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Alleged Taylor Swift Stalker Arrested Twice in 3 Days

And security worker says man had been spotted there about 30 times in 2 months

(Newser) - The man arrested on charges of stalking and harassing Taylor Swift had been seen near her Manhattan townhouse about 30 times since November 25, according to newly released court documents. The security worker cited in the documents says David Crowe, 33, was asked to leave, or to not approach the...

For Professors, Online Stalkers Are a Growing Concern
Increasingly, Professors
Are Being Stalked

Increasingly, Professors Are Being Stalked

The Verge takes a look at the growing problem of the harassment of faculty members

(Newser) - The problem of stalking on college campuses is a disturbingly common one. As Erika Hayasaki writes in the Verge , 17% of students have reported being victims in some fashion, with the reported stalkers running the gamut from classmates to strangers and even nonstudents. The story, though, looks at a different...

Alleged Drew Barrymore Stalker Went House-to-House

Chad Busto also allegedly rushed stage at NYC event

(Newser) - A man who allegedly went house-to-house in Drew Barrymore's Long Island neighborhood looking for the star's home has been charged with fourth-degree stalking. Police in Southampton say Chad Michael Busto, 43, was arrested just before midnight Thursday, the day after area residents reported him and he was briefly...

Intruder Arrested at Harry and Meghan's Home

Police responded after 2am citizen's arrest

(Newser) - An alleged stalker was arrested in the middle of the night Monday near the home of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the latest of numerous security scares . Around 2am Monday, security staffers called police to report a man near the couple's mansion, which sits on a 5.4-acre...

Surgery Left Podcaster With Limited Mobility Before Murder

Podcaster Zohreh Sadeghi said listener was 'completely delusional'

(Newser) - On March 3, podcaster Zohreh Sadeghi requested a protection order, saying she was being stalked by a listener and his behavior had left her with a "deep-seated fear" for her safety. A week later, he broke into her Seattle-area home and murdered her and her husband. In the protection...

'This Guy Stalked Me and Groomed Me When I Was a Child'

'LA Times' talks to woman who says she conversed for years as a young teen with Austin Edwards

(Newser) - Austin Edwards is dead, as are three others he murdered in November in California after catfishing one victim's teen daughter . But his story has been revived once more, thanks to a woman now speaking out who says the former Virginia cop similarly groomed her, pressuring her to share nude...

Musk Calls Him a 'Crazy Stalker.' Cops Call Him a 'Victim'

Police say member of Musk's security team is accused of hitting the man with his car

(Newser) - In explaining his decision to ban the Twitter account that publishes the location of his private plane, Elon Musk claimed it had shared the " real-time, exact location " of his 2-year-old son before a " crazy stalker " confronted a vehicle carrying the boy on Dec. 13. But police...

After 12 Years of 'Heinous Evil,' Relief for CSI Actress

Man who stalked 'CSI: Miami' actress Eva LaRue sentenced to 3 years behind bars

(Newser) - For more than 12 years, Eva LaRue and her daughter were subjected to dozens of menacing letters and packages, with the sender threatening to rape, torture, and kill them. Now, "finally, we know where he is," the All My Children and CSI: Miami actor told NBC News on...

Cops: Man Broke Into Model's Home, Filmed Her as She Slept

Investigators say Mauricio Damian Guerrero hid in New Hampshire woman's attic

(Newser) - A man obsessed with a model he had contacted on the OnlyFans adult website appears to have spent a significant amount of time hiding in her attic, investigators say. Pennsylvania man Mauricio Damian Guerrero, 20, was arrested last month after the woman reported seeing somebody standing in the hallway of...

35-Year-Old Convicted of Stalking Tennis Star

Emma Raducanu tells court it feels 'like my freedom has been taken away from me'

(Newser) - After tennis star Emma Raducanu told a UK court she no longer feels safe in her home—"which is where I should feel safest"—a 35-year-old man was convicted Friday of stalking her. Amrit Magar, a former Amazon driver, will be sentenced later, the BBC reports. Magar repeatedly...

Olympic Runner: My Stalker Posted He Was Coming to Kill Me

Inside Emily Infeld's chilling ordeal

(Newser) - Emily Infeld competed in the 2016 Olympics; she failed to qualify to run the 10,000 meters in Tokyo. What transpired during the years between the two Games is the subject of a lengthy and at times chilling piece for ESPN —she was stalked. Infeld, a bronze medalist at...

Alleged Stalker Arrested at Taylor Swift's Apartment

'She knows that I'm coming here,' says 52-year-old Hanks Johnson in New York City

(Newser) - A stalker who claims pop star Taylor Swift is communicating with him on social media was arrested on a trespassing charge after trying to break into the singer's Manhattan apartment, police said Monday. Hanks Johnson, 52, was arrested at 8:30pm Saturday after a 911 caller reported he was...

Cops: Stalker Shot Woman's Husband, Tried to Kidnap Her

Tulsa man had been leaving candy outside her home

(Newser) - An Oklahoma man who stalked a married former co-worker left candy and food outside her home before his behavior escalated dramatically, police in Tulsa say. Justin Arthur-Ray Davis, 22, was arrested Friday after allegedly shooting the woman's husband and trying to kidnap her from her home, ABC reports. Police...

Billie Eilish Says Fan Came to Her Home 7 Times Over 2 Days

18-year-old singer gets 3-year restraining order against Prenell Rousseau, 24

(Newser) - An alleged stalker has forced Billie Eilish's hand. TMZ reports a Los Angeles County judge granted the 18-year-old pop star a three-year restraining order Thursday. It's a permanent extension of a temporary one already issued against 24-year-old Prenell Rousseau, who showed up seven times over two days last...

Apple Responds to Guy Who Rang Tim Cook's Doorbell

Rakesh 'Rocky' Sharma slapped with restraining order

(Newser) - Apple has secured a temporary restraining order against a man said to be harassing CEO Tim Cook. In one incident described in court documents first spotted by Dave Gershgorn at OneZero, Rakesh "Rocky" Sharma allegedly snuck past a closed gate at Cook's home in Palo Alto, Calif., after...

USPS Worker Has a Turkey Stalker
USPS Worker Has
a Turkey Stalker

USPS Worker Has a Turkey Stalker

The bird chases Jeff Byrne's truck from house to house

(Newser) - A USPS worker in Wisconsin is trying his best to be respectful of his stalker because, after all, "it's Thanksgiving." Still, Jeff Byrne would rather the turkey cluck off. "Our poor mail carrier has been dealing with this for a month!" Sherry Michaels wrote Monday...

Stalker Finds Pop Star by Zooming In on Her Eye
Eye Reflection in Selfie
Was All Her Stalker Needed
in case you missed it

Eye Reflection in Selfie Was All Her Stalker Needed

Hibiki Sato charged with attacking Japanese pop star: cops

(Newser) - Celebrities, and anyone else hoping not to be found by creeps on the internet, can learn from an alarming stalking case out of Japan. According to media reports, a member of the J-pop group Tenshitsukinukeniyomi was sexually assaulted at her Tokyo apartment building last month after a fan figured out...

Dream Home Turned Nightmare Finally Sells, at a $400K Loss

Derek and Maria Broaddus never even moved into house stalked by creepy 'Watcher'

(Newser) - It's taken five years and more than one failed sale attempt, but the owners of a New Jersey home stalked by an anonymous letter-writer called "the Watcher" have finally handed off the house to someone else—without ever having moved in themselves. and Bloomberg report that...

'Extreme Stalker' Has Family's Home Under Siege

Up to 20 people per day are sent to the home for fake, and sometimes illegal, reasons

(Newser) - A Utah family has become the victim of extreme stalking involving unwanted service providers repeatedly being sent to their home, according to the homeowner and police. Walt Gilmore's family in suburban Salt Lake City has been the target since August of a stalker using phone calls and texts to...

Taylor Swift Scanned Fans' Faces at Recent Show

Facial recognition tech at Rose Bowl concert aimed to match guests' faces with those of known stalkers

(Newser) - She knew you were trouble when you walked in—and so she installed facial recognition technology to flag you. Per Rolling Stone , Taylor Swift made use in May of a special kiosk at her California Rose Bowl show that secretly scanned concertgoers' faces, then shot those pictures back to a...

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