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Robin Williams' Widow: It Could Take Days to Pull Him Back

She describes paranoia, delusions her husband experienced due to Lewy body dementia

(Newser) - It was only after Robin Williams' August 2014 suicide that his widow, Susan Schneider Williams, learned what Lewy body dementia is—and that her late husband had it. An autopsy of his brain confirmed the diagnosis two months after his death, and CNN reports that in the 8 years since,...

Robin Williams' Daughter Reacts to Viral Video by Impersonator

Zelda Williams calls actor Jamie Costa 'SUPER talented' but wants fans to stop sending her the clip

(Newser) - Update: A viral video of longtime Robin Williams impersonator Jamie Costa wowed fans this week, and some have been wondering if investors and relatives of the late comedian and actor might consider getting behind a biopic, starring Costa as Williams. One family member is now speaking out, and while she...

You've Only Seen the Clean Cut of Mrs. Doubtfire

Chris Columbus confirms R-rated version, toys with releasing some scenes

(Newser) - Somebody start a petition—because director Chris Columbus has confirmed there is an R-rated version of Mrs. Doubtfire somewhere out there. And—cue the horror—he doesn't plan to release it. Last week, the Twitter account @factsonfilm tweeted that Robin Williams, who played a divorcee who posed as a...

Family Classic Has R-Rated Version

There's a dirtier Mrs. Doubtfire

(Newser) - There's a dirtier version of Mrs. Doubtfire. Per Entertainment Weekly , the 1993 PG-13 classic got an R-rated cut thanks to the antics of beloved late actor and comedian Robin Williams. Director Chris Columbus told EW that he had a deal with Williams that for every scripted take they did,...

Williams' Widow: He Killed Himself Days Before Neuro Test

(Newser) - Robin's Wish, a documentary about Robin Williams' final days and his struggle with a neurodegenerative disorder, has been out since September on streaming platforms and on demand. Now, his widow is speaking more on why she wanted to make the film, including about how angry she was immediately following...

Robin Williams' Son Ties the Knot on the Perfect Day

Zak Williams marries Olivia June on World Mental Health Day

(Newser) - Robin Williams' eldest son says he and his new bride chose the best possible date for their wedding. "I had the great joy of marrying my best friend @oliviajune today!" Zak Williams, 37, tweeted Saturday. "It went awesome and we couldn’t have tied the knot on...

It's a Wonder Robin Williams Could Even 'Move': Doctor
It's a Wonder Robin Williams
Could Even 'Move': Doctor

It's a Wonder Robin Williams Could Even 'Move': Doctor

Documentary explores how Lewy body dementia affected his brain

(Newser) - Robin Williams knew there was a lot more going on inside his brain than doctors realized. "Robin was right when he said to me, 'I just want to reboot my brain,'" his widow, Susan Schneider Williams, tells Today . "In that moment I promised him that...

Robin Williams' Daughter Has an Answer for Eric Trump

Zelda Williams objects to clip of her late father skewering Joe Biden

(Newser) - Last week, Eric Trump tweeted an old clip of the late Robin Williams making fun of a "rambling" Joe Biden during a stand-up routine. Trump's all-caps headline said that Williams "savages" Biden. Now, Williams' 31-year-old daughter, Zelda, is responding, reports People . "While we’re ‘reminiscing’...

Robin Williams' Son Speaks Out in Suicide Awareness Campaign
Robin Williams'
Son Speaks Out

Robin Williams' Son Speaks Out

'There’s no education in place to tell you how to deal with this,' says Zak Williams of dad's suicide

(Newser) - Robin Williams' son, Zak, speaks out on losing his dad to suicide in three new images for the Faces of Fortitude suicide awareness campaign. While he says the past three years have been "healing" for him—his father died nearly five years ago—Zak says he first had to...

Sister: Kate Spade's Suicide 'Not Unexpected'

She says designer was fixated on Robin Williams' suicide; family is not happy with her comments

(Newser) - The apparent suicide of fashion designer Kate Spade is a tragedy, but not a huge surprise to older sister Reta Saffo. She tells the Kansas City Star that Spade had been struggling with mental illness for years and the stress and pressure of her famous brand may have "flipped...

Spike in Suicides Followed Death of Robin Williams

Researchers can't prove his suicide caused copycats, but the numbers did rise after he died

(Newser) - The world was shocked by the August 2014 death of Robin Williams , but "middle-aged men in despair" may have taken his suicide especially hard, Reuters notes. For a study published Wednesday in Plos One , researchers sifted through CDC data from 1999 through 2015 and found that there was a...

Robin Williams' Wife Describes His Last 10 Devastating Months

Susan Schneider Williams appeals to neurologists

(Newser) - In what Discover calls a "unique and touching paper" published in the journal Neurology Thursday, Robin Williams' widow shares the heartbreaking story of her husband's final 10 months and asks neurologists not to give up in their quest toward brain disease cures. Susan Schneider Williams refers to Lewy...

Matt Damon Remembers Robin Williams 'Crushing It'

In 'Good Will Hunting' bench scene

(Newser) - Thursday marked the two-year anniversary of Robin Williams' death, and his Good Will Hunting co-star Matt Damon just happened to be doing an interview with Irish website . Asked about the memorable bench scene from the movie, Damon responded that he knew right away the scene would be a...

Rainbow Tunnel Now Officially Named for Robin Williams

Private donations paid for new signs

(Newser) - A tunnel with rainbow arches that connects the Golden Gate Bridge to greater Marin County has officially become the Robin Williams tunnel, the AP reports. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the new Robin Williams Tunnel signs were installed Monday night. The tunnel was unofficially known as the Waldo Tunnel....

Robin Williams' Will Puts Disney in a Quandary

Former exec says plans for a fourth 'Aladdin' film have been scuttled

(Newser) - Robin Williams' innovative will locked down the use of his image for 25 years —and as a result, the Times of London says that Disney "has abandoned plans to make a fourth installment of the blockbuster Aladdin" animated film, in which Williams played the Genie. "When he...

Robin Williams' Widow: He Gave Me Last 'Perfect' Day

On the Saturday before he died

(Newser) - The second part of Susan Williams' Good Morning America interview aired Wednesday, and in it, Robin Williams' widow recounts the Saturday they spent together just days before he took his own life. "It was the perfect day," she said. "We just did what we loved to do...

Robin Williams' Widow: He Had Just 3 Years Left to Live

Susan Williams talks about his final months, days

(Newser) - More than a year after he took his own life, Robin Williams' widow is talking about his final days. In interviews with People and Good Morning America , Susan Williams says that it was Lewy Body Dementia or DLB, an incurable brain disease commonly associated with Parkinson's , that drove her...

At Heart of Robin Williams Family Feud: His Bikes

Plus other belongings including artwork, books

(Newser) - Robin Williams' family is still feuding over his estate , and his large bike collection is one of the things in dispute. The actor loved biking and was known to frequent local bike shops near where he lived in California's Marin County. As his widow fights with his children over...

California to Name Tunnel After Robin Williams

He used to go through 'Rainbow Tunnel' every day

(Newser) - Unless fans of failed 1853 Whig Party gubernatorial candidate William Waldo make a last stand, California will soon be getting a Robin Williams Tunnel. A bill to rename the tunnel, which connects the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County and was once part of the comedian's daily commute, sailed...

Robin Williams Locked Down His Image for 25 Years

In what the 'Hollywood Reporter' notes could become an industry model

(Newser) - Robin Williams' children are fighting his widow in court over how to divide his belongings—and one of the exhibits in the court battle reveals that Williams protected the use of his image in what the Hollywood Reporter calls an "innovative, cutting-edge" way that "just might become a...

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