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Baby Born on Transatlantic Flight

Passengers cheer as Boston-bound flight gets an extra passenger

(Newser) - Passengers on a Boston-bound plane from Amsterdam got a New Year's surprise when a woman on board went into labor, the Boston Herald reports. Two doctors on the flight informed the pilot that the baby would come before the aircraft could make an emergency landing. Passengers cheered after the woman...

Feds OK Delta-Northwest Deal
 Feds OK Delta-Northwest Deal 

Feds OK Delta-Northwest Deal

Merger would create world's largest airline

(Newser) - Delta’s $2.6 billion offer to buy Northwest Airlines has passed the scrutiny of federal antitrust regulators. Ensuing labor issues aside, official say the merger—which creates the world’s most patronized airline—would not "substantially lessen competition" and will benefit customers, Reuters reports.

Paws C&eacute;l&egrave;bre Land in US
 Paws Célèbre Land in US 

Paws Célèbre Land in US

Baghdad pup en route to savior soldier's home

(Newser) - The friendly black mutt credited with helping a soldier survive her tour of duty in Iraq stepped out of a crate, tail wagging, as he arrived in the US yesterday following an international battle over his refugee status. Ratchet was rescued from burning trash in Iraq by soldier Gwen Beberg....

Baghdad Pup Going Home to His Sarge

Army allows Minnesota soldier to keep rescued dog

(Newser) - A dog rescued from almost certain death by soldiers in Baghdad will be reunited with the US Army  sergeant who adopted him. Military regulations had prevented Sgt. Gwen Beberg, 28, from sending the dog, Ratchet, to the US, but yesterday the SPCA was allowed to fly Ratchet to Kuwait on...

Shareholders OK Delta-Northwest Merger

Deal awaits approval from antitrust regulators

(Newser) - Shareholders of Delta and Northwest voted nearly unanimously today to approve the airlines' merger, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. With shareholders in agreement, federal antitrust regulators must now approve the deal. A Justice Department decision is expected late this year, but labor issues remain. Dozens of workers protested today outside the...

Another United Merger Crashes
 Another United Merger Crashes 

Another United Merger Crashes

Talks with US Airways on permanent hold

(Newser) - A proposed merger between United Airlines and rival US Airways has collapsed, just a month after a deal between United and Continental fell apart. Some analysts predicted the rising cost of jet fuel would power merger deals, but the failed negotiations have raised serious questions about the success of future...

Planes Slowing Down to Save on Fuel Costs

Airlines save millions by adding extra minutes to flights

(Newser) - As airlines feel the pain of higher energy prices, planes are slowing down to save fuel, the AP reports. Southwest, for instance, will save $42 million by adding a few minutes to each flight this year, and passengers are unlikely to notice. But it’s no cure-all: Labor costs go...

Delta, Northwest Execs: Merger Would Ease Gas Burden

Dems skeptical, see 'cascade' of deals

(Newser) - The CEOs of Delta and Northwest took their case for a merger to Capitol Hill today, where they argued that they would be better equipped to deal with surging gas prices as a single company. Both businesses had big first-quarter losses, and the executives told lawmakers they’d be better...

United and Continental May Be Next to Merge

Delta-Northwest deal likely to spark more consolidation

(Newser) - The Delta-Northwest merger will create the world's biggest airline—but that title could fall before the ink is even dry on the deal as industry pressures force other carriers into shotgun weddings, the Houston Chronicle reports. Analysts believe United and Continental would be a good match and a deal between...

Delta, Northwest Approve Merger
 Delta, Northwest
 Approve Merger 

Delta, Northwest Approve Merger

Execs forging ahead without pilot approval

(Newser) - Delta and Northwest Airlines execs agreed today to merge their companies into the world's largest airline, the New York Times reports. Delta CEO Richard Anderson will lead the new company, called Delta, if Northwest shareholders approve the transaction. The $3.1 billion deal would give Northwest shareholders 1.25 Delta...

Delta, Northwest Close to Merger After Revived Talks

But pilot dispute could put deal on the skids

(Newser) - Delta and Northwest Airlines are readying a merger that could be announced as soon as Tuesday, reports the Wall Street Journal. But disputes over the deal’s financial terms and handling of pilot seniority threaten to scuttle the union. Negotiations between the two carriers broke down last week but were...

Delta Pilots Aboard for Merger
 Delta Pilots Aboard for Merger  

Delta Pilots Aboard for Merger

NW deal would create world largest carrier

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines has reached a deal with its 7,000 pilots that is expected to allow a long-delayed merger with Northwest Airlines to take off, Bloomberg reports. The airlines plan to announce the merger next week, sources said. The new airline would carry the Delta name and jet past...

Cheap Flights, Passenger Perks Lost in Transit

Soaring fuel prices mean airline fees, shakeups here to stay

(Newser) - The days of discounts and perks on major US airlines have disappeared from the horizon, possibly forever, Marketwatch writes. The stratospheric fuel prices that caused three airlines to shut down last week alone are forcing airlines to boost their bottom lines any way they can. Capacity is being cut back...

Passengers Air a Record Number of Complaints

Skies unfriendlier than ever

(Newser) - Airline passengers on domestic flights are unhappier than they've been in years, with consumer complaints up 60%, according to the annual Airline Quality Rating survey. Long delays, cancellations, overbooking, late arrivals, and lost baggage accounted for most of the complaints, which haven't been this bad since 2000, reports the AP....

Northwest Hikes Fares, Cuts Flights

Big carriers scurry to boost bottom line as small airlines go bust

(Newser) - Northwest Airlines is jacking up fares and fees and scaling back domestic operations, the Wall Street Journal reports. The airline, trying to deal with soaring fuel costs and a slowing economy without instituting pay cuts, also plans to freeze hiring. Northwest will keep adding international flights, but will add fuel...

Delta-Northwest Deal May Be Back On, Without Pilot Input

Dispute over seniority scotched initial merger agreement

(Newser) - Northwest is trying to resuscitate the Delta merger that nearly went through in February with a deal that wouldn’t need pilot agreements or include anticipated salary increases, the Wall Street Journal reports. The pilots' inability to agree on seniority rules appeared to derail the deal, which didn't require labor...

Airlines Fasten Seatbelts for Bumpy Ride

Major US carriers downgrade as hard times loom

(Newser) - America's major airlines are getting ready for tougher times ahead, slashing jobs and cutting back operations. As the Christian Science Monitor reports, soaring fuel prices will inevitably lead to higher ticket prices, which will lead to less passengers—which, in turn, will force airlines to hike fares again to cover...

Delta Will Slash 2K Jobs
 Delta Will Slash 2K Jobs  

Delta Will Slash 2K Jobs

Firm will offer voluntary severance to 30,000 employees

(Newser) - Battered by skyrocketing fuel prices, Delta Air Lines will eliminate 2,000 jobs to cut costs, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. With oil prices driving the airline’s fuel expenditures $900 million higher than expected, the carrier will offer buyouts to some 30,000 employees, aiming to cut 1,300 flight...

Pilot Impasse May Ground Northwest-Delta Merger

Critical seniority issue could be a deal buster

(Newser) - Merger talks between Delta and Northwest appear to be headed for a hard landing after pilots for the carriers called off their own negotiations over seniority issues, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The airlines boards will meet this week to decide whether the merger should go forward, but Delta's CEO...

Northwest's Merger Offers Won't Fly: Delta

So far, proposals skirting key Delta concerns

(Newser) - An airline merger isn't going to take off until Northwest comes up with a proposal that addresses Delta's concerns, according to Delta executives. So far, offers haven't jelled with Delta priorities, including maintaining employee seniority rankings, according to a Delta memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal. Delta plans to...

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