup. In China, not so much. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that people who fall behind on debt—all of them listed "on a publicly available government delinquency blacklist"—face a...

As a Highway Collapsed, 'I Just Wanted to Stop the Vehicles'

Driver in China is being lauded for using his truck to prevent more cars from tumbling down the hill

(Newser) - A Chinese truck driver was praised in local media Saturday for parking his vehicle across a highway and preventing more cars from tumbling down a slope after a section of the road in the country's mountainous south collapsed and killed at least 48 people. Wang Xiangnan was driving Wednesday...

This Ship Could Trigger a War
This Ship Could
Trigger a War

This Ship Could Trigger a War

'Washington Post' explains how aging Philippines vessel may lead to conflict with China

(Newser) - Earlier this month, President Biden asserted that US support for the Philippines is "ironclad." A new story in the Washington Post explains how that promise might be tested in the not-too-distant future thanks to a rusting warship.
  • The ship: The BRP Sierra Madre belongs to the Philippines, which

Report: 42% of Americans See China as an Enemy

Only 16% have a favorable view of the country, according to Pew Research Center

(Newser) - Some 42% of Americans now label China as an enemy, up from 25% two years ago and reaching the highest level in five years, according to an annual Pew Research Center survey released Wednesday. Half of Americans think of China as a competitor, and only 6% consider the country a...

Dozens Killed in China Highway Collapse

Cars tumbled down slope in Guangdong Province

(Newser) - A section of a highway collapsed after heavy rains in a mountainous area in southern China, sending cars tumbling down a slope and leaving at least 36 people dead, authorities said Thursday. The Meizhou city government said that 23 vehicles were found after a 58.7-foot long section of the...

China Boots Scientist Who Shared COVID Data From Lab

Zhang Yongzhen later said he'd been allowed back in after sit-in

(Newser) - The first scientist to publish a sequence of the COVID-19 virus in China said he was allowed back into his lab after he spent days locked outside, sitting in protest. Zhang Yongzhen wrote in an online post early Wednesday that authorities had "tentatively agreed" to allow him and his...

How the Hunt for COVID's Origins Turned Toxic in China
How the Hunt for COVID's
Origins Turned Toxic in China

How the Hunt for COVID's Origins Turned Toxic in China

AP investigation shows how politicians in Beijing trumped scientists

(Newser) - The Chinese government froze meaningful efforts to trace the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, despite publicly declaring it supported an open scientific inquiry, an investigation by the Associated Press has found. Highlights:
  • The AP drew on thousands of pages of undisclosed emails and documents, leaked recordings, and dozens of interviews

US, China Butt Heads at Blinken-Xi Meetup

'I made clear that if China does not address this problem, we will'

(Newser) - US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met Friday with Chinese President Xi Jinping and senior Chinese officials, stressing the importance of "responsibly managing" the differences between the United States and China as the two sides butted heads over a number of contentious bilateral, regional, and global issues. Talks between...

Everest Climbers to Face 'Ballroom of Death'

Established late due to unstable conditions, this year's climbing route brings added risk

(Newser) - Every spring, the so-called "Icefall Doctors" leave Everest base camp and begin marking the year's official climbing route up to Camp 1. These specialized Nepalese climbers have what's been called " the most dangerous job on earth ," leading the way through the Khumbu Icefall, a treacherous...

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