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Judge Makes the Final Call on Whether a Taco Is a Sandwich

Ruling: Yes, it is, clearing the way for a Fort Wayne, Indiana, restaurateur to open his new eatery

(Newser) - Since before the pandemic, Martin Quintana has been trying to get zoning approval in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to open a second location for The Famous Taco, his Mexican-style eatery serving up tacos, burritos, and the like. This week, a judge finally issued a ruling that clears the path for that—...

Diner Asked for Some Sauce, and a Signature Dish Was Born

Scotland's Ali Ahmed Aslam, credited with creating chicken tikka masala, dies at 77

(Newser) - The restaurateur widely credited with creating the dish chicken tikka masala has died at age 77 in Glasgow, Scotland. Ali Ahmed Aslam, a native of Pakistan who immigrated to Glasgow as a teen, is generally considered the inventor of the dish described by CNN as "chunks of spiced chicken...

What It's Like to Close Your Restaurant Amid Pandemic

Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune in Manhattan wonders whether she'll reopen again

(Newser) - Gabrielle Hamilton has shuttered her Manhattan restaurant, Prune, amid the pandemic, but the doors will reopen when things are back to normal, right? We'll see. In a first-person account in the New York Times Magazine (where she is an Eat columnist), Hamilton takes readers through every wrenching step of...

Coroner: Harry Morton Died of Irregular Heartbeat

Pink Taco founder, 38, also had coronary artery disease that contributed to death by natural causes

(Newser) - Pink Taco founder Harry Morton died unexpectedly in November at the age of 38—and now there's an official cause of death. People cites the determination by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner: Morton died of natural causes as the result of a probable cardiac arrhythmia, with "myocardial...

Celebrity Restaurateur Harry Morton Dies at 38
Celebrity Restaurateur
Harry Morton Dies at 38 

Celebrity Restaurateur Harry Morton Dies at 38

Lohan ex founded Pink Taco chain

(Newser) - The Pink Taco chain is mourning founder Harry Morton. The restaurateur has died at age 38, the chain confirmed Sunday. Sources tell People that Morton was found dead at his Beverly Hills home Saturday. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that an autopsy is pending, but authorities do not suspect foul...

They Protested His Eatery's Meat. So He Grabbed a Deer Leg

'I just felt helpless' at being called 'murderer,' says Toronto restaurateur Michael Hunter

(Newser) - What do you do if you're a restaurant that serves meat, yet protesters keep showing up to tell you you're a "murderer"? If you're Michael Hunter, you chop up a deer in the front window. That's what the Toronto restaurateur did Friday after animal-rights...

Reviewer Wants Female Servers to 'Show Skin,' Owner Caves*

*By offering a very cheeky special

(Newser) - A West Virginia restaurateur digging through the pits of depravity, er, troves of wisdom, more commonly known as "online reviews" stumbled upon a charming little screed on UrbanSpoon demanding that his female servers "show some more skin." But instead of sending his thoughtful patron directions to Hooters,...

'Queen of Soul Food' Dead at 86
 'Queen of Soul Food' Dead at 86

'Queen of Soul Food' Dead at 86

Sylvia Woods' Harlem restaurant a global landmark

(Newser) - A Harlem icon has passed on. Sylvia Woods, the "Queen of Soul Food," died yesterday at 86 after fighting Alzheimer's, her family says. Tourists and celebrities from all over the world have flocked to her restaurant, Sylvia's, for half a century to sample its corn bread...

Restaurateur Reveals Ugly Secrets of Fine Eateries

 Reveals Ugly 
 Secrets of 
 Fine Eateries 
bribes, boozing, bill clinton...

Restaurateur Reveals Ugly Secrets of Fine Eateries

Joe Bastianich book 'Restaurant Man' comes out this week

(Newser) - Welcome to the world of New York restaurants, where Wise Guys drop "hundies," Bill Clinton always gets a table, and the maitre d' is usually on the take. Long-time restaurateur Joe Bastianich—co-owner of dining hotspots like Babbo, Lupa, and Eataly—dishes on the biz in a potty-mouthed...

Why Are Restaurant Websites So, So Bad?
 Why Are Restaurant 
 Websites So, So Bad? 
Farhad Manjoo

Why Are Restaurant Websites So, So Bad?

For the most part, they're stuck in 1999: Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - When you type in the URL of a restaurant website, you're probably looking for information like address, hours, menu, prices, maybe an easy reservation system. Instead, you typically get full-screen photos of the executive chef, links to all their other restaurants, Flash buttons and menus that won't work...

The Secret Foods Famed Chefs Crave

Fritos, Cheetos, and donuts, oh my!

(Newser) - Even a world-renowned chef sometimes needs a good old-fashioned cheeseburger. Daily Meal got a number of chefs as well as restaurateurs, food critics, and other VIPs in the food world, to admit to their secret food vices. A sampling:
  • Mario Batali: "Three things: Really well-made ice cream; really well-made

Nina and Tim Zagat: Don't Open a Restaurant
 Seriously: Don't 
 Open a Restaurant 
Nina and Tim Zagat

Seriously: Don't Open a Restaurant

The Zagats have news for you: It's not as fun as it looks

(Newser) - Do you dream of opening your own restaurant one day? Well, Nina and Tim Zagat have some advice for you: "Don't do it!" And they should know, considering they co-founded and publish Zagat Restaurant Surveys. Opening a restaurant is about a lot more than just being "a...

That Menu Is Playing With Your Mind, Wallet

Restaurants high and low use psychology to boost spending

(Newser) - In the recession, restaurants casual and white tablecloth alike are desperately updating one of their secret moneymakers: the menu. Numerous studies have concluded that customers spend more when items have sumptuous descriptions, a relative’s name is included, or, most importantly, the $ sign is banished entirely. Whether you can...

100 No-Nos Insulting to Waiters
 100 No-Nos Insulting to Waiters 

100 No-Nos Insulting to Waiters

Former waiter irked by Bruce Buschel's New York Times list

(Newser) - Along with the rest of the world—or at least, frequenters of the New York Times website—Lauren Bans read restaurateur Bruce Buschel’s recent “100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do.” And the former waiter is pretty annoyed. “No minimum wage job should ever require a...

Future of Wine Could Be on Tap
 Future of Wine Could Be on Tap 

Future of Wine Could Be on Tap

Restaurants, consumers save when vino comes straight from the keg

(Newser) - The trickle of American restaurants serving wine on tap may become a flood when owners realize the benefits, Eric Asimov writes in his New York Times wine column. Serving wine through a keg and tap system identical to that used for beer eliminates a lot of waste, Asimov notes, stopping...

Meet Vintners of Sideways Fame
 Meet Vintners of Sideways Fame 

Meet Vintners of Sideways Fame

Hitching Post II owner makes famed wines with ex-fisherman colleague

(Newser) - If you’ve seen the movie Sideways, you likely remember the Hitching Post II: the Santa Barbara County restaurant where Paul Giamatti nervously meets his future love. But even the most dedicated oenophile may not know that Hitching Post owner Frank Ostini and colleague Gray Hartley have been making wine...

Chefs Going Underground to Test Limits

Covert, communal dining catching on, to health officials' chagrin

(Newser) - Across the country, stealthy foodies are dropping coin and risking, if not imprisonment, then a strong reprimand, to dine at so-called “underground restaurants,” the New York Times reports. Intrepid chefs are experimenting with creative recipes in communal settings, skipping from apartment to apartment, often just steps ahead of...

Highest Paid Celebrity Chefs

Highest Paid Celebrity Chefs

Who's cashing in the biggest on culinary skills

(Newser) - Rachael Ray may not be a classically trained chef, but her cooking prowess has made her a wealthy woman nonetheless, reports Forbes. Thanks to four Food Network programs, a talk show, and a self-titled magazine, she's the highest-paid celebrity chef, pulling in $18 million a year. Here are 9 others...

Jean-Georges Has Appetite for Empire
Jean-Georges Has Appetite
for Empire  

Jean-Georges Has Appetite for Empire

Chef Vongerichten aims for unheard-of 50 restaurants in 5 years

(Newser) - Jean-Georges Vongerichten has been busy indeed outside the kitchen—too busy, in the minds of some. In the next 5 years, the restaurateur plans to open between 30 and 50 new establishments in Starwood Hotels worldwide. The dramatic move, brokered by a private-equity firm, will make consistency a challenge and...

Genitals On the Menu at Beijing's Penis Bistro

Dog's or yak's unmentionables for dinner, anyone?

(Newser) - If your idea of good eating doesn't stretch to yak's penis or duck testicles, then Beijing's Guolizhuang restaurant definitely isn't the place for you. The exclusive restaurant's menu is made up almost entirely of penis and testicle dishes, Der Speigel reports. Well-heeled businessmen flock in for dishes such as "...

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