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Harrison Ford Gets De-Aged for New Indiana Jones
Trailer, Title Are Out
for 5th Indiana Jones

Trailer, Title Are Out for 5th Indiana Jones

Preview sees Harrison Ford digitally de-aged

(Newser) - We have our first look at Harrison Ford in his fifth turn as Indiana Jones, which will also be his last. "I will not fall down for you again," the 80-year-old Ford, who injured his shoulder while rehearsing an action scene for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the ...

Pesci: One Home Alone Scene Really Hurt

He says he was seriously burned when character's hat was set on fire

(Newser) - Joe Pesci has fond memories of making two Home Alone movies—and a not-so-fond memory of sustaining a real injury from one of the many booby traps Macaulay Culkin's character set for the bumbling burglars played by Pesci and Daniel Stern. In an interview with People to mark the...

Love Actually Cast Has Holiday Surprise for Us

Diane Sawyer sits down with Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, and more in TV special on ABC, Hulu

(Newser) - The short sequel to holiday favorite Love Actually didn't go over so well. But perhaps a holiday special five years later will go over better. The one-hour special, to air Tuesday on ABC and stream later on Hulu, will feature interviews with cast members Hugh Grant (Prime Minister David),...

A Christmas Story House Up for Sale
An Iconic Ohio
Home Is Up for Grabs

An Iconic Ohio Home Is Up for Grabs

Cleveland house used in 'A Christmas Story,' plus a museum and gift shop, has been listed

(Newser) - You could spend Christmas—and every other day of the year—in the house made famous by A Christmas Story. The century-old home in Cleveland, used to house the family of Ralphie Parker in the 1983 film, is up for sale as part of a listing that includes a museum,...

What Critics Are Saying About the Black Panther Sequel
What Critics Are Saying About
the Black Panther Sequel

What Critics Are Saying About the Black Panther Sequel

It's overstuffed, overlong, and somber, yet moving

(Newser) - The world didn't just lose Chadwick Boseman , Wakanda lost its King T'Challa , and both deaths are felt deeply in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever , which lands an 85% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes . Following T'Challa's death from an unnamed illness, his mother, Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett)...

Is That You, Brendan Fraser?
Is That You,
Brendan Fraser?

Is That You, Brendan Fraser?

Trailer shows actor transformed into a 600-pound man for 'The Whale'

(Newser) - We finally have our first good look at Brendan Fraser's return to the big screen. To say the actor transformed for his role in Darren Aronofosky's The Whale would be an understatement. The 53-year-old was required to don a prosthetic suit for his portrayal of Charlie, a 600-pound...

Radcliffe's 'Zeal for Role' of Weird Al Is Hard to Resist
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story
Has '2 Aces Up Its Sleeve'

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story Has '2 Aces Up Its Sleeve'

Or so praises one critic

(Newser) - Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is a bit wacky. But what else would you expect from the parodist, who co-produced and co-wrote the film along with the director, Eric Appel, who produced a 2010 short that inspired it. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al, Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna, and...

10 Best Scary Movies Ever
10 Best
of All Time

10 Best Horror Films of All Time

'Rolling Stone' ranks top 101, with 'The Exorcist' as champ

(Newser) - Looking for a scary movie on Halloween? Rolling Stone has ranked the 101 best horror films of all time, with The Exorcist clocking in at No. 1. "It was the movie that made America afraid of the devil again," the site's tribute begins. What's more, it...

Instantly Recognizable Stars Offer 'Instantly Forgettable' Film
Clooney and Roberts'
Reunion Isn't So Memorable

Clooney and Roberts' Reunion Isn't So Memorable

'Ticket to Paradise' reunites Julia Roberts, George Clooney, for better or worse

(Newser) - In reuniting George Clooney and Julia Roberts for their fifth movie together, Ticket to Paradise aims to resurrect the classic romantic comedy. Bickering exes David and Georgia, 20 years removed from their divorce, join forces to sabotage the wedding of their daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever), fearing that in marrying a...

Halloween Ends 'More With a Sizzle Than a Bang'
Halloween Ends
With a Thud, Apparently

Halloween Ends With a Thud, Apparently

One critic calls it 'a fitting farewell to Laurie Strode,' another calls it 'tedious'

(Newser) - Touted as Laurie Strode's last stand against Michael Myers, her slasher enemy of 44 years and 13 movies, Halloween Ends ... with a thud. That's according to critics who give the final installment in the David Gordon Green trilogy based on the original 1978 film a poor 47% rating...

You No Longer Have to Guess at Velma's Sexual Orientation
You No Longer Have to Guess
at Velma's Sexual Orientation
in case you missed it

You No Longer Have to Guess at Velma's Sexual Orientation

'Scooby-Doo' character crushes hard on a woman in new Halloween flick

(Newser) - The sexual orientation of Scooby-Doo character Velma Dinkley has been as hot a topic as that of any actual celebrity—and perhaps more so, given that fans haven't received clear confirmation of their suspicions for "generations," per Deadline —until now. In the animated HBO Max flick...

Will Smith Is Generating New Oscars Buzz

Actor could be a nominee in Academy he's banned from for 10 years after Chris Rock controversy

(Newser) - Will Smith was banned from the Oscars for 10 years for slapping Chris Rock at this year's ceremony, but that doesn't mean he can't win another Academy Award. Smith, who picked up the Best Actor award for his role in King Richard following the infamous slap, is...

Don't Worry Darling Crew Issues a Joint Statement

40 members dispute rumors of on-set drama with Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh

(Newser) - Crew members of the movie Don't Worry Darling —which might be getting more buzz for rumors of on-set friction than for its qualities as a movie—have taken the unusual step of issuing a public statement to reject those rumors. "As a crew, we've avoided addressing...

UK Channel Showed Terrible Film Instead of Queen's Funeral

Channel 5 decided abysmally rated 'Emoji Movie' would be a good substitute for royal coverage

(Newser) - Although it was expected that almost every channel in the UK would air some kind of coverage about Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, offering a look at her funeral or her life in general, notes it also "makes sense" that Channel 5 decided to opt out of...

Daniel Radcliffe Gets Weird
Actor in Weird Al Biopic
'Almost Unrecognizable'

Actor in Weird Al Biopic 'Almost Unrecognizable'

You've probably never seen Daniel Radcliffe quite like this before

(Newser) - You may never see Daniel Radcliffe the same way again. The actor transforms into Weird Al Yankovic in a trailer for the upcoming Roku Channel biopic of the singer, released Monday. Radcliffe—sporting a "curly brown mop of hair, wire-rim glasses and bushy mustache—is almost unrecognizable," per...

For One Day Only, Your Movie Date Just Got a Lot Cheaper

Tickets are $3 for 'National Cinema Day' on Saturday

(Newser) - Most Americans are looking forward to the approaching long weekend to commemorate Labor Day. For those who don't yet have plans solidified, one option is a (much cheaper) day at the movies. The AP reports that Saturday marks the first "National Cinema Day," in which more than...

MoviePass to Rise From the Dead on Labor Day

You have to get on a waitlist to use subscription service, though

(Newser) - MoviePass officially went kaput more than two years ago, filing for bankruptcy protection right before the pandemic shuttered movie theaters for a year or more. Now when you head over to the company's website , there's a countdown clock—and it's counting down to Thursday, when you'll...

Directors of Nixed Batgirl React to the Shock Move

'We still can't believe it,' say Belgian filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah

(Newser) - One studio exec called the move by Warner Bros. Discovery to never release Batgirl, despite the fact that shooting on the film has already wrapped up, "unprecedented." The movie's directors seem to agree with that take. They're now speaking out on the move that has taken...

Actor Gets Big Defenders After Criticism on Monroe Role

Some aren't buying Ana de Armas as Marilyn, but late icon's estate, Brad Pitt are all in

(Newser) - A trailer was released last week for Blonde, Netflix's upcoming biopic on Marilyn Monroe, and not everyone was buying the sneak-peek performance of Ana de Armas in the lead role, with criticism especially directed at the fact that the Cuban-Spanish actress's accent doesn't especially sound like the...

Jordan Peele's Latest Will 'Blow You Away'
Jordan Peele's Latest
Will 'Blow You Away'

Jordan Peele's Latest Will 'Blow You Away'

'Nope' is 'consistently surprising,' will leave you 'in awe,' critics say

(Newser) - Jordan Peele's third feature film is Nope, a story of Black horse trainers in Hollywood (siblings OJ and Emerald Haywood, played by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer) who, after coming to suspect their father's death might have been caused by aliens lurking around their ranch, hope to make...

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