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This Type of Athlete Wows at Conquering Pain
This Type of Athlete
Wows at Conquering Pain

This Type of Athlete Wows at Conquering Pain

High-level endurance athletes beat soccer players in pain tolerance, thresholds

(Newser) - Want to fell less pain? You may want to try long-distance running. Research published in July comparing pain perception in endurance athletes, soccer players, and nonathletes suggests elite athletes overall have increased pain tolerance, higher pain thresholds, and lower pain intensity—but also that endurance athletes manage the best. In...

Woman Feels No Pain, Didn't Realize It Until Age 65

Jo Cameron has been through several operations and childbirth without painkillers

(Newser) - It sounds like something out of a superhero movie: There's a woman living in Scotland who feels no pain. In a case report on Jo Cameron in the British Journal of Anaesthesia , scientists say they discovered two genetic mutations at play (one on a previously unidentified gene) and that...

Man Puts His Feet Through Lego Ordeal for Charity

At least Russell Cassevah thinks he set a world record after his 120-foot torture stroll

(Newser) - Most people go to great lengths to avoid stepping on their kids' Legos. Not Russell Cassevah, described as a "madman" by ALT 103.7 for what appears to be a (painful) new world record. WAVY reports the Virginia man traversed 120 feet of the sole-puncturing plastic bricks on Sunday,...

Swiss Can't Stick Live Lobsters in Boiling Water Anymore

They have to be stunned before they're thrown in the pot

(Newser) - Lobsters may not actually scream when they're placed live into pots of boiling water (they don't have vocal cords), but the jury's still out on whether they feel pain. Switzerland isn't taking chances, issuing a government decree that "the practice of plunging live lobsters into...

Lady Gaga Cancels Tour Dates Due to 'Severe' Pain

European leg of her tour is postponed until next year

(Newser) - More bad news for Lady Gaga, and her fans: After pulling out of the Rock in Rio music festival due to a hospitalization, Gaga has now announced she's delaying the European leg of her Joanne World Tour. The six-week leg, planned for Sept. 21 to Oct. 28, will be...

This Is How Much People Will Pay to Ease Their Pain

One takeaway? Wealthy people are willing to pay more to relieve their pain

(Newser) - Chronic pain can be downright unbearable, and opioids to treat it can be hard to quit. In fact, with opioid addiction claiming more lives than ever, the US is experiencing what President Trump has just called a national emergency . Researchers found that in 2015, one in three Americans took opioid...

Cursing Makes You Stronger
Need Strength? Try Cursing
new study

Need Strength? Try Cursing

Study finds that people perform better in physical tests if they swear

(Newser) - When you need a little extra oomph during a workout, try swearing. Researchers from the UK's Keele University report via the British Psychological Society that people perform better on tests of physical endurance when they curse. Specifically, 29 people around age 21 took part in a cycling test, and...

Take a Yoga Class for Back Pain, Not a Pain Pill
For Back Pain,
Skip the Opioids 
and Try Yoga

For Back Pain, Skip the Opioids and Try Yoga

Doctors' group recommends meditation, acupuncture or basically anything else first

(Newser) - If you're tempted to pop a painkiller every time you feel a twinge coursing down your back, there's a new set of guidelines you may want to peruse first. Per NBC News and CBS News , prescription meds for lower back pain should be your go-to only when you'...

The Longer You Can Do This, the More Friends You May Have

The connection between friends and pain tolerance is explored

(Newser) - Having a healthy network of friends can do you a lot of good , but can it also save you from a lot of pain? Researchers reporting in the journal Scientific Reports seem to think so. They say that one's ability to tolerate pain can actually predict the size of...

Overdose Drug Helps Woman Feel Pain for First Time

And that could actually be great news for people with chronic pain

(Newser) - A woman who was born without the ability to feel pain was hurt for the first time in 39 years when researchers burned her with a laser, New Scientist reports. "I think she quite enjoyed the experiment," researcher John Wood says. But that's not just good news...

Study: Most Sleepwalkers Don't Feel Pain

Not even when they jump out a third-story window, apparently

(Newser) - Nearly 80% of people who've injured themselves while sleepwalking felt no pain and didn't even wake up, according to a new study published this month in Sleep. And we're not talking about a stubbed toe or bumped elbow, either. One study subject jumped out a third-floor window—...

Babies Feel Pain Same as Adults Do
Babies Feel Pain
Same as Adults Do
study says

Babies Feel Pain Same as Adults Do

They might even be more sensitive to it, study says

(Newser) - Researchers say their new study confirms what babies have been trying to tell us all along: Of course, they feel pain. In fact, they may be more sensitive to it than adults, according to a post at Science Daily . Oxford scientists used MRI scans to study the brains of newborns...

China Hospital Helps Guys Feel Pain of Childbirth

'Labor simulator' delivers the agony

(Newser) - A hospital in China is giving men a unique way to share the experience of childbirth—specifically, the pain of childbirth—with women. Reuters reports that Aima maternity hospital offers sessions in which guys can have pads attached to their abdomen that deliver electric shocks in gradually increasing intensity over...

My Dad Was Impervious to Pain—and It Killed Him

Will Boast's father taught him to deny pain, but is that a good thing?

(Newser) - By all accounts, death by perforated ulcer is a horrible thing: Blood, bile, and partly digested food seep into the abdominal cavity and fill you with agony. But Will Boast's father took that agony to work one day and only succumbed, finally, when driving home along an Iowa road....

Torture Changes the Way You Feel Pain Forever
Torture Changes the Way
You Feel Pain Forever
Study Says

Torture Changes the Way You Feel Pain Forever

Including psychological torture

(Newser) - Torture doesn't just hurt you once, it keeps on hurting you forever, a new study in the European Journal of Pain suggests. Researchers examined 104 Israeli soldiers who fought in the 1973 war between Syria and Egypt, 60 of whom had been taken captive and tortured, gauging their reaction...

Math Can Hurt You—Physically
 Math Can Hurt  
Study Says

Math Can Hurt You—Physically

Just thinking about it hurts, say researchers

(Newser) - Thanks to Barbie, we've long known that math class is tough. But now scientists say just the thought of math can be downright painful, reports Stuff . Researchers used MRIs to measure subjects' brain activity in a variety of hypothetical situations, including "walking to math class" and "receiving...

How Violent Video Games Can Be Good for You

Study suggests they can boost your pain tolerance

(Newser) - Next time you think you're going to take a bullet in real life, do yourself a favor and take some on your X-Box first. A new study suggests that playing violent first-person shooters actually increases your pain tolerance, the Daily Mail reports. Researchers at Keele University had 40 subjects...

Scientists Finally Figure Out 'Brain Freeze'
 Scientists Finally 
 Figure Out 'Brain Freeze' 
in case you missed it

Scientists Finally Figure Out 'Brain Freeze'

Which could spell good news for migraine sufferers

(Newser) - Why must a shooting pain so often accompany a delicious bite of ice cream? In their work to learn more about migraines, scientists may have figured it out, LiveScience reports. Using the previously established findings that migraine-sufferers have the double whammy of more frequent brain freeze, the researchers decided to...

Painkillers Could Ease Social Rejection
 Could Ease 
 Social Rejection 
study says

Painkillers Could Ease Social Rejection

Physical, social hurt function similarly: researchers

(Newser) - Someday, painkillers might battle more than just physical pain. The medications could be used to fight the pain of social rejection, too, researchers say. That's because the brain handles physical pain and the hurt of rejection similarly, a study finds. Scientists picked up on the connection while looking at...

In Pain? Look at a Picture of Your Lover

Study shows photos can help ease discomfort

(Newser) - In pain? Don’t reach for the Tylenol—reach for the picture of your significant other. Researchers at Stanford University found that looking at the image of a romantic partner reduces pain by between 36% and 44%--or about as much as narcotics like cocaine, the Daily Mail reports. Even “...

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