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Biden, Trump Dump Debate Commission
Biden, Trump Dump
Debate Commission

Biden, Trump Dump Debate Commission

Candidates agree to their own debates in June and September, accept an offer from CNN

(Newser) - President Biden and former President Trump are apparently ready to verbally rumble—without the assistance of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has been overseeing presidential debates since the late 1980s. As Politico reports, team Biden proposed two debates, one in June and another in September, with both to be...

GOP Quits Debates, Calls Commission Biased
GOP Pulls Out of Future Debates

GOP Pulls Out of Future Debates

Party wants changes in presidential campaign events after Trump complained

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee had been warning for months about no longer participating in the presidential debates organized by the commission that's held them since 1988. Spurred on by former President Donald Trump, Republicans have picked up their criticism of the Commission on Presidential Debates as biased toward Democrats,...

GOP Threatens to Abandon Debates
GOP Moves
to Drop Out
of Debates

GOP Moves to Drop Out of Debates

Party considers making candidates sign a pledge to stay out of commission's events

(Newser) - GOP unhappiness with the commission that runs the presidential debates reached a peak Thursday, when the Republican National Committee told the nonprofit it wants its candidates to sit out the event in the future. The committee told the nonprofit in a letter that it plans to require its candidates to...

RNC: Presidential Debates Group Needs to Fix 'Intolerable' Situation

Chair McDaniel says if debates aren't made more 'fair,' she'll advise GOP nominees not to take part

(Newser) - The 2024 election is still awhile off, but the Republican National Committee is already making demands regarding that year's presidential debates. On Tuesday, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates saying that big changes are needed for both the format of the debates...

Commission: We're Moving Straight to Debate No. 3

2nd debate between Trump and Biden nixed after Trump refuses virtual format

(Newser) - First came the decision to make the second debate virtual between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden. Now, an update: There's won't be a debate at all. Per CNN , the Commission on Presidential Debates has nixed the debate scheduled for Oct. 15 after Trump said he wouldn'...

Trump's Debate Boycott Baffles Republicans
Trump's Debate Boycott
Could Backfire, GOP Fears

Trump's Debate Boycott Could Backfire, GOP Fears

He needs debate more than Biden does, analysts say

(Newser) - President Trump's decision to boycott the second presidential debate with Joe Biden because it was to be held virtually has flummoxed Republican strategists, who say that with Trump behind in the polls, he's the one who needs a game-changing moment. "While an online debate is clearly problematic,...

Next Biden-Trump Showdown Will Involve 'Remote Locations'
The Debate Goes Virtual,
and Things Go Off the Rails
the rundown

The Debate Goes Virtual, and Things Go Off the Rails

Debates commission announces change to Oct. 15 debate and Trump bails

(Newser) - A clamor to make the remaining debates between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden virtual broke out this week, with the New York Times editorial board noting that "under the current circumstances, it would be irresponsible for the show to go on as planned." It looks like...

After Cleveland Chaos, Debate Commission Is Making Changes

Biden campaign managers says he's going to show up in Miami, Nashville

(Newser) - After the chaos in Cleveland Tuesday night, some Democrats have been calling for Joe Biden to skip the next two debates with President Trump, who ignored moderator Chris Wallace's pleas to stick to the agreed-upon rules and stop interrupting his opponent. But Biden's campaign says he's definitely...

Moderators Announced for 3 Presidential Debates

Fox's Chris Wallace is first on the list

(Newser) - A Fox News anchor has been chosen as the moderator of the first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden—but the Trump campaign may not be thrilled about it. The Commission on Presidential Debates announced Tuesday that the Sept. 29 debate in Cleveland will be moderated by Chris Wallace,...

Romney, Obama to Crowley: No Follow-Up Questions

Moderator threatens to weigh in at town-hall debate

(Newser) - The Obama and Romney campaigns finally agree on something: They don't want Candy Crowley asking them any pesky follow-up questions. Crowley is moderating tomorrow's debate, which is to be conducted town hall-style, with audience members asking the questions. But Crowley doesn't intend to just twiddle her thumbs....

Left Out of Prez Debates, New Orleans Goes Online

Google, YouTube step in after official commission's snub

(Newser) - Overlooked by the commission that schedules presidential debates, New Orleans has enlisted Google and YouTube in organizing its own forum, the Times-Picayune reports. The Sept. 18 event, 8 days before the first official debate, is intended to bring the political spotlight to the beleaguered city. Gov. Bobby Jindal touted it...

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