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Here Are the 10 Best, Worst US Cities to Be Car-Less

You don't need wheels to get around San Francisco, per LawnStarter

(Newser) - In some places, not having a car could adversely affect everything from employment opportunities to how you spend your downtime. LawnStarter wanted to see where a vehicle isn't as necessary for your daily routine, so it looked at the 200 largest cities in the US to measure their standings...

Inflation Is Rising Fastest in This US City

Sorry, residents of Phoenix

(Newser) - The nation's latest inflation report may have delivered better news than expected, but prices remain stubbornly high across the nation. And, of course, some places are worse than others. WalletHub has crunched Consumer Price Index data to determine the metropolitan areas in the US where inflation is rising the...

10 Big Firsts That Emerged From the Midterms
10 Big Firsts That
Emerged From the Midterms

10 Big Firsts That Emerged From the Midterms

Kathy Hochul is first elected female governor of NY, plus more 'history-makers'

(Newser) - Congress got its first Gen Z member ever on election night, thanks to a win by 25-year-old Maxwell Frost in Florida's 10th Congressional District. But Frost wasn't the only notable victory. CNN runs down other "history-makers" of the 2022 midterms. Here, 10 standouts:
  1. Becca Balint: first woman

Among Highest-Earning Dead Celebs, a Surprise Name
Among Highest-Earning
Dead Celebs, a Surprise Name
in case you missed it

Among Highest-Earning Dead Celebs, a Surprise Name

Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro comes in at No. 9 on new 'Forbes' ranking

(Newser) - Forbes is out with its annual ranking of the highest-earning dead celebrities, and those on the top 10 have plenty of name recognition. No. 1, for example, is JRR Tolkien, whose estate pulled in $500 million thanks to the sale of Middle Earth Enterprises to a video game company....

Here Are the Most Overrated Tourist Spots in the US

Plus, 10 underrated gems, courtesy of

(Newser) - Looking to book your next getaway and take in the sights? If you've ever been disappointed during past visits to American tourist magnets, you might want to check out's list . The site analyzed upward of 17,000 Tripadvisor reviews for destinations in all 50 states, searching...

10 Best Scary Movies Ever
10 Best
of All Time

10 Best Horror Films of All Time

'Rolling Stone' ranks top 101, with 'The Exorcist' as champ

(Newser) - Looking for a scary movie on Halloween? Rolling Stone has ranked the 101 best horror films of all time, with The Exorcist clocking in at No. 1. "It was the movie that made America afraid of the devil again," the site's tribute begins. What's more, it...

Congrats, NYC: You're Not the 'Rattiest' City in America

Chicago takes that honor in rankings by Orkin pest control company; the Big Apple comes in 2nd

(Newser) - Think "rats in the city," and many people are likely to envision the rodents who creep around in the Big Apple's alleyways and subway system. It's not New York City, though, but Chicago atop Orkin's list of the "rattiest" cities in America. USA Today...

These Are the Top 10 US Colleges and Universities

MIT tops WalletHub's list

(Newser) - Where to go to college is among the biggest decisions we make, affecting not only our future in general, but also our wallets (or our parents' wallets). WalletHub wanted to see which colleges and universities proved the best-performing options at the lowest cost for undergrads, analyzing the data on 900-plus...

10 'Coolest' Neighborhoods in the World

Time Out puts 2 spots in the US in top echelon

(Newser) - It's a little subjective, but Time Out has come up with the "coolest neighborhoods" in the world to visit. Colonia Americana in Mexico tops the list, and two places in the US—the Ridgewood neighborhood of New York City and Barrio Logan in San Diego—crack the top...

This Is the Greenest City in America

San Diego takes the top spot in WalletHub's ranking of environmentally conscious metropolises

(Newser) - With what seems like a never-ending series of headlines tied to the effects of global warming on Earth, many of us may be thinking ahead on what we can do next to help save our planet. Where we choose to live could also prove meaningful, with some cities around the...

10 Best TV Shows of All Time
Best TV Shows of All Time

Best TV Shows of All Time

'Rolling Stone' is out with its new ranking

(Newser) - Rolling Stone acknowledges it's a near-impossible task—ranking the 100 best TV shows of all time, with no regard to genre or era. It did so by enlisting critics, creators, and stars, and the full list of voters is here . Why The Sopranos at No. 1? Among other...

Even With $2.5B, Oprah Isn't Among 400 Richest in US

Kanye West doesn't make the cut, either, though Donald Trump does

(Newser) - Donald Trump has found his way back onto Forbes' list of the 400 richest Americans. The former president was excluded in 2021 for the first time in 25 years. But with an estimated net worth of $3.2 billion—up from $2.5 billion last year—he's back for...

The 10 Best, Worst Cities for Herbivores

WalletHub ranks the best places in the US for vegetarians, vegans

(Newser) - If living a meat-free existence is your dietary M.O., WalletHub wants to help you find your herbivore paradise. To suss out which US metropolitan areas are the best choices for vegetarians and vegans, the site examined data for the 100 biggest cities, looking at 17 metrics across three main...

This Is the Happiest State in America
This Is the Happiest
State in America

This Is the Happiest State in America

Hawaii tops WalletHub's list; West Virginia lands at the bottom

(Newser) - Happiness is said to be a state of mind—but what state you're in could affect that state. WalletHub wanted to find out where people in the US are at their most content, especially in the wake of the worst of the pandemic and amid new stressors like inflation....

10 Best, Worst Places to Retire
10 Best, Worst
Places to Retire

10 Best, Worst Places to Retire

Charleston, SC, ranks first in WalletHub list

(Newser) - Those looking to relocate in retirement have a host of factors to consider, including affordability, health care, activities, and overall quality of life. In a new ranking, WalletHub assessed all of the above to rank 182 metro areas in the US. Here are the top and bottom 10:
  1. Charleston, South

Here Are the Best, Worst Colleges for Free Speech

Per Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, 3 Ivy League schools are in bottom 10

(Newser) - Students usually head off to college excited to open their minds, on campuses where academic freedom is said to be valued and the exchange of ideas paramount. However, per Greg Lukianoff, CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, free speech "has gotten far worse in the last...

Commuters in This City Have It the Worst

New York City claims the most commuting stress, Virginia Beach the least, per new report

(Newser) - When you're exhausted and cranky before you even get to work ... well, welcome to the world of commuting. One US city in particular, which already had a reputation for a grind of a commute, now has the dubious honor of officially being deemed the city with the most stressful...

This Is the Best State for Women's Equality

New Mexico takes No. 1 spot in WalletHub's rankings; Utah is last

(Newser) - Women's Equality Day was celebrated in the US on Friday, commemorating the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. There's been significant progress in terms of women's equality since, but the scales still aren't completely balanced, and some states are...

Best US Airlines in 2022
The Best
US Airlines,

The Best US Airlines, Ranked

The Points Guy crowns Delta as king

(Newser) - The Points Guy website is out with its annual ranking of US airlines, and Delta comes out on top by a rather comfortable margin. The top-10 ranking takes into account all the factors you'd expect—on-time flights, cancellations, general reliability, cost, scheduling, frequent-flier perks, and more. Here are the...

Here Are the 10 Top Jokes From Edinburgh Festival

Winner is a pun about pasta

(Newser) - The annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe has crowned its best joke of the year, along with nine runner-ups. Fair warning: If you don't like puns, you won't like this year's winner from part-time stand-up Masai Graham. The arts festival runs every August in the Scottish capital (pandemic permitting),...

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