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Hey Kids: This Summer, Ditch the Gadgets

Yale professor warns against becoming a 'click-vegetable'

(Newser) - The Internet and iPads and smartphones are great for adults—but we need to take a hard look at what they're doing to our kids, warns a computer science professor at Yale. It may be tempting to let them sit down with an iPad come June, but such technology...

Gadget of the Year? Pen and Paper

 Gadget of the Year? 
 Pen and Paper 

Gadget of the Year? Pen and Paper

Mark W. Smith: 'Cumbersome' smartphones can't beat old-fashioned writing

(Newser) - Smartphones and tablets have left everything from alarm clocks to GPS systems pretty much "obsolete"—but iPhones and BlackBerrys still haven't topped writing by hand, writes Mark Smith in the Detroit Free Press . He's no technophobe—in fact, he's a tech columnist. But when he...

Mind-Reading Remote, Other CES Gizmos You Missed

There was more to electronics show than TVs

(Newser) - This year's Consumer Electronics Show had the predictable high-tech TVs and other conventional items—but the 3,100 exhibitors also showed off some rather bizarre devices. A few highlights:
  • Solowheel. An electric unicycle with no seat and footboards that allow riders to stand and lean in the direction they

Get Ready for Touch-Free Televisions...

...and phones, and tablets, starting next year

(Newser) - Touchscreens are so 2011. Starting as soon as next year, we'll be able to manipulate our phones with a wave of the hand. And that's just the beginning: Touch-free technology could soon take over our TVs, our tablets, and other devices, the BBC reports. One company behind the...

Wireless Devices Officially Outnumber People in US

Why? Because many of us need a phone and a tablet

(Newser) - For every person, a mobile device … or two. In the United States, wireless devices now outnumber people, according to a new survey by trade group CTIA. That’s possible because so many people own more than one such device, for example a smartphone and a tablet. There are now...

Japanese Gadget Allows Long-Distance Smooching

Tech students design boxes for online kissing

(Newser) - In a long-distance relationship? Now you don’t need an airplane to kiss your partner: Japanese students have created a gadget for online snogging. The device looks like a box with a straw attached. One kisser turns the straw with his tongue, prompting the straw on the other end of...

Wait Is Over: White iPhone 4 Out Within Weeks

Glitches delayed gadget by 10 months

(Newser) - It was supposed to be here 10 months ago—but in the next few weeks Apple will finally release its white iPhone 4, insiders tell Bloomberg . Both AT&T and Verizon will offer the device. Causes for the delay included paint that peeled off when hot and problems with a...

Gadgets Driving Up America's Electric Bills

Despite efficiency gains, we're using as much power as ever

(Newser) - Heating technology and many major appliances have gotten drastically more efficient since 1978, yet as of 2005, American homes are still using essentially the same amount of power, according to figures from the US Energy Information Administration. Taking a closer look at the numbers it's easy to see why, according...

Apple iPad 2 Glitch: Tablet 'Bleeds' Light
 iPad 2 Glitch: 
 It 'Bleeds' 

iPad 2 Glitch: It 'Bleeds'

Light shines through dark background, new owners complain

(Newser) - The iPad 2 is still brand spankin' new to the market, but glitch reports are already coming in: Apple's latest darling may have a “bleeding” problem, Gizmodo reports. Check out the video in the gallery: Light shines oddly from the side of the machine, cutting through an image that’...

iPad 2 Review: Apple Stays on Top
 iPad 2 Review: 
 It's 'The Only Tablet' 

iPad 2 Review: It's 'The Only Tablet'

Apple stays on top with upgrade

(Newser) - We know what you're wondering: Now that Apple's upgraded to the iPad 2, is it time to take the plunge? If you've already got the original iPad, do you need to trade up? Well, here's what tech experts are saying:
  • The upgrade—it’s a third thinner, 15% lighter, and

Why Shouldn't I Hate My iPad?
 Why Shouldn't 
 I Hate My iPad? 

Why Shouldn't I Hate My iPad?

Slate tries to convince one writer (unsuccessfully) that the device is great

(Newser) - Advice for would-be iPad owners: try it before you buy it. John Swansburg didn’t, and “now I just feel annoyed, having spent $600 on a device that hasn’t done anything to improve my life,” he writes in Slate . “A salad spinner would have been a...

Sorry, Apple Fans: No Plans for 'iPhone Nano,' But...
Sorry, Apple Fans: No Plans for 'iPhone Nano,' But...
rumor dept

Sorry, Apple Fans: No Plans for 'iPhone Nano,' But...

...a cheaper version may be on the way

(Newser) - Ignore the reports you’ve been hearing: There are currently no plans to make a smaller version of the iPhone, insiders tell the New York Times . Apple is working on a new version, likely for release this summer—but it’ll be about the same size as the iPhone 4....

Microsoft, Nokia Team Up to Challenge Apple, Google

Smartphone market to become 'three horse race,' Nokia promises

(Newser) - Nokia and Microsoft announced a “broad strategic partnership” today, as both companies try to claw their way back into the smartphone market. Nokia will now produce a host of new Windows 7 phones that CEO Stephen Elop promises will make the segment a “three horse race” between Google,...

Why the Consumer Electronics Show Secretly Sucks

Slate columnist: Tech journalists won't say it, but the show's always a bore

(Newser) - Farhad Manjoo isn’t one of the tech journalists descending on Las Vegas this weekend. He decided to stay home and avoid “the overcrowded, overstuffed, chaotic, and profoundly pointless vaporware parade known as CES,” he writes in Slate . The Consumer Electronics Show “is an enormous waste of...

iPad Catching On Faster Than the DVD Player

Adoption rate the fastest ever

(Newser) - Apple sold 3 million iPads in the first 80 days of its shelf life, and is currently selling about 4.5 million a quarter, making it by far the fastest-adopted piece of technology in history, CNBC reports. Its nearest competitor is the iPhone, and that sold a mere million units...

New iPods Great, but Apple's 'Ping' Sucks
New iPods Great, but
Apple's 'Ping' Sucks
Tech Review

New iPods Great, but Apple's 'Ping' Sucks

Apple's new music offerings a mixed bag

(Newser) - Apple’s new line of iPods is up to its usual high standards, but the Ping social networking service that comes along with it is “socially awkward,” writes Katherine Boehret of the Wall Street Journal . The new “remarkably thin” iPod Touch has nifty new features, like front-...

Gadgets Are Frying Your Brain

Our brains need downtime to think, scientists say

(Newser) - Our love affair with gadgets is robbing our minds of the critical downtime they need to properly process our experiences, scientists tell the New York Times . Experiments show that when rats learn a new skill, such as running a maze, their brains actually process the experience only when they take...

Epic 4G May Put Sprint on Top
 Epic 4G May Put Sprint on Top 
Tech Review

Epic 4G May Put Sprint on Top

Reviewers loving hefty, feature-packed Sprint device

(Newser) - Sprint has been the punching bag of the mobile world for a while now, but that may be changing thanks to its lightning-fast 4G WiMax network—and the spiffy new Android smartphones that use it. First there was the HTC EVO, and now comes the Epic, part of Samsung’s...

iPhone 4 Lives Up to the Hype
 iPhone 4 Lives Up to the Hype 
Tech Review

iPhone 4 Lives Up to the Hype

Critics love the awesome camera, screen, and new features

(Newser) - The iPhone 4 hits tomorrow, and tech reviewers everywhere are incredibly impressed. Here's what they're saying:
  • The iPhone 4 is “a major leap over its already excellent predecessor,” writes Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal . The new features work very well, and the redesign “manages to

iPad Wrecks Netbook Sales
 iPad Wrecks Netbook Sales 

iPad Wrecks Netbook Sales

44% said they bought tablet over netbook

(Newser) - Netbook mania has hit the wall hard, and Apple's shiny new tablet could be to blame. Digging through some recent Morgan Stanley research, Fortune found some interesting charts showing that the growth of netbook sales took an abrupt dive in January—a victim, the researcher concludes, of the iPad's much-hyped...

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