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The Surprising Way Kangaroos Use Their Tails

Critters use it like a fifth leg

(Newser) - Red kangaroos, the largest of the kangaroo species in Australia, don't just use their tails to jump high and fast. When they're grazing for food, in fact, their tails are able to generate enough force that they propel the kangaroo rather like a fifth leg—a trait scientists...

Scientists Crack Code of Kangaroo's DNA

Decoding could lead to new antibiotics, hope for wombats

(Newser) - What makes the kangaroo hop? That’s just one of the questions answered by international researchers who’ve decoded the genome of a kangaroo species, the BBC reports. The genome research team—the first to be led by Australian scientists—sequenced the genome in 2008 but finally completed its analysis...

Woman, 94, Battles Rogue Kangaroo
Woman, 94, Battles
Rogue Kangaroo

Woman, 94, Battles Rogue Kangaroo

Broom-wielding Outback woman fights off attacking roo

(Newser) - The Australian Outback is home to millions of kangaroos—and some very tough old ladies. Phyllis Johnson, 94, is recovering in a local hospital after being attacked by a fully grown red kangaroo as she was hanging up her washing. The animal rained down kicks before she managed to fight...

Depressed Woman Fights to Keep Therapy Kangaroo

Says the animal put a bounce in her step, but city officials worry

(Newser) - A woman in Oklahoma suffering from depression has found an unusual therapy pet—a 25-pound, partially paralyzed, one-year-old kangaroo—but city officials are unsure whether to allow her to keep it, reports the AP . "There's just a myriad of things we need to consider," said the town mayor....

UK Pizza Joint's New Topping: Zebra
 UK Pizza Joint's 
 New Topping: Zebra 
in case you missed it

UK Pizza Joint's New Topping: Zebra

It's legit, says owner, but animal-rights types dislike

(Newser) - A pizza joint in northwest Britain is the country’s first to offer zebra meat as a topping—and not only is it legit, it’s on menu that also includes buffalo, kangaroo, and crocodile. “The main thing I get from customers now is that they don’t believe...

Aussie 'Kangatarians' Jump at New Diet

Converted vegetarians love the taste of free-roaming kangaroos

(Newser) - Some Australian vegetarians have embraced the “ethical and environmental” acceptability of kangaroo meat and are now “kangatarians.” The name was “a bit of a joke initially,” an advocate tells the Telegraph , but the phenomenon is real. Kangaroos run wild, eat naturally, are killed humanely, and...

'Roo On the Lam in Germany
 'Roo On the Lam in Germany 

'Roo On the Lam in Germany

(Newser) - The silly season has reached its peak: Der Spiegel reports a lost kangaroo hopping through the western German countryside. Locals have spotted the stray marsupial on a highway and a sports ground, but nobody has been quick enough to catch it. With no zoos or kangaroo farms reporting a lost...

Aussie Surfer Saves Skippy the 'Roo From Jaws

Aussie man bounds into action after swimming kangaroo gets in trouble

(Newser) - An Aussie surfer saved a kangaroo from near-certain death in shark-infested waters, reports the Times of London reports. John McCallum watched dumbfounded from the beach as the 'roo hopped straight into the ocean and was pulled 200 yards offshore by a dangerous rip. He then jumped on his board and...

Aussie Dad Wrestles 'Roo Invader

Creature burst in to bedroom before underwear-clad man got it out

(Newser) - Waking up can be a bear, but for one Aussie family it was an 88-pound kangaroo crashing through their bedroom window and hopping around on a bloody rampage until the skivvies-clad dad wrestled it out of the house, the Canberra Times reports. “My initial thought when I was half...

Our Not-So-Distant Relatives: Kangaroos

Scientists decode marsupial's genome, find much in common with humans

(Newser) - The kangaroo genome has much in common with that of humans, the Telegraph reports. Scientists in Australia, under the auspices of the Centre of Excellence for Kangaroo Genomics, have completed mapping the marsupial’s genetic code. “There are a few differences, we have a few more of this, a...

Eat 'Roo, Save Planet, Aussies Told

Cutting back on traditional livestock in favor of native fare better for environment: report

(Newser) - The Australian government's chief climate-change adviser says emissions could be drastically reduced if farmers and consumers switch from beef and lamb to kangaroo meat, the Australian reports. The marsupials emit much less methane than sheep and cows, the professor argues, and, as Australia heats up, are much better able to...

Aussies Hunt 'Roo Beater on Tape

Young man beats kanga on camera while friend laughs

(Newser) - Animal rights activists in Australia are on the hunt for a young man who beat a kangaroo unconscious on camera while an onlooker laughed, the AP reports. The assault is documented in a grainy 15-second video clip that has been yanked from the porn site where it was originally posted....

Save Planet, Eat 'Roo Burgers, Scientist Urges

Belching sheep and cattle account for 11% of Aussie emissions

(Newser) - Can kangaroo burgers save the world? One Australian scientist thinks so. Farming kangaroos to replace conventional livestock could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he says. Cattle and sheep expel methane gas—more harmful than carbon dioxide—through belching and flatulence, but 'roos don't, thanks to unique microorganisms in their digestive tracts,...

World, Don't Fret Over Aussie Kangaroo Cull
World, Don't Fret Over
Aussie Kangaroo Cull

World, Don't Fret Over Aussie Kangaroo Cull

Measure trims massive population—plus they taste good

(Newser) - Worldwide outrage over a plan to cull 400 kangaroos in Australia doesn't surprise native Robert Skeffington, he writes in the Wall Street Journal. But he argues that outsiders are missing key facts: The ubiquitous 'roo would overwhelm Aussies if not for such measures, and the hoppers happen to taste good,...

Kangaroo Cull Canceled
 Kangaroo Cull Canceled 

Kangaroo Cull Canceled

Hopping mad protesters win reprieve for Canberra 'roos

(Newser) - Hundreds of kangaroos living on a former Australian naval base have won a stay of execution, the Independent reports. Plans to cull the animals met with a public outcry, and protesters vowed to form a human shield to protect the 'roos. The animals have been grazing heavily on grassland at...

Aussies Face Protests Over Kangaroo Cull

Pro-whaling Japan pounces on neighbor's seeming hypocrisy

(Newser) - Australia is planning to cull 400 kangaroos on a military base, and Japan—oft-criticized by Australia for its whaling practices—is jumping at the opportunity to hail its neighbor as hypocritical, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Not so, says Australia’s PM. The whaling issue is subject to "an...

Kangaroo Farts Could Help Curb Warming

Secret to methane-free gas could be transferred to cattle and sheep

(Newser) - Australian scientists worried about global warming have turned to one of Mother Nature's cleanest "natural gas" producers, the kangaroo, for help. It seems that when kangaroos fart, the stuff contains none of the methane produced by cattle and sheep breaking wind. Scientists want to transfer the bacteria from kangaroos'...

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