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RNC to Trump: No, We Won't Stop Using Your Name

Committee responds to recent cease-and-desist letter

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee's reply to former President Trump? Nope. The RNC responded to the cease-and-desist letter it received from Trump's attorneys by asserting, in its own reply letter, it has the right to use Trump's name and likeness in its fundraising appeals, and that it has...

NRCC Suffered 'Major' Email Hack During 2018 Election

And didn't tell House leadership until now

(Newser) - Four senior aides at the National Republican Congressional Committee had their email hacked during the 2018 election, Politico reveals, calling it a "major" cyberattack. The hack exposed thousands of sensitive emails from the House GOP's campaign arm, three senior party officials say. The hack went on for several...

GOP Coaching Candidates on How to Run Against Women

'Some of these guys have a lot to learn'

(Newser) - In the hopes of avoiding another "legitimate rape" incident , the National Republican Congressional Committee has been meeting with top aides to sitting GOP congressmen, coaching them on how they and their bosses should talk about social issues—particularly if they're running against a woman, Politico reports. "Let...

As GOP Eyes 2014, Tea Partiers Sit on Wallets

Party sees 'total split': insider

(Newser) - The divide between the Republican establishment and the Tea Party is growing wider, analysts say. Case in point: Politico reports that eight of the 20 most ardent members of the House pro-shutdown faction haven't given a red cent to the National Republican Congressional Committee, though midterm election are looming....

Win 'Liberal Madness,' Get Basketball From Newt

Republicans launch brackets to find 'worst liberal'

(Newser) - The National Republican Congressional Committee is out to find America's Worst Liberal with, what else, a set of March Madness-style brackets , reports the Hill . Your No. 1 seeds are President Obama (in the "Nanny Staters" camp), Joe Biden ("Obama Mouthpieces"), Nancy Pelosi ("Lefty Lapdogs"),...

Obama, Others Won't Return Ponzi Cash

Receiver wants the $1.8M Allen Stanford gave to politicians

(Newser) - The receiver in charge of recovering money for R. Allen Stanford's fleeced investors is trying to recover some $1.8 million the alleged Ponzi schemer gave to a host of political causes—but they refuse to return the money, Reuters reports. Among the holdouts: President Obama's campaign, and...

Democrats Winning 2012 Money Race (Sort of)

But numbers don't include independent groups

(Newser) - Republicans appear to be on the ropes in the race to raise money for the 2012 election—depending on how you look at it. The Republican National Committee, Congressional Committee, and Senatorial Committee raised a combined $105 million through July—compared to $129 for their Democratic counterparts, Politico reports. The...

DNC Chair to GOP: Uh, Sorry About 'Jim Crow' Charge

Said Republicans wanted to 'literally' return to racist laws

(Newser) - DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz has backed off just a bit from her statement that Republicans “want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws.” She was referring to Republican-backed proposals to reduce voter fraud, like requiring voters to show a photo ID. “...

Ryan Budget a 'Time Bomb,' GOP Pollsters Warned GOP

Public has never been fond of plan

(Newser) - GOP pollsters warned House leaders not to call a vote on Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, saying its Medicare provision was positively toxic. No matter how positively they framed the bill, the plan’s approval rating never climbed above the upper end of the 30s, and its disapproval numbers were...

Okay, GOP, Now the Bad News...
 Okay, GOP, Now the Bad News... 

Okay, GOP, Now the Bad News...

Voters still don't like you, and you're broke

(Newser) - Put away the champagne, conservatives. Scott Brown’s win was certainly positive, but party insiders still see many obstacles between the GOP and a congressional takeover. One biggie: money. In the House, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has $15 million in the bank, four times the war chest of its...

Blue Dog Tanner Retiring
 Blue Dog Tanner Retiring 

Blue Dog Tanner Retiring

NRCC gleeful at Tennessee Democrat's retirement

(Newser) - Blue Dog Coalition co-founder John Tanner will be calling it a day next year after 11 terms in Congress. The Tennessee Democrat hasn't faced serious opposition since first being elected to Congress, but was likely to meet a strong Republican challenger in 2010, Hotline notes. "Rep. Tanner wisely threw...

Disaffected Right, Left Close Purse Strings to Parties

Miffed at election behavior, partisans boycott DCCC, NRCC, etc.

(Newser) - Frustrated voters are letting Congressional Democrats and Republicans know how they feel—by opening their mouths and closing their pocketbooks. One Dem blogger, miffed at the DNC for perceived inaction in the Maine gay marriage fight, has proposed a boycott on donations to the national committee: “Clearly, money talks....

GOP Takes Down Tweet Linking Pelosi, Hitler

Link to doctored video from NRCC 'an error,' pulled after DCCC outrage

(Newser) - Turns out linking a genocidal dictator with the speaker of the House might be a little over the top, as the National Republican Congressional Committee found itself today taking down a tweet with a link to a video comparing Nancy Pelosi to Adolf Hitler. A broadside from the Democratic Congressional...

Fake GOP Panel Recruits Docs in Health Reform Battle
Fake GOP Panel Recruits Docs in Health Reform Battle

Fake GOP Panel Recruits Docs in Health Reform Battle

Fraudulent 'Physicians' Council' uses names without permission

(Newser) - Republican members of Congress have been touting a "Physicians' Council for Responsible Reform," which supposedly consists of 100-odd doctors working with the GOP leadership in the fight against Obamacare. In fact, writes Timothy Noah for Slate, the council doesn't exist; it's a PR exercise, not to mention a...

Beltway GOP Dumps Palin—Again—as Headliner

Opts for Gingrich to give speech at fundraiser

(Newser) - After twice inviting Sarah Palin to speak at its fundraiser tonight, the GOP's congressional wing has again withdrawn its offer, Politico reports. The confusion began months ago when the National Republican Congressional and Senatorial Committees announced the Alaska governor as the event's headliner. Palin didn't commit, so organizers picked Newt...

GOP Rep. Says Obama Wants You Unemployed

Dems chuckle at Pete Sessions' 'bizarre conspiracy theory'

(Newser) - Democrats leapt all over GOP Rep. Pete Sessions yesterday for the "bizarre conspiracy theory" the veteran Texas congressman expressed to the New York Times in an interview over the weekend. Sessions told the Times President Obama actually wanted to "diminish employment and diminish stock prices" in a "...

Recession Dents Party Coffers
 Recession Dents Party Coffers 

Recession Dents Party Coffers

Fundraising unusually low for this point in the cycle

(Newser) - With recession raging and without a campaign to attract attention, donations to both political parties have fallen, reports the Washington Post. Donations to the six major party committees are off 26% from the same period 2 years ago. “People are feeling it,” an energy executive told Rep. Chris...

Palin May Not Show for Dinner She's Headlining

GOP advertising her, but spokesman says governor is undecided

(Newser) - Congressional Republicans were getting ahead of themselves when they announced that Sarah Palin would headline June's Senate-House dinner in DC, one of the biggest GOP powwows of the year, the Anchorage Daily News reports. In reality, Palin hasn’t even decided if she’s attending, her spokesman said yesterday. “...

GOP Cameramen Stalk Dems, Hunting 'Macaca' Moments

Needling questions aim to embarass

(Newser) - Camera-wielding Republicans are stalking Democratic lawmakers around Capitol Hill, hoping to provoke—and record—a damning, unscripted moment, McClatchy Newspapers report. The National Republican Congressional Committee has been sending video “trackers” to ambush Dems with embarrassing questions, and posting the results online. After watching George Allen destroy his campaign...

What? Did I Say Something Wrong?
What? Did I Say Something Wrong?

What? Did I Say Something Wrong?

GOP yanks Bachmann ad funding in wake of 'anti-American' gaffe

(Newser) - Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is catching more fallout from her controversial appearance on MSNBC: The National Republican Congressional Committee has pulled media buys made for her campaign, reports the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Bachmann told Hardball host Chris Matthews last week that Barack Obama "may have anti-American views” and...

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