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Anti-LGBTQ+ Official Resigns After Allegedly Attending 'Orgy'

Top Hungarian lawmaker says only that he attended a party in violation of COVID restrictions

(Newser) - A Hungarian lawmaker is out of a job after he was caught climbing down a drainpipe to escape a sex party in Belgium that was being broken up by police. József Szàjer, a senior member of European Parliament, resigned after acknowledging he had been present at the private...

This Is an Expensive Pigeon
This Is an Expensive Pigeon

This Is an Expensive Pigeon

New Kim brings record $1.89M in Belgian auction

(Newser) - After a flurry of bidding in the last half-hour, a Belgian racing pigeon sold Sunday for a world record $1.89 million—a gravity-defying bid that's more than anyone expected, Reuters reports. "These record prices are unbelievable, because this is a female," said Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, chief executive...

A New Princess Meets With Her Father

Former King Albert of Belgium denied paternity for years

(Newser) - After years of courtroom battles , the relationship between Delphine Boel and the former king who long denied being her father has moved to the palace. Belgium's Albert II and the woman now recognized as Princess Delphine sat down together Sunday, the Guardian reports. The royal palace announced the reunion...

In One Nation, Infected Doctors Are Asked to Keep Working

Overwhelmed Belgium needs asymptomatic medical workers to continue treating people

(Newser) - A sign of how bad things are in Belgium in regard to COVID-19: Doctors and nurses who've tested positive but have no symptoms are being asked to continue working in some overwhelmed hospitals, reports the Washington Post . "The situation is catastrophic," says an ICU doctor in the...

A Black Student's Death is Getting Even Uglier

More evidence emerges in the case of Sanda Dia

(Newser) - A black student's death during a hazing ritual in Belgium has raised painful issues of racism, elitism, colonialism—and people who might be getting away with manslaughter, the New York Times reports. Sanda Dia was 20 when he died trying to enter a nearly all-white fraternity at the Catholic...

Court Makes King's Love Child a Princess

Belgium's ex-king denied paternity for years

(Newser) - After a long legal battle, Belgian artist Delphine Boel is now Delphine of Saxen-Coburg-Gotha, princess of Belgium. The Brussels Court of Appeal has ruled that the 52-year-old is entitled to be recognized as a princess and to use the surname of her father, former king Albert II, the Guardian reports....

Court to Rule on Whether King's Daughter Is a Princess

Her father is battling to keep Belgium from granting royal titles to Delphine Boël

(Newser) - Delphine Boël knows her father is the former king of Belgium. Now that the courts have found that to be true, she's waiting for the next ruling—on whether Boel will become Princess of Belgium and Her Royal Highness. Albert II does not approve, per the Guardian . "...

City Discovers First Mayor Left Them His Heart. Literally

It was sealed inside an old fountain

(Newser) - During the renovation of a fountain in the Belgian city of Verviers, officials discovered that the old rumors were true: Pierre David, the city's first mayor, had literally given his heart to Verviers. The organ was sealed in a jar of alcohol inside a small zinc casket entombed near...

Looking to Raise a Family? These 10 Nations Are Tops

The US doesn't make the cut—in fact, it's got a dismal ranking

(Newser) - No one's able to go much of anywhere at the moment , but one day, when the pandemic is over, you may be on the hunt for the best place to settle down and have kids. Travel and family journalism website Asher & Lyric did the legwork for us, sifting...

After Grueling Slog, Weary EU Leaders OK $2.1T COVID Deal

It took 4 days and nights of negotiations in Brussels

(Newser) - After four days and nights of wrangling, exhausted European Union leaders finally clinched a deal on an unprecedented $2.1 trillion budget and coronavirus recovery fund early Tuesday, after one of their longest summits ever. The 27 leaders grudgingly committed to a costly, massive aid package for those hit hardest...

A First From a Belgian Monarch: 'Deepest Regrets'

King Philippe offers remorse for colonial abuses in DRC under reign of ancestor King Leopold II

(Newser) - Under the brutal colonial rule of Belgium's King Leopold II, the Democratic Republic of Congo saw millions of its citizens perish at the turn of the 20th century. Now King Philippe, the current royal ruler of Belgium and a direct descendant of Leopold, has offered what's just short...

Cops: This Man May Be One of Infamous 'Brabant Killers'

Belgian police still trying to crack case of gang that killed 28 people in robberies in 1980s

(Newser) - Even after more than three decades, they're well-known in Belgium as the "Crazy Brabant Killers," for good reason. As the Guardian explains, the ruthless gang killed 28 people, including children, in a series of brazen robberies of supermarkets and other sites in the early 1980s. The raids...

Man Has Been Sent Unwanted Pizzas for 9 Years
9 Years of Unwanted Pizza
Deliveries Driving Man Crazy
in case you missed it

9 Years of Unwanted Pizza Deliveries Driving Man Crazy

Jean Van Landeghem says he cringes at the sound of a scooter

(Newser) - It's a good problem to have—until it isn't. The Brussels Times has the odd story of Jean Van Landeghem, a 65-year-old man living in Turnhout, Belgium, who has for the last nine years been getting pizzas he hasn't ordered. The orders come at all hours (that...

Prince Goes to Party Amid Lockdown, Then Tests Positive

Belgium's Prince Joachim went to Spain, attended large gathering

(Newser) - A Belgian prince traveled from his home country to Spain on May 26 for an internship, and within two days of his arrival, he was one of 27 guests at what the BBC is calling a "lockdown party" held in a city that currently permits no more than 15...

He Found a 'Loophole' for a 'Free' Flight. Now, a Lawsuit

Brussels Airlines is suing hacker who flew himself, 2 pals to New York for free

(Newser) - An overseas airline has filed a lawsuit against a hacker who booked a "free" flight from Belgium to New York. The Brussels Times reports that Brussels Airlines wants $22,000 in damages from the 25-year-old man after he flew himself and two buddies to the US in business class...

City Defends 'Fun' Mockery of Orthodox Jews

Criticism of last year's parade only made Aalst dig in

(Newser) - A Belgian city heard much criticism last year after its carnival parade included caricatures of Jewish people. The reaction of Aalst's leaders was to double down. When UNESCO moved to take the city off its cultural heritage list, local officials asked for the action to be taken. When this...

DNA Test Is In, and Ex-King Says Woman Is His Daughter

Belgium's Albert II fathered Delphine Boël 51 years ago during an affair

(Newser) - Accepting the findings of a court-ordered DNA test, Belgium's former King Albert II conceded Monday that woman he's fought a legal battle with for years is his daughter. "The scientific conclusions show that he is the biological father of Mrs. Delphine Boël," his lawyer said...

Restored Masterpiece Has a Startling New Sheep

Not everyone is pleased with the 'new' Ghent Altarpiece

(Newser) - A renowned work of art looks noticeably different following a yearslong, $2.4 million restoration. And that's not necessarily a good thing in the eyes of critics. A sheep featured prominently in the 12-panel Ghent Altarpiece, completed by Flemish brothers Hubert and Jan Van Eyck in 1432, now has...

Paralympic Athlete Legally Ends Her Life

100m champ Marieke Vervoort was 40

(Newser) - Paralympian athlete Marieke Vervoort made the most out of her life—and ended it at a time of her choosing. The 40-year-old died Tuesday by euthanasia, which is legal in Belgium. Vervoort, who won the 100 meters gold and 200 meters silver medals in wheelchair racing at the London Paralympics...

Race Car Driver Dead in Terrifying Crash

Anthoine Hubert, RIP

(Newser) - French driver Anthoine Hubert has died in a Formula Two accident at the Belgian Grand Prix, the AP reports. The 22-year-old Hubert died following an estimated 160mph collision on Lap 2 at the high-speed Spa-Francorchamps track, which earlier Saturday saw qualifying for Sunday's Formula One race. (See the terrifying...

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