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Musk's Neuralink Is Ready for a Human Trial

Qualifying quadriplegics to take part in 6-year study of brain-computer interface

(Newser) - A few months after receiving FDA approval to launch human trials, Neuralink is looking for people willing to let an experimental robot stick an equally experimental device into their brain. Elon Musk's brain-implant startup is seeking people over the age of 22 with quadriplegia due to vertical spinal cord...

Musk's Neuralink Gets OK for Human Trials

FDA greenlights brain implant for testing in humans

(Newser) - Elon Musk's Neuralink says it's received FDA approval to put brain implants in humans for the first time. It "represents an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many people," says the company. Neuralink hopes its implants will cure conditions from...

Scientists Have Made Paralyzed Monkeys Walk
Scientists Have Made
Paralyzed Monkeys Walk

Scientists Have Made Paralyzed Monkeys Walk

'The whole team was screaming as we watched'

(Newser) - In what could someday prove to be a major step forward for people with spinal cord injuries, scientists out of Switzerland are reporting in the journal Nature that they've gotten paralyzed monkeys to walk again. NPR describes the surgery on the rhesus macaques thusly: A neurosurgeon "placed electrodes...

Military May Boost Soldier Performance With Brain Stimulation

Seen as safer alternative to prescription drugs

(Newser) - Air crew, drone operators, and other personnel serving in the military's most demanding roles may soon get a non-pharmacological boost: brain stimulation. Devices that use five electrodes to shoot weak currents into very specific targets in the cortex have performed very well in studies investigating performance under pressure, boosting...

Sea Slugs Inspire New Brain Implant Technology

Findings could apply to people with Parkinson's and spinal cord injuries

(Newser) - Sure, it’s a warty creepy-crawly that lurks at the bottom of the ocean, but the sea cucumber has inspired scientists to create a new material that could be used in implanted brain electrodes to help people with Parkinson’s disease, reports the BBC. The creature stiffens its skin when...

5 Stories
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