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5 Ill-Fated Supreme Court Picks

Cronyism, racism, marijuana have done in earlier nominees

(Newser) - Elena Kagan seems likely to be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, although critics are comparing her to some of the worst picks of the past. The Week takes a look at some that didn't make it.
  • Harriet Miers, (George W. Bush, 2005). Labeled "My Little Crony" over her

40% Approve of Kagan: Poll
 40% Approve of Kagan: Poll 

40% Approve of Kagan: Poll

Gallup finds numbers similar to Alito, Miers

(Newser) - Forty percent of Americans think Elena Kagan was an "excellent" or "good" choice for the Supreme Court, while 14% rate President Obama's choice of nominee "poor," according to a new Gallup poll. That puts Kagan's initial approval numbers in line with those for Bush nominees Samuel...

CIA Head Was OK With Destroying Torture Tapes
CIA Head Was OK With Destroying Torture Tapes
email evidence

CIA Head Was OK With Destroying Torture Tapes

Emails indicate Porter Goss agreed with the decision

(Newser) - Former CIA head Porter Goss agreed with the decision to destroy tapes of terror suspect Abu Zubaydah being waterboarded, email records obtained by the ACLU show. In one, the agency's top officer wrote that he "felt it was extremely important to destroy the tapes"—then added "PG,...

Rove Pushed for Firing of US Attorney in NM

(Newser) - The House Judiciary Committee released documents today that Democrats say put Karl Rove and former Bush counsel Harriet Miers at the center of the US attorney firing scandal, Politico reports. “Karl Rove and his cohorts at the Bush White House were the driving force behind several of these firings,...

Emails Show Rove Knee-Deep in Attorney Firings

(Newser) - Karl Rove was intimately involved in the firing of at least three of the US Attorneys sacked for purportedly political reasons during the Bush administration, emails obtained by the Washington Post show. One note mentions a senator who “asked that we remove the US Atty” and “couldn’t...

Rove Tight-Lipped After Grilling Over Attorney Firings

Bush aide cooperated with prosecutor: lawyer

(Newser) - Karl Rove stayed mum as he left an interview with a special prosecutor today about the firing of US attorneys during the Bush administration, the AP reports. Nora Dannehy questioned the former White House aide at his lawyer’s office; she left after about 4 hours. Rove’s attorney said...

Rove Will Be Questioned Over Attorney Firings

(Newser) - Karl Rove is on the hot seat tomorrow. The former Bush adviser will be interviewed by federal prosecutors as part of a criminal investigation into the firings of US attorneys in 2006, the Washington Post reports. Rove will meet with Connecticut prosecutor Nora R. Dannehy, who has been charged with...

Dems 'Would Love to Have Me Barbecued': Rove

Former Bush aide will testify on attorney firings, governor's prosecution

(Newser) - Karl Rove is looking forward to testifying before the House Judiciary Committee concerning his alleged role in the sacking of several federal prosecutors, Fox News reports. But beware the “show trial,” Rove said, as “some Democrats would love to have me barbecued.” Rove will also be...

Rove, Miers to Testify on Attorney Firings

(Newser) - Karl Rove and Harriet Miers have agreed to testify before Congress about the controversial firing of US attorneys, CBS reports. The former Bush aides' testimony will not be public, though that could happen in the future, notes the Public Record. Congress is investigating whether the Bush administration fired the attorneys...

Mukasey Taps Prosecutor for Attorney Firings Case

Conn. official Dannehy could force likes of Rove to testify

(Newser) - Michael Mukasey appointed a special prosecutor today to look into the attorney firing scandal today, Reuters reports, after an internal investigation came up empty-handed. Many top witnesses, such as Karl Rove, didn’t cooperate, but could now be subpoenaed by Connecticut prosecutor Nora Dannehy.

No Charges in US Attorney Firings: Report

Gonzales won't face grand jury from internal Justice investigation

(Newser) - A Justice Department probe of the firings of a group of US attorneys is ending without recommending charges against former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales or anyone else, the New York Times reports. The investigators' report, to be released today, is nonetheless said to be scathing on the politically motivated firings,...

Why Sarah Palin Didn't Get the Harriet Miers Treatment

Absurd, since she's more inexperienced that Bush's ill-fated Supreme Court nominee

(Newser) - E.J. Dionne can't resist comparing John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate to President Bush's attempt to put Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court. “Palin is, if anything, less qualified for the vice presidency (and the presidency) than Miers was for the court,”...

Bush Aides Must Testify: Judge
 Bush Aides Must Testify: Judge

Bush Aides Must Testify: Judge

Judge rejects administration's interpretation of executive privilege

(Newser) - Turning aside White House arguments that top aides are protected from subpoenas by executive privilege, a judge ruled today that Harriet Miers must testify before a congressional committee on the firings of nine federal prosecutors, the Washington Post reports. Miers and fellow aide Joshua Bolten can, however, invoke executive privilege...

Executive Privilege Goes to Court
Executive Privilege
Goes to Court

Executive Privilege Goes to Court

Ruling in lawmakers' challenge could cement power grab

(Newser) - The civil suit brought by Congress as it investigates the 2005-06 firings of US attorneys is becoming a groundbreaking constitutional tussle that could decide the true scope of executive privilege. The precedent that could be set in the ruling from a US district court is now more significant than the...

House Sues Bush Aides Over Subpoenas

Lawsuit calls on Miers, Bolton to talk about fired prosecutors

(Newser) - Lawmakers sued two top Bush aides today to make them testify about the sacking of federal prosecutors in 2006. The House Judiciary Committee suit seeks to enforce subpoenas against White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten and former Bush counsel Harriet Miers, who have refused to testify or supply subpoenaed...

Mukasey Nixes Bush Aides Contempt Case

AG rejects House request, saying no crime was committed

(Newser) - A  showdown over executive privilege got more likely yesterday when Attorney General Michael Mukasey said he wouldn't pursue contempt charges against two Bush aides, Reuters reports. Mukasey rejected the request from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to refer the case to a grand jury, arguing that they had committed no crime...

Bush Chides House Dems for Law Expiration

Eavesdropping measure expires at midnight

(Newser) - With a law that expands the government's power to eavesdrop due to expire at midnight, President Bush scolded Congress today for sitting idly by and allowing it to happen. Bush said Congress' failure to act could cause the US to “lose a vital lead that could prevent an attack,...

House Holds 2 Bush Aides in Contempt

Dems vote against Bolten, Miers, while GOP walks out

(Newser) - The House voted today to hold two Bush insiders guilty of contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate in last year's US attorneys scandal, the AP reports. Angry  Republicans boycotted the vote and walked out in protest. Democrats censured chief of staff Josh Bolten and former Bush counsel Harriet Miers...

Bush Lawyers Talked to CIA About Tapes

Gonzales, Miers met intelligence officials before their destruction

(Newser) - Alberto Gonzales and at least three other White House lawyers were involved in discussions with the CIA before the agency destroyed interrogation videotapes in 2005, the New York Times reports. Gonzales, Harriet Miers, David Addington, and John Bellinger all met with CIA officials, the Times says, based on interviews with...

Dems Threaten White House With Contempt

Last warning on mum aides in probe of fired attorneys

(Newser) - Democrats have threatened a vote holding White House aides in contempt of Congress if they don't cooperate with an investigation into last year's firing of federal attorneys, the AP reports. A citation, approved this summer by a House judiciary committee, was filed yesterday. If approved by the entire House, a...

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