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Love Driving? You'll Feel Right at Home in These US Cities

Folks in Raleigh, North Carolina, drive nearly 40 miles daily per capita

(Newser) - Whether you walk, take public transit, or take a seat behind the wheel to get to school, work, or other activities may depend on where you live—but among the 50 most populated metropolitan areas in the US, people are driving the most every day in Raleigh, North Carolina, with...

Louisiana, You're No. 1 (But You May Not Like Why)

State earns the dubious honor of having the most aggressive drivers, per ConsumerAffairs

(Newser) - "What the heck is making Montana drivers so unnecessarily angry?" That's the question posed by Jalopnik after viewing ConsumerAffairs' latest ranking of states where drivers are, shall we say, a little hot behind the wheel. Montana comes in third on that list, which ConsumerAffairs culled by looking at...

As a Highway Collapsed, 'I Just Wanted to Stop the Vehicles'

Driver in China is being lauded for using his truck to prevent more cars from tumbling down the hill

(Newser) - A Chinese truck driver was praised in local media Saturday for parking his vehicle across a highway and preventing more cars from tumbling down a slope after a section of the road in the country's mountainous south collapsed and killed at least 48 people. Wang Xiangnan was driving Wednesday...

Amazon Drivers Are Pretty Torqued at 'Wayne.' And 'Jimmy'

Employees create scapegoats that allow them to gripe about work without fear

(Newser) - If you happen to stumble upon a thread on Reddit that features Amazon drivers griping about a mystery supervisor named Wayne, it's likely not a real person they're complaining about, but an amalgam of all the horrible bosses that exist at the retail giant. That's per 404...

Cops: 9-Year-Old Tried to Drive to School

He led CHP officer on 'short and erratic chase' after taking family car

(Newser) - California Highway Patrol officers in Oroville say that after a driver led an officer on a short chase Wednesday morning, he told him, "I'm sorry, I'm trying to get to school." The 9-year-old behind the wheel had taken the keys to the family car, NBC News...

Driver Was Uninsured, Unlicensed—and 103

Elderly woman in Bondeno, Italy, was driving an uninsured car with an expired driver's license

(Newser) - When cops ask to see someone's driver's license at a traffic stop, it's not typical for them to see a DOB that stretches back to the age of Prohibition. But in the Italian town of Bondeno, a 103-year-old woman was busted recently for cruising around in the...

When It Comes to Pot, a 'Big Concern' About Driving

Figuring out when it's safe to drive after marijuana consumption remains a challenge

(Newser) - Amid increasing marijuana legalization over the past two decades or so, both medicinal and recreational, has come a spike in accompanying car accidents. According to a 2021 study in the American Journal of Public Health , the percentage of car-crash fatalities tied to cannabis was just 9% in 2000; in 2018,...

Speed Limit Sign Was Fake—the Tickets, Not So Much

Hundreds are trying to overturn fines in London after someone erected 'unauthorized' 50mph sign

(Newser) - Hundreds of irate Brits are pushing back on their speeding tickets after someone erected a phony speed-limit sign with the wrong speed limit posted. The Telegraph notes that Transport for London recently lowered the speed limit temporarily to 40mph on a section of the A20 highway in south London, near...

Cop Delivers DoorDash Order After Arresting Driver

'My deputies always follow through,' the Illinois officer's boss wrote online

(Newser) - You never know who's going to show up on your front porch with your food order, but for one Illinois customer, her meal delivery came via an especially surprising "driver." Sky News and NBC News report on a DoorDasher who was making a delivery in St. Charles...

Oscar Mayer Has a Tremendous Career Opportunity for You

Apply now to drive the Wienermobile—just don't get your hopes up

(Newser) - If you're looking to travel the country in one of the doofier rides out there and make new friends with an appreciation for highly processed meat, well, Oscar Mayer has just the gig for you. As USA Today reports, one of the nation's biggest names in hot dogs...

It Was a 'Lazy Day.' They Saved a Man Who Was Near Death

Man and son-in-law looking for fishing holes spotted a mangled truck

(Newser) - The day after Christmas was a "lazy day" for Mario Garcia and son-in-law Nivardo De La Torre. Garcia's wife was working and his daughter was out, so the pair decided to scout a few Indiana fishing holes, ending at Salt Creek. CNN reports that as the men finished...

Car Plows Into SUV in Biden Motorcade
Driver Who Ran Into
Biden's Motorcade Is Charged

Driver Who Ran Into Biden's Motorcade Is Charged

President, first lady unharmed in incident Secret Service says was unintentional

(Newser) - A Delaware driver who crashed into a Secret Service vehicle that was part of President Biden's motorcade has been charged with DUI, reports the New York Times . A rep for the Wilmington Police Department says James Cooper's sedan struck the SUV as Biden was speaking to reporters after...

LA, Get Ready for a Gnarly Commute
LA's Gnarly Commute
Just Got Worse

LA's Gnarly Commute Just Got Worse

Fire causes damage to Los Angeles interstate, drivers are urged to take mass transit on Monday

(Newser) - Los Angeles motorists should expect traffic snarls during the Monday commute as crews assess how much damage was caused by a raging fire over the weekend that closed a major elevated interstate near downtown, officials said. Hazardous materials teams were clearing burned material from underneath Interstate 10 to make way...

Don't Put This on Your Steering Wheel, Regulators Warn
Don't Put This on Your Steering
Wheel, Regulators Warn

Don't Put This on Your Steering Wheel, Regulators Warn

Decorative aftermarket decals can dislodge in crash, cause serious injury

(Newser) - US regulators are warning drivers to steer clear of aftermarket decals used to embellish a car's logo on the center of its steering wheel. Such metal or plastic emblems—which are typically adorned with rhinestones or other decorations and attached to the steering wheel with an adhesive back—can...

Your City May Not Permit Right-on-Red Turns for Long

More are looking closely at prohibiting the practice after spike in accidents with pedestrians, cyclists

(Newser) - A dramatic rise in accidents killing or injuring pedestrians and bicyclists has led to a myriad of policy and infrastructure changes, but moves to ban right-on-red turns have drawn some of the most intense sentiments on both sides, per the AP . The City Council in Washington, DC, last year approved...

NY AG: Uber, Lyft Cheated Drivers, Will Pay $380M

Settlement also gives drivers guaranteed sick pay, minimum hourly pay

(Newser) - Uber and Lyft didn't admit fault in a settlement to resolve wage-theft claims in New York state—but they agreed to cough up $328 million to cover back pay and benefits for around 100,000 current and former drivers. New York Attorney General Letitia James said the settlement, $290...

This Is the Most Dangerous City to Drive In

Detroit is the most risky, while New York is safest, per SellMax

(Newser) - There's a risk anytime you get behind the wheel, but driving in some places is more dangerous than others. Using stats from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, SellMax looked at cities across the US, grouping fatality data based on speeding, DUIs, and other variables. The car-selling site found...

This Is the Worst City in America for Driving

California's Oakland is last in WalletHub's rankings; Texas' Corpus Christi is the best city to drive in

(Newser) - Getting behind the wheel can mean a nice, leisurely cruise with nary a pothole—or it can be a chaotic, horn-honking nightmare through congested city streets. WalletHub looked at the 100 most populated US cities to see where drivers have it easiest, using 30 metrics across three main categories: safety,...

Amazon Driver Dropped the Box. The Snake Struck

She was bitten on the back of her leg while delivering a package

(Newser) - An Amazon driver encountered something worse than a porch pirate on Monday. As Monet Robinson was delivering a package to a home in Palm City, Florida, she was bitten in the back of her leg, just above the knee, by an eastern diamondback rattlesnake that had been coiled by the...

Drivers in This State Are the Most Confrontational

Arizona tops Forbes Advisor's list of those with the most road rage

(Newser) - Road rage: Most of us have dealt with it, in one form or another. Those different forms—cutting people off, not letting others change lanes, honking the horn, and flipping the bird, just to name a few—are what Forbes Advisor included in its attempt to determine which states have...

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