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Rise in Measles Cases Prompts CDC Warning

Increase threatens disease's elimination status in US, report says

(Newser) - An increase in the spread of measles has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concerned about whether the disease will no longer be considered eliminated in the US. The number of cases recorded in the first quarter of this year equals about 30% of the total cases logged since...

As Measles Cases Spread, You May Want to Check Your Own Status

There have already been at least 64 US cases this year; last year saw a total of 58

(Newser) - Earlier this month, warning signs emerged of a fast-spreading measles problem, as the highly contagious disease migrated from Florida to more than a dozen other states. Now, an ominous stat: The CDC says that, as of late last week, there were 64 recorded cases of measles in the US—more...

Uptick in US Measles Cases 'Boggles the Mind'
Florida, You're Not Alone
With Your Measles Issues

Florida, You're Not Alone With Your Measles Issues

Cases of the technically eradicated disease in the US have popped up in at least 16 states

(Newser) - Florida isn't the only place where measles seems to be making a comeback . CDC stats as of Thursday show a total of 41 cases around the US, in 16 states and growing (click here for a current list). CBS News notes that these numbers "mark one of the...

Amid School Measles Outbreak, Florida Rejects CDC Guidance

State surgeon general tells parents they can send unvaccinated kids to school if they want

(Newser) - Florida's surgeon general has told parents of children at a school experiencing a measles outbreak that they can feel free to ignore Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance. In a Feb. 20 letter, Joseph Ladapo told parents at Manatee Bay Elementary in south Florida that the state's...

At Florida School, a 'Preventable' Outbreak

So far, 5 measles cases identified at Manatee Bay Elementary in Broward County's Weston

(Newser) - Over the weekend, the Florida Department of Health warned that it was looking into "multiple cases of measles" at an elementary school in South Florida. On Monday, Broward County Public Schools official John Sullivan confirmed that five cases in total had been identified so far at Manatee Bay Elementary...

In Europe, This 'Canary in a Coal Mine' Is Afoot

Measles is surging, with outbreaks especially prevalent in UK; US also seeing an uptick

(Newser) - As we get our legs after the COVID tsunami, another set of outbreaks is taking hold, especially in Europe. The BBC reports that measles are cropping up throughout the EU, with a nearly 45-fold spike in cases last year, according to the World Health Organization. The UN agency found that...

20K Could Have Been Exposed to Measles at Religious Revival

CDC says unvaccinated, infectious person was at Kentucky prayer event

(Newser) - A religious revival in Kentucky may have gone viral in more ways than one. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a person who attended the prayer event at Asbury University had measles and around 20,000 people could have been exposed, the Guardian reports. The Kentucky Health Department...

Drop in Vaccinations 'Could Set Us Back Years'

CDC warns of possible measles outbreak

(Newser) - The CDC is warning about possible outbreaks of diseases, including measles, as immunizations fall amid the coronavirus pandemic. The organization analyzed immunization data on children in Michigan up to the age of 2, finding a drop in vaccinations for all diseases except hepatitis B—a vaccine typically administered in hospitals...

Austin Warns Public About Measles Case

Person diagnosed with highly contagious disease visited restaurants, airport

(Newser) - Austin, Texas, has registered an unwanted milestone: its first measles case since 1999, reports KXAN . An unidentified person has been diagnosed with the highly contagious disease, and city officials have issued a public warning about the person's travels. The patient went to various restaurants and stores (including Chipotle and...

50 Kids, Babies Dead in Measles Outbreak

Samoa has mandated everyone on the island nation get vaccinated

(Newser) - Samoa’s government said Monday that another five children had died within the past day from a measles outbreak, bringing the death toll from the epidemic to more than 50 as authorities race to vaccinate the entire population, the AP reports. Samoa declared a national emergency last month and mandated...

Measles Has a Dangerous Secondary Effect
Measles Has a Dangerous
Secondary Effect
new studies

Measles Has a Dangerous Secondary Effect

It can wipe out the immune system of patients, making them vulnerable to other diseases

(Newser) - Rash, fever, coughing. The effects of measles are rough, and they can be deadly in some cases. But two new companion studies suggest that the worst part of measles may not actually be measles itself. Instead, researchers have detailed how the disease can wipe out patients' immune systems and make...

Vaxxed II Release Raises Fears
Vaxxed II Release Raises Fears

Vaxxed II Release Raises Fears

Documentary is produced by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., among others

(Newser) - As several US states battle measles outbreaks fueled by anti-vaccination sentiment, there are fears that sentiment could spread with the release of Vaxxed II: The People's Truth. The anti-vaccination documentary, a sequel to 2016's Vaxxed , will be released Nov. 6, the Guardian reports. It will premiere in dozens...

Disneyland Visitors, Health Officials Have Bad News

Girl infected with measles visited earlier this month

(Newser) - A New Zealand teenager hit Southern California on a vacation earlier this month, and she hit lots of the usual hot spots—including Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Madame Tussauds. The reason the world now knows about her trip is that it turns out she was infected with one of the...

New York Eliminates Religious Exemptions for Vaccines
New York Makes
Big Move on Vaccines

New York Makes Big Move on Vaccines

Bill eliminates religious exemptions

(Newser) - There were emotional scenes at the Capitol in Albany Thursday as New York state lawmakers narrowly voted to end religious exemptions for vaccinations. Hundreds of opponents, many of them with young children, shouted from the gallery as lawmakers in the Assembly voted 77 to 53 to pass the bill, which...

We Haven't Seen a Measles Outbreak Like This in 25 Years

26 states can now claim confirmed cases

(Newser) - The US hasn't seen such a preponderance of measles in a quarter century, but thanks to a slew of new cases across the country, that 25-year-old benchmark has nearly been reached, and looks to soon be surpassed. Reuters reports that 940 confirmed measles cases have been recorded so far...

Officials: Scientology Ship Quarantined Over Measles

Nearly 300 people are stuck on the Freewinds docked in St. Lucia

(Newser) - On the Freewinds cruise ship, there's one person currently being kept in isolation with the measles—while nearly 300 others are being kept on board at a port in St. Lucia. The 440-foot-long ship has been quarantined since Monday due to a female crew member's measles diagnosis, meaning...

CDC Releases New Measles Stats, and They're Not Good

US cases hit 25-year high

(Newser) - It's official: Measles cases are at a 25-year high in the US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the latest numbers Monday, and those numbers reveal that so far this year at least 704 people have come down with the viral infection, the Washington Post reports. That'...

Old Brady Bunch Episode Becomes Anti-Vaxxer Theme

But actress who played Marcia speaks out against

(Newser) - Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch, thinks people should get their information on measles from medical professionals in 2019, not sitcom episodes from 50 years earlier. McCormick isn't happy about anti-vaxxers pointing to a 1969 episode in which the whole Brady family comes down with...

LA Colleges Quarantine After Measles Exposure

More than 900 students and staff are isolated or sent home

(Newser) - More than 900 students and staff members at two Los Angeles universities were quarantined on campus or sent home this week in one of the most sweeping efforts yet by public health authorities to contain the spread of measles in the US, where cases have reached a 25-year high. By...

Hundreds Oppose California's Mandatory Vaccines Proposal

As measles cases in US hit 25-year high

(Newser) - As news broke Wednesday that US measles cases have hit their highest mark in 25 years, a proposed vaccine law in California was drawing massive opposition. Details:
  • Officials in hard-hit New York City on Wednesday reported 61 new cases since late last week, in what would make this the nation'

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