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Rare Orange Lobster Saved by Denver Broncos Fans

Meet Crush, who avoided his fate at Red Lobster by not conforming

(Newser) - The Downtown Aquarium in Denver has a new resident—a rare orange lobster that was rescued from a shipment of crustaceans delivered to a Red Lobster restaurant in Pueblo, Colorado. A long-term employee spotted the bright orange lobster while unpacking a shipment last Friday and alerted restaurant managers, reports the...

It Was 'Likely the Most Complex Marine Mammal Rescue Ever'

2 beluga whales moved from war-torn eastern Ukraine to new home in Spain

(Newser) - War has costs for whales, too. Indeed, two beluga whales held at an aquarium in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, were considered unlikely to survive Russia's bombing of the region—until animal lovers thousands of miles away found a way to help them. The two whales—a 15-year-old male named Plombir...

Aquarium Welcomed 5 Whales in 2021. 3 Are Now Dead

Beluga named Kharabali, 9, had been swimming abnormally at Mystic Aquarium since November

(Newser) - A 9-year-old beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium named Kharabali has died, marking the third death among five whales that were transported there from Canada in 2021. Kharabali began swimming abnormally in November and "her strange behavior continued to progress." She was eventually moved to the intensive care facility...

Maine's Lobster Industry Is Up in Claws

Sues a California aquarium for recommending that consumers avoid lobster due to harm to whales

(Newser) - A coalition representing the Maine lobster industry is suing an aquarium on the other side of the country for recommending that seafood customers avoid buying a variety of lobster mostly harvested in their state, reports the AP . Industry groups including the Maine Lobstermen's Association are suing the Monterey Bay...

'Chaos' as 82-Foot-Tall Aquarium With 1.5K Fish Explodes

2 people injured by glass shards in Berlin; all fish presumed dead

(Newser) - The world's largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium, which held 1,500 tropical fish and more than 264,000 gallons of water, burst Friday. Berlin's 82-foot-tall AquaDom, in the lobby of the Radisson Blu hotel, sent a huge rush of sea water and fish through the hotel and out into...

That Colorful Aquarium Masks a Sometimes Dark Trade

Experts say demand for fish is contributing to degradation of delicate coral ecosystems

(Newser) - Millions of saltwater fish of all shades and shapes are caught in Indonesia and other countries every year to fill ever more elaborate aquariums in living rooms, waiting rooms, and restaurants around the world. "It's just so much fun to just watch the antics between different varieties of...

Dolphin Attacks Trainer During Show at Miami Seaquarium

Seaquarium determined the dolphin had accidentally been scratched

(Newser) - The Miami Seaquarium's Dolphin Flipper Show didn't go to plan on Saturday: a dolphin reportedly attacked a trainer in the water mid-show. Audience member Shannon Carpenter videoed the incident and tells WSVN what he saw: It "looked like the dolphin rammed into the trainer. There was a...

Pet Company Yanks This Controversial Product

French firm AgroBiothers Laboratoire says putting goldfish in small round fishbowls is abuse

(Newser) - If your kids have ever won a goldfish at a local fair, you probably didn't go out and buy a huge tank, but instead purchased a tiny fishbowl that you could place almost anywhere in your home. Bad idea, some experts say, and now one pet care company won'...

This 90-Year-Old Fish Likes Belly Rubs

Australian lungfish Methuselah is believed to be world's oldest aquarium fish

(Newser) - Meet Methuselah, the fish that likes to eat fresh figs, get belly rubs, and is believed to be the oldest living aquarium fish in the world. In the Bible, Methuselah was Noah's grandfather and was said to have lived to be 969 years old. Methuselah the fish isn't...

Animal Activists Lose Battle As Whales Arrive to Aquarium

Five Belugas made a day-long trek from Canada to Connecticut

(Newser) - Five Beluga whales have arrived at their new home in a Connecticut aquarium after a years-long legal battle to import them and two others from Canada. The first three animals were flown from Ontario to Connecticut on Friday, per the AP . They arrived in Mystic on three tractor-trailers, where they...

In Pet Shops Across America, an 'Incredibly Destructive' Find

Invasive zebra mussels have turned up in moss balls, an aquarium accessories, in 21 states

(Newser) - They're as small as a fingernail, but the damage that zebra mussels can cause belies their tiny size. That's why the feds are concerned that the invasive, quickly multiplying mollusks have been popping up in pet stores across the US, specifically in ornamental moss balls used as decor...

Same-Sex Penguins Have Their Own Baby Chick

Electra and Viola are now parents

(Newser) - Meet Electra and Viola: The female penguin couple is making headlines after welcoming a newly hatched chick to the world, CBS News reports. Seems they adopted an egg from other penguins—really, it was given to them—and incubated and hatched it as their own. According to NBC News , the...

Guy Who Swam in Store Aquarium Has Fishy Excuse

Kevin Wise says he didn't want to lie to TikTok fans

(Newser) - A man arrested for jumping in the fish tank at a Bass Pro Shop in Louisiana says he was doing it for the sake of integrity. The 26-year-old says he promised his followers on TikTok—where several others have carried out the "Bass Pro Challenge"—that he would...

Aquarium's Problem: Its Eels Are Forgetting People Exist

An 'unprecedented situation' in Tokyo

(Newser) - A Japanese aquarium has an "urgent request" for locals who can't stop by for a visit due to the coronavirus shutdown: It wants them to partake in a "face-showing festival" instead and call in for a video chat with its spotted garden eels, for whom the presence...

At Closed Aquarium, Penguins Take a Stroll
At Closed Aquarium,
Penguins Take a Stroll

At Closed Aquarium, Penguins Take a Stroll

With humans barred, Chicago's Shedd Aquarium lets them wander

(Newser) - Chicago's Shedd Aquarium has provided a rare bright spot amid the coronavirus news: Video of penguins strolling around the joint, reports CNN . The museum is closed to the public for the near future, so the penguins' caretakers let them go on what they called a "field trip" to...

Electric Eel Keeps This Aquarium's Christmas Tree Lit

Miguel Wattson is providing the juice for seasonal lights at the Tennessee Aquarium

(Newser) - Visitors to the Tennessee Aquarium may be shocked to learn that an electric eel named Miguel Wattson is lighting up a Christmas tree, per the AP . A special system connected to Miguel's tank enables his shocks to power strands of lights on a nearby tree, according to a news...

A Marine Park Was Abandoned in January. Its Animals Remain

Photos of dolphin, penguins spark public outcry at Japan's Inubosaki Marine Park Aquarium

(Newser) - A solitary bottlenose dolphin swims in a small pool enclosed by a rusty railing. Not far away, dust-covered penguins wander over chunks of concrete and other debris. This has been life at Japan's Inubosaki Marine Park Aquarium since January when its owner abandoned it, citing a decline in visitors....

Man Admits Stealing Shark, Insists It 'Needed Help'

Anthony Shannon previously 'inspected' aquarium under guise

(Newser) - Anthony Shannon says he knows it was "wrong" to steal an aquarium's shark, carted off in a baby stroller over the weekend, but the 38-year-old insists it was "an emergency." In an interview with KENS-TV , the self-described marine activist who keeps five sharks and dozens of...

They Fled the Aquarium With a Stroller. There Was No Baby

Man charged with theft of horn shark in San Antonio; 2 others expected to be charged

(Newser) - A juvenile horn shark is back in its tank at the San Antonio Aquarium after three people whisked it away in a baby stroller. "When we first got the call, we thought it was kind of a hoax being that it was Shark Week last week," Leon Valley...

An Octopus Birth, Then a Surprise Burst of Color

Video by Virginia Aquarium viewed 2.4M times

(Newser) - It happens almost in the blink of an eye. A colorless creature pops from a bundle of eggs, turns a brownish-purple hue, and swims away. It's a rare sight now witnessed by millions, thanks to the Virginia Aquarium, which shared a video of the Caribbean reef octopus's birth...

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