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County Acts After Public Dissection of WWII Veteran

Teary officials in Multnomah County, Ore., move to ban for-profit display of human remains

(Newser) - The widow of a World War II and Korean War veteran who thought she was donating his body to science was aghast to learn that it was instead dissected in front of a paying audience at a Portland hotel last October. Now, as the Oregonian reports, the Multnomah County Board...

COVID Victim Dissected in Front of Paying Audience

His family says they never gave consent for 'pay-per-view autopsy'

(Newser) - In late August, David Saunders, a 98-year-old decorated World War II veteran from Louisiana, died of COVID, and his widow, Elsie, tried to donate his body to LSU for science, though the university refused due to his COVID status. Through a Baton Rouge funeral home, she found another company that...

High School Replaces Frogs With Synthetics

In a first, PETA helps fund the switch

(Newser) - The learning is real in biology class, but at a high school in Florida, the frogs are not. Students at JW Mitchell High in New Port Richey dissected synthetic frogs last month for the first time, CNN reports. PETA provided funding for the frogs to SynDaver, a company that says...

Why Thawing the Dead With a Hose Is Basically Legal

Reuters digs into the grim, gruesome, and largely unregulated world of cadavers

(Newser) - When the subject is cadavers, and one of the first sentences is "grisly abuses abound," you know what's to come is likely not for the faint of heart. That's true with Reuters' investigation into the body trade: The story opens with a description of "bits...

Zoo Has Decided to Dissect Lion in Public

Denmark's Odense Zoo says kids especially love this type of 'authentic' experience

(Newser) - Denmark's Odense Zoo decided it had one too many lions, so it put down one of the big cats and stored the remains in a freezer—and it plans to hold a live dissection of the animal on Thursday to "show how fantastic a lion is," RT....

Grandma's Body Accidentally Sent to Be Dissected

But medical examiner's office insists body was never dissected

(Newser) - Bronx morgue workers allegedly sent the corpse of an 85-year-old woman to be dissected at Albert Einstein College—despite the fact that her body was never supposed to be used as a teaching aide. Now, the family of Aura Ballesteros, who died May 16, plans to sue the city, the...

Calif. School First to Ban Dissections in Software Deal

Students to use free anatomy software instead of frogs

(Newser) - A California high school has put down its scalpels and become the first school in the nation to accept a software offer from an animal rights group. Rancho Verde High School will drop frog dissections in exchange for free "Digital Frog" anatomy software provided by the Animal Welfare Institute...

Teen Has Big Heart, New Name: CutoutDissection.com

(Newser) - A 19-year-old girl in Asheville, NC, has legally changed her name to CutoutDissection.com (call her Cutout for short) to protest animal dissection in the classroom, the Citizen-Times reports. The former Jennifer Thornburg’s name is the address for PETA's web site on the practice. Cutout is now a PETA ...

Biology Class Is No Cut-Up for US Kids

More pupils duck dissections by doing them virtually

(Newser) - More biology students are ducking icky frog and fetal pig dissections by doing them on computers, the AP reports. Animal rights activists, thrilled that 14 states let kids skip dissections, are helping get the interactive programs to schools. One West Virginia group donated software to a high school that spends...

Scientists Thaw Colossal Squid for Probe

Researchers begin thawing 34-foot creature, aim to determine its sex

(Newser) - New Zealand scientists have begun defrosting a colossal squid, caught last year, so they can dissect the little-known species. They aim to start by determining the sex of the 34-foot long animal, a native of Antarctica that weighs half a ton. "They're incredibly rare—this is probably one of...

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