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Racing Boss Sues Google to Take Down S&M Photos

Google fears win for Max Mosley could turn it into Internet police

(Newser) - The first lesson of sex parties is—don’t let anyone take pictures of your sex party. As former Formula One racing chief Max Mosley can attest, they'll keep popping up in Google searches. Mosley, 74, was photographed partaking in consensual S&M role-play with five prostitutes several years...

Rowling: Reporter Put Note in Daughter's School Bag

She and Sienna Miller tell UK ethics panel about media 'siege'

(Newser) - The media ethics panel set up in Britain in the wake of the News of the World phone hacking scandal is getting an earful today from some high-profile witnesses:
  • JK Rowling: The Harry Potter author complained that a journalist once slipped a note into her 5-year-old daughter's school bag

Victorious Max Mosley Bares All
Victorious Max Mosley Bares All

Victorious Max Mosley Bares All

'Sex is funny' but tabloids are ravenous, says S&M-loving motorsport boss

(Newser) - When a British tabloid exposed Max Mosley's predilection for rough sex under the headline "F1 Boss Has Sick Nazi Orgy With 5 Hookers," he surprised everyone by going to court—and winning a record $120,000 in damages. Now the head of world motorsport tells the Guardian that...

Duke Seeking More Privacy for British Royals

Legal challenge aims to set boundaries for 'public interest'

(Newser) - The Duke of Edinburgh is using a recent ruling by Britain’s High Court—one that sided against the press in the unfortunate Max Mosley Nazi sex scandal—as the basis for a legal challenge to win more privacy for the royal family, the Daily Telegraph reports. Prince Philip is...

Mosley Wins Privacy Suit over 'Nazi' S&M Orgy

Formula 1 boss wins $120,000 in damages against tabloid

(Newser) - Max Mosley has won his lawsuit against a British tabloid for exposing a sadomasochistic orgy he took part in and falsely claiming it had Nazi overtones, reports the Guardian. In a landmark decision, the head of world motorsport was awarded $120,000 in damages—thought to be a record in...

Mosley Bares Lurid Details in Hopes of Privacy
Mosley Bares Lurid Details in Hopes of Privacy

Mosley Bares Lurid Details in Hopes of Privacy

S&M trial entertaining, yes, but also a major salvo against tabloids

(Newser) - The spanking and the alleged Nazi overtones might be entertaining, but the Max Mosley trial playing out in London could have huge implications for the rights of the media, writes John F. Burns in the New York Times. The Formula 1 chief's lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch's News of the World...

Mosley Bares 45-Year S&M Obsession
Mosley Bares 45-Year S&M Obsession

Mosley Bares 45-Year S&M Obsession

Racing boss admits fetish but denies orgy had Nazi overtones

(Newser) - Max Mosley admitted in court yesterday that he's been into sadomasochism for 45 years, the Guardian reports, but firmly denied taking part in a Nazi-themed orgy. The British auto-racing boss is suing a tabloid for invading his privacy by secretly filming him being spanked and humiliated in role-playing with five...

MI5 Implicated in F1 Chief's Nazi Orgy

Spy canned after wife is revealed as one of Mosley's hookers

(Newser) - A British spy is out of a job following his admission that his wife was one of the five prostitutes who participated in Max Mosley's Nazi-themed orgy, reports the Times of London. Worse yet, the wife was purportedly behind the camera, though MI5 yesterday denied Mosley's accusation that it set...

F1 Chief Loses Bid to Block Nazi Orgy Video

Tabloid gets to re-post hooker spanking session with 'tea break'

(Newser) - Formula One president Max Mosley has lost his court battle to block a newspaper from hosting a video showing him cavorting with five prostitutes in a sadomasochistic scene with Nazi undertones. Mosley is suing the News of the World for breach of privacy, but a London judge ruled that, although...

Formula One Boss Denies Nazi Theme in Hooker Orgy

Mosley sues Brit newspaper over story

(Newser) - Formula One Racing chief Max Mosley has denied that the videotaped sado-masochistic orgy he participated in with five prostitutes was Nazi-themed. Mosley claims he spoke German during the orgy simply because several of the call-girls were German, not as a part of Nazi role playing, as the News of the ...

Formula One Chief Caught in 'Nazi' Orgy

'Concentration camp' sex video sparks calls for Mosely's resignation

(Newser) - Formula One leader Max Mosely is being pressured to quit his post after a newspaper obtained video of the 67-year-old Brit in a Nazi-themed sex orgy with five prostitutes. The Oxford-educated multi-millionaire, whose father was a friend of Adolf Hitler, spoke German as he beat hookers dressed as concentration camp...

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