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Sarah Palin Tells House Opponent to Drop Out of Race

Nick Begich declines

(Newser) - Alaska US House candidate Sarah Palin called on fellow Republican Nick Begich to drop out of the race Monday, holding a news conference in the same place where on a holiday weekend more than a decade ago she announced plans to resign as Alaska's governor. “He keeps calling...

Alaska Makes Historic Pick Over Palin

Mary Peltola, a Democrat, will be the first Alaska Native the state has sent to the House

(Newser) - Democrat Mary Peltola won the special election for Alaska's only US House seat on Wednesday, besting a field that included Republican Sarah Palin, who was seeking a political comeback in the state where she was once governor. Peltola, who is Yup’ik and turned 49 on Wednesday, will become...

Her Alaskan Election Surprise May Lead to History
Her Alaskan Election Surprise
May Lead to History
the rundown

Her Alaskan Election Surprise May Lead to History

Democrat Mary Peltola has a decent chance to become first Alaska Native in Congress

(Newser) - One of the bigger surprises from this week's primary voting came out of Alaska , where Democrat Mary Peltola leads Sarah Palin and a slew of other Republicans in the race to be the state's lone member of Congress. The seat is vacant because of the death of Republican...

Tuesday's Primaries Cemented a New GOP
Tuesday's Primaries
Cemented a New GOP

Tuesday's Primaries Cemented a New GOP

Cheney vows to continue fighting 'against those who would destroy our republic'

(Newser) - Liz Cheney knew she was fighting a losing battle. Had she cozied up to Donald Trump, she might have easily won her Wyoming primary on Tuesday instead of losing handily (she had 29% support to Harriet Hageman's 66%, with 99% of expected votes counted, per the Washington Post )....

Murkowski and Palin Advance in Alaska Primary

This year marks the state's first use of ranked-choice voting

(Newser) - Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski advanced from her primary along with Kelly Tshibaka, her GOP rival endorsed by former President Trump, while another Trump-backed Republican, Sarah Palin, was among the candidates bound for the November general election in the race for Alaska's only House seat. Per the AP , Murkowski...

Primary Day: 3 Big Names on Ballot, Plus One That Isn't

Liz Cheney, Sarah Palin, and Lisa Murkowski fight to move on, all with fates tied to Donald Trump

(Newser) - Pretty much all the focus in Tuesday's primary schedule is on three high-profile names—Liz Cheney, Lisa Murkowski, and Sarah Palin—all of whom have a strong connection to former President Trump. Here's the latest on the contests out of Wyoming and Alaska:
  • Cheney: The sentiment about the

Sarah Palin Advances in House Election
Sarah Palin Opponent
Exits House Race

Sarah Palin Opponent Exits House Race

She'll face 3 others in the August special election

(Newser) - Update: Al Gross, an independent running for Alaska's only US House seat, said late Monday that he is ending his campaign, the AP reports. Gross in a statement said it was “with great hope for Alaska’s future” that he has decided to end his campaign. He said...

Sarah Palin Has Big Lead in Alaska Primary

Voters are whittling down list of 48 candidates

(Newser) - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin leads in early results from Saturday's special primary for the state's only US House seat, as voters whittled down the list of 48 candidates running for the position that was held for 49 years by the late US Rep. Don Young. The early...

Judge on Palin's Push Against NYT: No 'Speck' of Proof

Judge Jed Rakoff rejects ex-Alaska governor's request for new trial regarding defamation claims

(Newser) - Update: Sarah Palin's hopes for a new trial against the New York Times have been dashed, at least for now. On Tuesday, US District Judge Jed Rakoff informed the former Alaska governor's legal team that he was rejecting her request, which was put in after her lawyers said...

Standing Between Sarah Palin and Congress: Santa Claus

Bernie Sanders supporter from North Pole, Alaska, wants to 'legislate for greater good'

(Newser) - If Sarah Palin wants a seat in Congress , she'll first have to get past Santa Claus. That's the legal name of a city council member in—where else?—North Pole, Alaska, who's one of almost 50 people battling Palin for the state's only congressional seat. As...

Palin May Have a Problem in Alaska—Fellow Alaskans

She is running for Congress, but two national stories suggest locals aren't thrilled

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is running for Alaska's lone congressional seat , but she might have a problem if two stories with very similar themes are any indication. "Alaskans are tired of Sarah Palin," declares a headline in Politico , while another in the Washington Post reads, "Many Alaskans are...

Sarah Palin Picks Up a Big Endorsement

Trump backs her run for Congress in Alaska, though she faces a tough race

(Newser) - More than 50 people have signed up to run for a vacant congressional seat in Alaska, but only one now has the endorsement of Donald Trump: That would be Sarah Palin, who announced on Friday that she hopes to fill the seat of the late Don Young . On Sunday, the...

Sarah Palin Is Reentering Politics, in a Big Way

Ex-Alaska governor is vying for seat in US House of Representatives left open by late Don Young

(Newser) - There were April Fools' jokes aplenty on Friday, but news from Sarah Palin doesn't appear to have been one of them. The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate announced she's running for her state's only seat in the US House of Representatives, a seat left open...

Judge Is Throwing Out Palin's NYT Libel Suit
Jury Rules Against Palin
in NYT Libel Lawsuit

Jury Rules Against Palin in NYT Libel Lawsuit

Federal judge had already decided to dismiss case

(Newser) - Update: The jury ruled against Sarah Palin in her libel lawsuit against the New York Times Tuesday—unaware that the judge had already decided to dismiss the case because Palin's attorneys had failed to show there had been "actual malice" from the Times. US District Judge Jed Rakoff...

Did Sarah Palin Slip Up in Testimony Against Times?

One part of her testimony prompted a legal sidebar

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is in a Manhattan courtroom this week testifying in her libel suit against the New York Times, and one line in particular from Thursday caught the attention of observers who think she hurt her case. (Granted, these are observers from the mainstream media, which the former Alaska governor...

Now on the Witness Stand, Sarah Palin

Former editor admits 'terrible mistake' in 'NYT' libel case

(Newser) - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin took the witness stand on Wednesday in her defamation lawsuit against the New York Times, giving the jury a folksy overview of her family life in Alaska and ascent in Republican politics. Palin testified for only about 20 minutes at the end of the day...

Report: Masked Singer Judges Exit After Giuliani Unmasked

'Deadline': Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke temporarily walked off the stage of Fox show in protest

(Newser) - In the third season of The Masked Singer, a Fox crooning competition in which famous contenders' identities are concealed by costumes and face coverings, host Nick Cannon exclaimed, "This might be the most shocked I've ever been on this show!" when Sarah Palin was shown to be...

After Testing Positive, Palin Causes a Stir at Restaurants

New York City suggests people who came in contact with her take a coronavirus test

(Newser) - Restaurants like repeat customers, but they might have mixed feelings about those who have COVID-19. Sarah Palin has tested positive for the illness, which was enough to postpone the trial in her defamation lawsuit against the New York Times but not enough to keep her from dining out while she'...

Sarah Palin's Suit Against NYT : 'It's Going to Be Ugly'
Palin Tests Positive for
COVID, NYT Trial Delayed

Palin Tests Positive for COVID, NYT Trial Delayed

Defamation trial that will put newspaper under microscope over 2017 editorial now set for Feb. 3

(Newser) - Update: This file has been updated to include details on the trial delay. The defamation trial regarding Sarah Palin's lawsuit against the New York Times was set to kick off Monday, but plans changed after the former Alaska governor tested positive for COVID, per Law360 . In a series of...

Palin: I'll Run For Senate If God Wants Me To

The former VP candidate and governor was speaking at a Christian conference

(Newser) - Lisa Murkowski, one of two Republican senators in Alaska, is facing some primary challengers after coming out in favor of impeaching the previous president. Murkowski has been in office since succeeding her father in 2002 and would be up for re-election next year. Kelly Tshibaka announced her campaign months ago,...

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