Ernest Hemingway

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Dow Who? Pamplona's Bulls Still Charging

(Newser) - Thousands of daredevil tourists have descended on Pamplona, Spain, for the annual running of the bulls that began today. Four were injured on the first day, including one American, though nobody was gored. As Time reports, sprinting ahead of six half-ton angry bulls is pretty dangerous, but many injuries result...

World's Most Legendary Bars
 World's Most Legendary Bars 

World's Most Legendary Bars

(Newser) - Even the most enjoyable vacation can leave you in need of a drink, and bars make great, offbeat places to learn about the history of your destination. The staff of shares its favorite legendary watering holes with Reuters:
  • Harry’s Bar, Venice: Famed Hemingway haunt claims to have

Madoff Was Livin' Large in Lap of Luxury

High-roller owns yacht, jets, and properties up and down East Coast

(Newser) - If disgraced money-man Bernard Madoff felt any guilt about his Ponzi-scheme hedge fund, you'd never know it. Now that he's under house arrest, his "lifestyle of the rich and infamous" is somewhat limited, but in a fitting tribute to a man who just fleeced investors of $50 billion, CNN...

No Farewell for Hemingway's Cats

Lengthy dispute resolved by fencing cats in

(Newser) - The bell no longer tolls for the six-toed cats of a certain writer’s home. The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum has struck a deal with the federal government that will see the 50-odd descendants of the author’s unusual pet continue to roam the Florida Keys property, the AP...

10 Books to Pass Up With Confidence
10 Books to Pass Up
With Confidence

10 Books to Pass Up With Confidence

Richard Wilson saves us all a bunch of time and effort with a not-reading list

(Newser) - Forget the coma-inducing titles that lit lovers keep telling you to read, Richard Wilson writes in his book, Can’t Be Arsed: 101 Things Not to Do Before You Die. He lists the top 10 clunkers in the Daily Telegraph:
  • Ulysses, James Joyce: notoriously hard, so why bother?
  • Lord

Sentences That 'Evoke an Entire Universe'

Esquire celebrates some favorites it's seen over its first 75 years

(Newser) - Celebrating 75 years of fiction, Esquire offers some samples from "writers who could evoke an entire universe with a single sentence." A smattering:
  • "Now he would never write the things that he had saved to write until he knew enough to write them well," Ernest Hemingway,

Venice Bar Uses Discount to Lure 'Poor Yanks'

Old Hemingway haunt bucks up faltering dollar with 20% off

(Newser) - Harry's Bar in Venice has offered hospitality to tourists and expatriates since the days of Ernest Hemingway. But in recent months Harry's has noticed a sharp drop in the number of Americans showing up at the home of the Bellini cocktail. So restaurant owner Arrigo Cipriani has a novel solution:...

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