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Gunman Attacks US Embassy in Lebanon

No casualties reported among staff

(Newser) - The Lebanese army said Wednesday a gunman attempted to attack the US embassy near Beirut, the AP reports. The Lebanese military in a statement said that soldiers shot an assailant, who they only described as a Syrian national. The gunman was wounded and taken to a hospital.

After Hezbollah Rocket Fire, Israel Makes a Move

Member of nation's war cabinet suggests Lebanese government to blame for rocket attacks

(Newser) - Israel escalated its attacks on Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon Wednesday in response to rocket fire that killed a citizen while reaching further into northern Israel than previous attacks from Hezbollah, per Bloomberg . A woman died and eight others were injured when a rocket landed near Safed, some 8 miles...

Fears of Mideast War Grow as Israel Hits Hezbollah Again

In wake of commander Wissam al-Tawil's death in Lebanon, renewed worries about entire region

(Newser) - An Israeli airstrike killed an elite Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon on Monday, the latest in an escalating exchange of strikes along the border that have raised fears of another Mideast war, even as the fighting in Gaza exacts a mounting toll on civilians. The strike on an SUV killed...

Hackers Warn Hezbollah on Beirut Airport Screens

Message warns of consequences if Lebanon ends up in war with Israel

(Newser) - Information display screens at Beirut's international airport were hacked by domestic anti-Hezbollah groups Sunday, as clashes between the Lebanese militant group and the Israeli military continue to intensify along the border. Departure and arrival information was replaced by a message accusing the Hezbollah group of putting Lebanon at risk...

Amid Mideast Conflict, a New Accusation From Lebanon

Nation says Israel's killing of Hamas leader near Beirut violates its sovereignty

(Newser) - Israel hasn't confirmed it's responsible for a Tuesday drone strike in Lebanon that took out Saleh al-Arouri, the highest-ranking Hamas figure killed since war erupted in October. But Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati has condemned the killing of the 57-year-old founding member of Hamas' military wing and six...

Senior Hamas Leader Killed in Beirut Strike

Saleh al-Arouri died in suspected Israeli strike

(Newser) - Hamas says one of its top officials, deputy leader Saleh al-Arouri, was killed in a strike in Beirut Tuesday. Lebanese officials say the suspected Israeli drone strike in the country's capital killed Arouri and at least five others, Reuters reports. Israel hasn't officially claimed responsibility for the strike,...

After Latest Airstrike, Calls for End to Israeli 'War Crimes'

Arab nations condemn Israeli strike on refugee camp as groups claim use of white phosphorus

(Newser) - Dozens of people entered the Rafah crossing from Gaza to Egypt on Wednesday in what appeared to be the first time foreign passport holders have been allowed to leave the besieged territory since the start of the Israel-Hamas war more than three weeks ago, the AP reports. Egyptian state-run media...

Israeli Shell Kills Journalist, Wounds 6

Group was covering battles at border in south Lebanon

(Newser) - An Israeli shell landed in a gathering of international journalists covering clashes on the border in south Lebanon on Friday, killing a Reuters videographer and leaving six other journalists injured. An AP photographer at the scene saw the body of Reuters videographer Issam Abdallah and the six who were wounded,...

Hezbollah's Strikes Add Uncertainty

Israel says it's ready if the militant group joins with Hamas

(Newser) - Concerns that Hezbollah will become a full participant on the side of Hamas increased Sunday when its forces exchanged fire Sunday with Israel at the Israeli-Lebanon border. Lebanon's militant group said it hit a radar station and two other sites in the Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms area with guided missiles and...

Highly Addictive Drug Used by Militants May Be Bound for US
'Poor Man's Cocaine'
May Be Headed for US
in case you missed it

'Poor Man's Cocaine' May Be Headed for US

Officials fear spread of highly-addictive captagon amid crackdowns in Middle East

(Newser) - US officials are increasingly concerned about the likelihood of an illegal, highly-addictive drug wreaking havoc in the US as its Middle East producers, hungry for cash, face roadblocks in trafficking the drug at home. Produced and distributed by groups tied to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the allied Hezbollah in...

Israel Strikes Lebanon, Gaza
Israel Strikes Lebanon, Gaza

Israel Strikes Lebanon, Gaza

Rare strikes on Lebanon follow clashes at Jerusalem mosque

(Newser) - Israel launched rare strikes in southern Lebanon early Friday and pressed on with bombing targets in the Gaza Strip, marking a widening escalation in the region following violence this week at Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site, Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. The cross-border fighting erupted during a time of heightened religious...

Lebanon Wakes Up to Confusion Over Clocks

Nation can't agree on when to change the clocks

(Newser) - The changing of the clocks always leads to lots of grumbling in the US . But in Lebanon, the dispute has reached another level. Much of the nation set their clocks back one hour for Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, following the usual protocol of doing so on the last Sunday...

Lebanese Lawmaker Demands Her $8.5K Trapped in Bank

Cynthia Zarazir says she needed the money to cover a surgery

(Newser) - A Lebanese parliamentarian on Wednesday entered a bank branch near Beirut, demanding some of her trapped savings to cover medical expenses. Cash-strapped Lebanon in recent weeks has witnessed a surge in depositors storming bank branches to forcefully withdraw their locked savings as the country's economy continues to spiral. On...

Already Angry Bank Customers Here Are About to Get Angrier

Lebanon shutters banks 'indefinitely' after heist spree by patrons trying to access trapped cash

(Newser) - If you're in Lebanon and need to do regular banking, better download the app—and expect all the usual limitations on how much money you can take out. That's because after being closed for three days already, most banks there are now shuttered "indefinitely" after a rush...

Woman With Toy Gun Takes Her Own Money From Bank

Sali Hafez said Beirut bank had $20K of her money, she needed to pay for sister's treatment

(Newser) - A woman accompanied by activists and brandishing what she said was a toy pistol broke into a Beirut bank branch on Wednesday, taking $13,000 from her trapped savings. Sali Hafez told Al-Jadeed TV that she needed the money to fund her 23-year-old sister’s cancer treatment, reports the AP...

This Is the World's Unhappiest Country

Afghanistan displaces Iraq at top of Gallup list

(Newser) - Last year was a tough year for many countries—but in Afghanistan and Lebanon, things were so bad that the countries displaced Iraq at the top of the list of countries with the worst emotional health. Gallup says the two countries topped its "composite measure of people's daily...

Man Holds Bank Hostage, Demands His Own Money

Bassam al-Sheikh Hussein is now being hailed a hero in Lebanon

(Newser) - A man with a gun held a Lebanese bank hostage for more than six hours on Thursday—firing warning shots and threatening to set himself on fire—then emerged to be hailed a hero. Banks in Lebanon imposed strict rules on withdrawals in 2019 amid a devastating economic crisis that...

This Is the Angriest Country on Earth

Lebanon needs to seek out more joy, according to Gallup's latest 'Global Emotions' report

(Newser) - If you're been seeing red lately, you're still likely not as PO'ed as folks in other parts of the world. Middle East Monitor reports on this year's angriest countries, compiled via data from Gallup's annual "Global Emotions" report . The analytics company's research, which...

Lebanon Shuts Down for Day of Mourning

It comes on the heels of gun battles between heavily armed militias that killed 6

(Newser) - Schools, banks, and government offices across Lebanon shut down Friday after hours of gun battles between heavily armed militias killed six people and terrorized the residents of Beirut. The government called for a day of mourning following the armed clashes, in which gunmen used automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades on...

Lebanon’s Main Power Plants Shut Down

2 main state power plants expected to come back online Monday at the earliest

(Newser) - Lebanon’s two main power plants were forced to shut down after running out of fuel, the state electricity company said Saturday, leaving the small country with no government-produced power. "It is unlikely that it will work until next Monday, or for several days," the Guardian quotes an...

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