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Gossip Girl Star Accused of Raping Actress
Gossip Girl
Star Accused of
Raping Actress

Gossip Girl Star Accused of Raping Actress

Kristina Cohen says Ed Westwick raped her at his home

(Newser) - Another big name has been drawn into the Hollywood sexual assault scandal: Ed Westwick, the English actor who played Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. Actress Kristina Cohen says Westwick raped her three years ago, Vulture reports. A producer she was dating at the time brought her to Westwick's house,...

Taylor Momsen Quits Acting
 Taylor Momsen Quits Acting 

Taylor Momsen Quits Acting

Goth Barbie wants to stick with her music

(Newser) - Hold the applause, please: Taylor Momsen is quitting acting at the ripe old age of 18. The bad, bad girl says she has quit Gossip Girl—though other reports say her role was slashed by bosses —and will now focus on her music with her band Pretty Reckless. "...

Leighton Meester Sues Her Mom

'Gossip Girl' actress says mom spent money for bro on plastic surgery

(Newser) - Now that's harsh. Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester is suing her own mom. Meester, who plays snarky Blair, says she gave her mom money for medicine and treatments for little brother Lex, who suffers from major medical issues, reports TMZ . But her mother used it instead for plastic surgery,...

Nude Pics Aren't Me: Blake Lively

 Nude Pics 
 Aren't Me: 
 Blake Lively 
but hacker releases more

Nude Pics Aren't Me: Blake Lively

She threatens to sue over publication

(Newser) - Gossip Girl star Blake Lively says a series of circulating nude pictures are not her, and she's threatening to sue outlets publishing the photos. The photos were first released (then yanked) on Perez Hilton's gossip website . They show a blonde strongly resembling Lively taking cellphone shots of herself...

'Diva' Momsen on Hiatus From Gossip Girl

Too hot to handle?

(Newser) - The actress dissed by fatherly Tim Gunn as a "diva" and a "brat" is going on a hiatus from Gossip Girl. "Goth Barbie" Taylor Momsen, 17, will be a no-show for 4 episodes beginning next month, reports Deadline Hollywood . She may be out for "creative reasons"...

'Goth Barbie' Momsen: Blame My Parents

I'm 'miserable' because they put me to work, says Gossip Girl star

(Newser) - If you're sick of "Goth Barbie" Taylor Momsen's attitude, blame her parents, says the perennially-moody 17-year-old Gossip Girl star. She holds mom and dad responsible for making her "miserable" by turning her into a kid star and destroying her childhood. "My parents signed me up with the...

Taylor Momsen: I Did a Priest
 Taylor Momsen: I Did a Priest 

Taylor Momsen: I Did a Priest

Just joking, says the oh-so-bad Gossip Girl

(Newser) - Taylor Momsen is trying so very hard to be the badass of Gossip Girl, but this time she seems to have picked an easy target: a Catholic priest. "I screwed a priest," Momsen, 17, boasted to a New Zealand radio station, though not exactly in those words. But...

Battle of the Baby Sexpots: Momsen Rips 'Pathetic' Miley Fare

 Momsen Rips 
 Miley Fare 
battle of the baby sexpots

Momsen Rips 'Pathetic' Miley Fare

'Bubblegum ruining the world'

(Newser) - Teen hottie Taylor Momsen has lashed out at rival baby sexpot Miley Cyrus, calling the Disney shows Cyrus has appeared in "pathetic." Momsen failed to win the role of "Hannah Montana" in an audition at the age of 9, but now says she's happy she didn't lasso...

Keep Amanda Bynes, Let These Actors Retire

Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart are disposable

(Newser) - News that 24-year-old Amanda Bynes is retiring from acting doesn't sit well with Richard Lawson. "There were signs of some charm in her fluffy teen pics," he writes for Gawker , and besides, plenty of other no-talent actors could quit without causing a moment's pain:
  • Kristen Stewart: Whether in

Gossip Girl Guy Popped for Pot Possession

Chace Crawford charged with misdemeanor in Texas

(Newser) - Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was arrested early this morning and charged with misdemeanor drug possession, TMZ reports . Crawford, 24, was with a friend in a car in the parking lot of a pub when Plano, Texas, police found one unlit joint. He was arrested and charged with possession of...

Vigilante Mom Returns Gossip Girl Books to Library

Orlando-area woman says she made her point about smut

(Newser) - The Florida woman holding her local library's Gossip Girl books hostage because she deemed their content "really inappropriate" has returned them. "I feel like I had done my part to help focus attention on this," Tina Harden tells the Orlando Sentinel , which broke the story yesterday. Since...

Fla. Mom Holds Racy Gossip Girl Books Hostage

She's had them checked out since 2008

(Newser) - A Florida mom is waging a one-woman war on the Gossip Girl books. Determined to keep her teenage daughter—and everyone else—from reading the racy fare, she's had them checked out of her local library since 2008, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Tina Harden says the books' references to sex...

Why 30somethings Love Teen Soaps

 Why 30somethings 
 Love Teen Soaps 
confessions of a 90210 junkie

Why 30somethings Love Teen Soaps

90210, Gossip Girl help us escape...and the clothes are nice, too

(Newser) - Like many 30somethings, Taffy Brodesser-Akner grew up alongside the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210—the show that gave her, “stuck in an all-girls yeshiva in Queens with no prom to speak of,” a chance to have “a real teenage experience.” But why, she wonders, is she...

Meet Blake Lively, the Next Big Thing
 Meet Blake Lively, 
 the Next Big Thing 

Meet Blake Lively, the Next Big Thing

Gossip Girl actress poised for success in film

(Newser) - Blake Lively is poised to become a bonafide star, and Ryan D'Agostino thinks he may have scored the last-ever interview with the real her, as she bakes him a pie while discussing her blossoming career. Another person wants his early associations with the Gossip Girl made known, too: Ben Affleck,...

2009's Worst Sex Scenes
 2009's Worst Sex Scenes 

2009's Worst Sex Scenes

Congratulations, Katherine Heigl, for making the list twice

(Newser) - Sometimes on-screen sex scenes are just sex…not sexy. The Frisky points to a list on YourTango detailing the 10 worst sex scenes of 2009:
  • The Watchmen: Two superheroes have sex on a spaceship…with Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” playing in the background. Enough said.
  • The Ugly Truth: Katherine

Pre-Lady Gaga Wowed NYU
 Pre-Lady Gaga Wowed NYU 

Pre-Lady Gaga Wowed NYU

She used to be Stefani Germanotta, student

(Newser) - Before she was an over-the-top star dogged by rumors that she's intersex, Lady Gaga was babelicious Stefani Germanotta, a New York University student with a killer voice who wowed her classmates at a 2005 talent show. Gaga strutted her new stuff for fictional students of her near-alma-mater (she never graduated...

Threesome Complaints May Only Help Gossip Girl

Parents Television Council likely to boost racy episode's ratings

(Newser) - The CW might want to write a thank-you note to the Parents Television Council: All of its moaning about tonight’s Gossip Girl threesome is serving as free publicity for the show, which may just help boost its sagging ratings. No ads have been pulled and no affiliates are boycotting,...

Gossip Girl Puts Another Nail in Speakeasy's Coffin

A good cocktail is timeless; this trend is not

(Newser) - Not even a month after one mag wished for the speakeasy trend to die, Gossip Girl (yes, a show about high school and college kids, but that’s another topic) is pounding another nail in the cocktail conceit, Derek Brown writes. With one of the show’s characters opening a...

Parents Council Freaks Over Gossip Girl Threesome

Urges local affiliates to preempt the program

(Newser) - The Parents Television Council is on the warpath, this time over news that the upcoming episode of Gossip Girl will feature a threesome. The group has sent a letter to CW affiliates warning that they’ll be “complicit in establishing a precedent and expectation that teenagers should engage in...

Sex Tape Is Fake: Gossip Girl Meester

Gossip Girl actress says it's not her in racy video

(Newser) - Leighton Meester says an alleged sex tape making the rounds is a phony. “It’s not real, so it makes me sort of sad,” the Gossip Girl actress tells Harper's Bazaar. “It's unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did. I definitely understand the nature...

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