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Wachovia to Be Charged in Mortgage CDO Scandal

SEC says bank, now owned by Wells Fargo, overpriced CDOs

(Newser) - The SEC is getting ready to bring civil charges against Wachovia for allegedly jacking up prices on its CDOs, even as the loans underlying them fell in value, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The charges come out of a larger SEC probe into Wall Street’s shady CDO practices,...

Foreign Banks Got Majority of Secret Fed Loans

Court forces Fed to release info

(Newser) - When the Federal Reserve opened its “discount window” at the height of the financial crisis, a lot of foreign banks lined up. The 97-year-old program hit an all-time high during October 2008, and during its peak week, 70% of the $110.7 billion doled out went to foreign banks,...

Big Banks Laundered Money for Mexican Drug Gangs

Wachovia handled $378.4 billion in drug money

(Newser) - Some of the biggest banks in the US have been helping to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to Mexican drug gangs, Bloomberg reports. Wachovia, for example, has admitted in court that it didn’t do enough to spot the $378.4 billion in drug money the cartels handed off...

BoA, Wells Fargo Wrap Up Takeovers
BoA, Wells Fargo
Wrap Up Takeovers

BoA, Wells Fargo Wrap Up Takeovers

Tough road ahead for merged financial institutions

(Newser) - Bank of America and Wells Fargo completed their respective takeovers of Merrill Lynch and Wachovia this week, expected developments that close the books on a year of unprecedented change in the banking industry, Reuters reports. The acquisition of Merrill makes BoA the largest US bank by assets, with $2.7...

Citigroup Looks to Buy Bank After Wachovia Misstep

Seeking to ease embarrassment from its failed bid, it looks to buy a regional player

(Newser) - After losing Wachovia to Wells Fargo, Citigroup is again looking to buy a bank to bolster its deposit base in the face of continuing economic turmoil, reports the Wall Street Journal. The latest target is a regional bank considerably smaller than Wachovia. Citi recently drew $25 billion from the Treasury...

Sour Earnings Sink Stocks
 Sour Earnings Sink Stocks 
MARKET opener

Sour Earnings Sink Stocks

Recession fears keep bears growling

(Newser) - Recession fears kept bears roaring today, as the Dow shed 230 points at the open on a spate of lousy third-quarter results. Wachovia posted a staggering $23.9 billion loss to lead a group of five gloomy blue chip reports, the Wall Street Journal reports. “We’ve seen a...

Wachovia Takes Massive $23.9B 3rd Quarter Loss

Writedowns lead to $11.18 per share loss; Wells Fargo says merger on track

(Newser) - Wachovia reported losses of $23.9 billion in the third quarter, a whopping hit of $11.18 per share that blew by analysts’ estimates of a 2-cent-per-share loss, reports Bloomberg. But Wachovia’s loss—virtually all tied to mortgages or mortgage-related securities—may be Wells Fargo’s gain.

Feds Give Green Light to Wells Fargo-Wachovia

Citigroup plans to sue over breach of contract, but will not interfere

(Newser) - Federal antitrust regulators cleared Wells Fargo's $11.7 billion acquisition of Wachovia Corp. today, capping a weeklong battle for the Charlotte, NC-based bank. The rapid approval comes a day after Citigroup walked away from its acquisition effort. Citigroup plans to seek $60 billion in damages for breach of contract but...

Citi Drops Wachovia Talks, Will Still Sue for Damages

(Newser) - Citigroup said today it's going to let Wells Fargo go ahead with its acquisition of Wachovia, the Wall Street Journal reports. But all's not chummy in the banking world: Citigroup, which charges that Wachovia illegally backed out of a deal to accept a sweeter offer from Wells Fargo, is still...

Dow Falls 678 to Sub-9,000 Close
 Dow Falls 678 to Sub-9,000 Close 

Dow Falls 678 to Sub-9,000 Close

Dow falls below 9,000 for first time since 2003

(Newser) - Stocks plunged in the last hours of trading today as a number of government moves did little to shore up investors' confidence, MarketWatch reports. The Dow’s losses accelerated sharply after it dropped below the psychological threshold of 9,000 points. It closed down 678.91 at 8,579.19;...

Wells, Citigroup Call Truce in Wachovia Battle

Fed brokers cool-off, banks may be working out carve-up deal

(Newser) - Citigroup and Wells Fargo have agreed to back off from their legal tug-of-war over Wachovia until tomorrow, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The Fed-brokered agreement comes after days of furious legal wrangling and a $60 billion lawsuit filed by Citigroup against both Wells and Wachovia yesterday. Insiders say Citigroup and...

Dow Down 700, Hits 4-Year Low
 Dow Down 700, Hits 4-Year Low 

Dow Down 700, Hits 4-Year Low

'This is just about fear right now'

(Newser) - Stocks continued downward today, with the Dow falling a record 782 points, the Wall Street Journal reports, and settling mid-afternoon around 9,571, below 10,000 for the first time since October 2004. “This is just about fear right now, and whether stocks are going to close down 200...

Citigroup Sues Wells, Wachovia for $60B

Deal would award $225M in severance, Citi charges—a bailout no-no

(Newser) - Citigroup has sued Wells Fargo and Wachovia for $60 billion in damages, alleging the latter breached an exclusivity agreement in agreeing to its sale to Wells. Wells is also charged with violating Citi's right to purchase some of Wachovia's assets under a previous deal, reports Bloomberg. The Wells agreement would...

Feds Work to Cement Wachovia Deal
Feds Work
to Cement Wachovia Deal

Feds Work to Cement Wachovia Deal

Citi and Wells Fargo would each get a piece of the struggling bank

(Newser) - Federal Reserve officials are pushing Citigroup and Wells Fargo to agree to a compromise giving each a piece of struggling Wachovia, with the Charlotte-based bank's 3,346 branches divided along geographic lines and Wells Fargo acquiring its investment units, reports the Wall Street Journal. The new deal, still being negotiated...

Citi Suit Blocks Wells' Wachovia Deal

Court order says bank must only deal with Citigroup, for now

(Newser) - In a victory for Citigroup, a New York Supreme Court judge has halted a deal by Wells Fargo to buy Wachovia until further notice, announced Citi executives. The decision prolongs Wachovia’s earlier agreement to deal only with Citigroup as it battles with Wells Fargo to purchase the sixth-biggest US...

Citi May Seek to Recover Wachovia Deal

Bank could make a better offer; may sue Wells Fargo

(Newser) - Left hanging after Wells Fargo swooped in with a better offer to purchase Wachovia, the troubled Citigroup is mulling its options. It could attempt to sweeten its earlier bid, perhaps including pieces of the company it hadn’t agreed to take earlier—or launch a lawsuit. Citigroup may argue that...

Citi Demands Wells Fargo Give Wachovia Back

Bank says new buyout violates an exclusivity agreement

(Newser) - Citigroup is seeking to nullify the Wells Fargo takeover of Wachovia announced this morning, Bloomberg reports. Citi claims the $15.4 billion deal violates an exclusivity agreement it had worked out with Wachovia early this week. "Citi has substantial legal rights regarding Wachovia and this transaction,'' the bank...

Stocks Rise on Opening Bell
 Stocks Rise on Opening Bell 

Stocks Rise on Opening Bell

New Wachovia deal boosts optimism

(Newser) - Stocks climbed higher today, buoyed by Wells Fargo’s deal to snatch Wachovia from Citigroup. The Dow is up more than 100 points in early trading, while the Nasdaq and S&P rose 1.7% and 1.5%, respectively. Seemingly ignored was a worse-than-expected employment report, which showed the sharpest...

Wells Fargo Buys Wachovia for $15.4B, Trumps Citigroup

After initial no, Bay Area bank buys out troubled lender

(Newser) - Wells Fargo will buy struggling bank Wachovia in a $15.4 billion takeover, reports the Wall Street Journal. The deal was announced today and comes just days after Wachovia had reached an agreement to sell its banking operations to Citigroup. The Wells Fargo purchase requires no government assistance, and the...

'Silent Run' Doomed Wachovia
 'Silent Run' Doomed Wachovia 

'Silent Run' Doomed Wachovia

Panic pushed FDIC to use unprecedented authority in Citigroup merger

(Newser) - Customers made a “silent run” on Wachovia as the North Carolina bank negotiated a buyout from Citigroup last week, the Charlotte Observer reports. Wachovia execs noticed customers withdrawing money from large accounts following Washington Mutual’s failure, lowering their balances to below the federally insured limit.

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