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Nearly 1 in 6 in US Lives in Poverty
 Nearly 1 in 6 in US 
 Lives in Poverty 
census says

Nearly 1 in 6 in US Lives in Poverty

In 2010, 15.1% lived below poverty line: US census data

(Newser) - Unsettling news from the US Census Bureau: Nearly one in six people lived in poverty last year. About 46.2 million people, or 15.1%, were below the poverty line, compared to 43.6 million, or 14.3%, in 2009, the AP reports. CNN adds that the poverty rate was...

Minorities Now Majority in 8 Metro Areas

One demographer calls the change 'pivotal'

(Newser) - In eight metropolitan areas including Washington, DC, New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Memphis, minorities now make up the majority of the population, according to census data. Over the past decade, non-Hispanic whites have become the minority in 22 of the 100 largest urban areas in the US, the...

Rural Share of US Population Hits Record Low

84% of Americans now live in cities or suburbs

(Newser) - Small-town and rural America is fading away as the US becomes a nation of suburbanites and city dwellers, according to the latest census figures. The share of Americans who live in rural areas—including towns with fewer than 50,000 people that are out of commuting range of metropolitan areas—...

Wealth Gap Between Whites, Minorities Widest in 25 Years

Census data show ratio is 20 to 1 between whites, blacks

(Newser) - Thanks to the recession, the wealth gap between whites and minorities is at its widest level in 25 years. Census data show that the median wealth of white US households was $113,149 in 2009: That's 20 times that of black households ($5,677) and 18 times that of...

Number of Black Kids Plunges in US&#39; Biggest Cities
Number of Black Kids Plunges in US' Biggest Cities 

Number of Black Kids Plunges in US' Biggest Cities

And mostly because families are heading to the suburbs

(Newser) - Call it "black flight:" The number of black children living in the US' biggest cities has plummeted over the last decade, reports the AP . New York City lost 22.4% of its black, non-Hispanic kids, while Los Angeles lost 31.8%, Detroit 37.6%, and a whopping 42....

White Babies Now a Minority in US
 White Babies 
 Now a Minority in US 

White Babies Now a Minority in US

Minority infants now the majority: preliminary census data

(Newser) - Minority babies now outnumber white infants in the US, preliminary Census estimates show, a finding that indicates racial and ethnic minorities will become the nation's majority by the middle of the century. Just under half of all children under 3 are non-Hispanic whites, down from more than 60% in...

Obama Only Marked Black on Census—Unfortunately

It could have been 'historic teaching moment,' writes Gregory Rodriguez

(Newser) - When Barack Obama sat down to fill out his census form, he checked off one race: black. And as one of the most famous mixed-race people in the world, "he missed an opportunity," writes Gregory Rodriguez for the Los Angeles Times . In the 20th century, the idea of...

'Marrying Out' Thins Native Americans' Ranks

Population loss could lead to loss of federal benefits

(Newser) - More often than not, white people in the US marry other white people and black people marry other black people—but Census data show that more than half of all Native Americans marry non-Native Americans, and that could create problems for tribes down the line. The Eastern Shoshone of Wyoming,...

Deployed Soldiers Cost N. Carolina a Congress Seat

But they will return to North Carolina, guv's rep points out

(Newser) - During last year's Census, more than 40,000 troops were deployed from North Carolina's military bases—but because only 12,200 of them listed North Carolina as their home state, the state lost out on a congressional seat. That's because, though the Census usually counts the troops' current base as...

Divorce Soars in Rural America
 Divorce Soars in Rural America 

Divorce Soars in Rural America

Families look very different amid shift in values

(Newser) - An Iowa county’s divorce rate today is almost seven times what it was in the 1970s, and it’s symptomatic of a wide-ranging trend: For the first time in history, rural Americans are as likely as urbanites to be divorced, the New York Times finds in a look at...

Detroit Census Data: City Has Lost 25% of Population Over Last Decade
 Detroit's Population in Freefall 

census data

Detroit's Population in Freefall

One of the largest drops ever for a major American city

(Newser) - Detroit is not just a city in decline, it's a city in free-fall: Its population dropped 25% over the past 10 years, census data show, losing a staggering 237,500 people. The number of people in the city last year, 713,777, is the lowest since 1910; Detroit's population loss...

Census: 1 in 4 US Counties 'Dying'
 1 in 4 US Counties 'Dying' 
says census

1 in 4 US Counties 'Dying'

More deaths than births recorded in rising number of areas: census

(Newser) - Almost a quarter of America's 3,142 counties are slowly dying, according to the US Census Bureau. Some 760 counties are now recording more deaths than births, census figures show, and what demographers call "natural decrease" is accelerating as the downturn pushes birth rates down and forces young people...

Chicago's Population Dips Below 1920 Level

People are leaving for suburbs, Southern US

(Newser) - Chicago's population fell 6.9% during the decade that ended in 2010, leaving it with fewer people than lived there in 1920. The US Census Bureau reports a population of 2,695,598 people, just under the 2.7 million that were reported nearly a century ago, the Wall Street ...

Gay Parents Most Common in ...the South?

Communities, churches grow more welcoming

(Newser) - The South may not have a reputation as a welcoming bastion of homosexuality, but according to recent census data, it’s home to America’s largest concentration of gay parents, a demographer tells the New York Times . Of course, that might actually be in part because of the region’s...

Census Results Could Be Really Good News for GOP

Red-leaning states to see congressional boost

(Newser) - The Census Bureau will announce its new population figures tomorrow, and Republicans will likely be fans of the numbers. Based on the figures, as many as 18 states could see their number of congressional districts and representatives change, a political consultant tells NPR . Texas is set to gain three Congressional...

Census Finds Record Gap Between Rich and Poor

Young people hit hardest

(Newser) - The income gap between the richest and poorest Americans grew last year to its widest amount on record as young adults and children in particular struggled to stay afloat in the recession. The top-earning 20% of Americans—those making more than $100,000 each year—received 49.4% of all...

Obama Blew It With 'Black' Census Pick

He missed a chance to celebrate being biracial

(Newser) - Elizabeth Chang wants America to "move beyond the tired concept of race," which is why she's so disappointed that President Obama chose to check only "black" on his census form. Under the rules, he could have checked "white" as well, or "some other race."...

Majority of US Babies Will Be Minority This Year

Country expected to hit tipping point of 51% nonwhite births

(Newser) - Demographers believe this year could be the first year that minority births actually outnumber white births. Minorities already make up nearly half the children born in the US—48% according to the 2008 census, compared to 37% in 1990—and that number's growing rapidly because immigration has boosted the number...

Metalheads Declare Religious Status

Campaign for metal fans' souls launched

(Newser) - British heavy metal fans are being urged to put their faith in their music by listing their religion as "heavy metal" in the next census. A similar campaign in the last once-a-decade census led to 390,000 people listing their faith as "Jedi"—outnumbering believers in Judaism,...

Blacks No Longer Majority in Harlem

4 in 10 are African-American in cultural capital

(Newser) - Harlem, the New York City neighborhood often characterized as the capital of black culture in the US, no longer has a majority African-American population. And the shift that occurred a decade ago has accelerated in recent years as whites and Hispanics have bought into an area abandoned by many blacks...

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