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Sex on the Big Screen Is Falling Out of Fashion

It may be hotter, more risque in some films, but sexual content fell 40% from 2000, per one analyst

(Newser) - You wouldn't know it if you've recently seen Saltburn , Poor Things , or Challengers , but sex scenes in Hollywood movies are actually experiencing a downturn. That's according to data analyst Stephen Follows , who was commissioned by the Economist to look into the status of erotic content on the...

Supreme Court Case Tests 'Sex Shaming' Defense

Prosecutors highlighted sex life of Brenda Andrew, now on death row

(Newser) - The Supreme Court will hear an appeal from the only woman on Oklahoma's death row this month, and the case may set a precedent in regard to prosecutors focusing on a defendant's sex life. Coverage:
  • The inmate: Brenda Andrew, 60, was sentenced to death in 2004 after being

Men at Greater Risk of Penile Fractures During Holidays
Unwelcome Christmas Gift:
Risk of Sex Injury Is Up

Unwelcome Christmas Gift: Risk of Sex Injury Is Up

The season's 'intimacy and euphoria' come with greater risk for penile fractures

(Newser) - Hang your mistletoe with extra care, because a new study published in the British Journal of Urology International found that the season of love comes with greater risks for a painful trip to the ER. According to the Guardian , researchers found that penile fractures are most common during Christmastime. The...

Man Films Bat Sex in Church, Makes Surprise Discovery
Man Films Bat Sex in Church,
Makes Surprise Discovery
in case you missed it

Man Films Bat Sex in Church, Makes Surprise Discovery

Serotine bat thought to be only known mammal to have sex without penetration

(Newser) - There was a lot of sex happening in the church attic—but without humans and, weirdly, without penetration. Indeed, as scientists describe in a new study, it was the first time a mammal—specifically, the serotine bat native to Europe and Asia—was documented reproducing without penetrative sex. Scientists had...

She Talked Penis Size With Letterman, Taught on Fetishes

Former nurse Sue Johanson, who became a celebrity sex expert in US and Canada, dies at 93

(Newser) - Sue Johanson, a nurse who became a popular TV sex expert in Canada and the United States when she was in her 60s, has died, her daughter said. Johanson died in Toronto on Wednesday at age 93 after a long decline, Jane Johanson said, per the AP . Johanson's straight...

Orgy Club's 'Sex Jesus' Banned Over Hunter Biden Claim

SNCTM founder Damon Lawner made allegation on Instagram that president's son was a member

(Newser) - SNCTM bills itself as "the world's most exclusive members-only club," designed for "personal exploration" (ie, high-end sex orgies) and strict on maintaining privacy for those who belong. Now, however, the Los Angeles Times reports that the group's founder, 52-year-old Damon Lawner, has been banned for...

'Sounds of Intimacy' Join Applause at Wimbledon

People are allegedly getting it on in new 'quiet room' designed for 'meditation, prayer, or reflection'

(Newser) - "Wimbledon" and "sounds of intimacy" aren't two terms you'd normally associate with each other, but at this year's tennis tournament in London, they've become amorously intertwined. To be more blunt, the Daily Beast puts it thusly: A new "quiet room" at the Wimbledon...

New Zealand PM Gets Eyebrow-Raising COVID Query

Jacinda Ardern doesn't think COVID patients, or any patients, should have sex in hospital

(Newser) - Jacinda Ardern is known for keeping her poker-faced composure in even the most stressful situations, but a question posed at a COVID news conference this week led the New Zealand prime minister through what the Guardian describes as a "full range of emotions." At the presser, a reporter...

Olympic Athletes to Receive 160K Condoms. There's One Problem

Games organizers forbid sex in Olympic Village amid pandemic, tell athletes to bring condoms home

(Newser) - If Olympic athletes preparing to descend on Tokyo for the delayed 2020 Games were thinking of getting some side action while they're there (i.e., having sex), they'll have to rethink those plans. Per the Guardian , the International Olympic Committee has laid down the law for those staying...

Horniest US City Has Appropriately Hedonistic Name

While Texas cities suffer from a lethargic libido

(Newser) - It looks like Nevada's Paradise is aptly named, at least for those who are yearning for physical human contact after a long year of lockdowns. The city sits at the top of LawnStarter's list of America's "horniest" cities, published in advance of National Sex Day on...

Massage Therapist Sought OSU Football Players for Sex

She's been banned from campus and had her license revoked

(Newser) - An independent massage therapist has been banned from Ohio State University after she was found to have solicited football players for sex. The 41-year-old, whose license has been revoked following an investigation by the State Medical Board of Ohio, had sex with five adult players. That's according to a...

Staffer Fired Over Lewd Act at Aussie Lawmaker's Desk

PM Scott Morrison's bad month is only getting worse

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of people marched across Australia last week to protest the sexual abuse and harassment of women, including the former adviser who says she was raped in March 2019 in Parliament House. Brittany Higgins—the first of five women to make such a claim, per the Washington Post...

The Greediest, Angriest, Most Jealous States in America

WalletHub takes note of our sins and ranks us

(Newser) - The first day of Lent is Wednesday, and for Christians who follow the observance, it's often a time to give up a bad habit for the six weeks that follow. That may be harder for people in some parts of the country, per WalletHub , which has ranked US states...

Keira Knightley Bans 'Horrible' Sex Scenes With Male Directors

Actor says she won't do intimate scenes with a man behind the camera, or with everyone 'grunting'

(Newser) - Pirates of the Caribbean actor Keira Knightly recently stopped by the Chanel Connects podcast , and she shared her thoughts on films she enjoyed growing up, the luck she's had in her career, and, now, why sex scenes are an iffy thing for her, per the Guardian . First of all,...

COVID Has Ruined One More Thing
COVID Has Ruined
One More Thing

COVID Has Ruined One More Thing

The Bad Sex in Fiction Awards will not take place this year

(Newser) - The year 2020 giveth, and it taketh away. Mostly taketh away, even in the world of literature, where an honor doled out annually for nearly 30 years has been nixed due to the coronavirus. The Guardian reports that the Literary Review has canceled its Bad Sex in Fiction Awards, which...

Priest Fired, Altar Burned Over Scene Witnessed by Passerby

Travis Clark, 37, allegedly filmed himself having sex on the altar

(Newser) - Peer inside a church window lately? Bet you didn't see the pastor having sex with two women on a church altar with stage lighting, cameras, and sex toys. But a passerby apparently saw just that inside a Catholic church in Louisiana on Sept. 30, the Times-Picayune reports. Court documents...

A Top Doctor's Advice: Mask Up During Sex

The advice out of Canada applies to those with new lovers

(Newser) - Canada's top doctor has some advice that might not go over well with everyone: Dr. Theresa Tam says people should wear a mask during sex as the pandemic continues, reports CTV News . To be clear, Tam isn't talking about relations between husbands and wives or regular, live-in partners....

Ghislaine Maxwell Saw Her at 19: 'Oh My God, Who Is That?'

So says an old pal in the upcoming Lifetime docuseries, 'Surviving Jeffrey Epstein'

(Newser) - The latest Ghislaine Maxwell tidbits are par for the course—allegations of sex and debauchery—but it's still hard to look away. In a docuseries about her time with Jeffrey Epstein, she apparently oohed and ahhed over the sight of 19-year-old Paris Hilton at a party in the early...

Young Men Are Having Much Less Sex
Why Young Men
Are Having
Less Sex
in case you missed it

Why Young Men Are Having Less Sex

Researchers see a startling decline

(Newser) - Hey young guys, it might be time to go off the grid. A new study finds that heterosexual young men are having far less sex than they were 20 years ago, USA Today reports. Looking at data on nearly 10,000 men and women aged 18 to 44, researchers say...

Official Advice for Dutch Singles: Find a 'Seksbuddy'

National Institute for Public Health updates its pandemic advice

(Newser) - The Netherlands' public health institute is suggesting that singles safely seek out a "seksbuddy" amid the coronavirus pandemic. Yep, that means exactly what it sounds like. The institute came under fire for its initial recommendation that home visitors, up to a maximum of three, stay at least five feet...

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