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Roger Waters' Political Remarks May Have Cost Him BMG

'Variety' reports that record company will drop Pink Floyd co-founder after comments on Israel, Ukraine

(Newser) - Roger Waters is about to lose his record company. That's according to sources who tell Variety that BMG is preparing to drop the 80-year-old Pink Floyd co-founder after a series of recent incendiary remarks about Israel, Ukraine, and the United States. During a concert tour last year, Waters was...

Pink Floyd Rocker Waters Wears SS Gear in Berlin

Israel's Twitter account responds, 'Good morning to everyone but Roger Waters...'

(Newser) - Rock concerts are sometimes explosive, but when former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters took to the stage in Berlin, things got hotter than anticipated—and not in a positive way. The Jerusalem Post reports that during his performance last week, Waters donned an SS uniform and compared Anne Frank to...

Pink Floyd's Longtime Feud Moves to Twitter

David Gilmour's wife attacked Roger Waters online, then Gilmour jumped in

(Newser) - For a band known for tunes you can chill and zone out to, Pink Floyd often finds itself in the middle of a lot of high-tension drama. Last month, the prog-rock group found itself inadvertently inserted into a debate about rainbows . Now, a more internally driven battle is underway, not...

Facing Flap Over War Remarks, Roger Waters Cancels Concerts

Krakow officials planned to vote on deeming performer a persona non grata

(Newser) - Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has canceled concerts planned in Poland in the wake of outrage over his stance on Russia's war against Ukraine, Polish media reported Saturday. An official with the Tauron Arena in Krakow, where Waters was scheduled to perform two concerts in April, said they would...

Roger Waters Faces Backlash Over Ukraine, Taiwan Remarks

Ex-Pink Floyd member says Biden is a 'war criminal'

(Newser) - In remarks unlikely to endear him to his former Pink Floyd bandmates, Roger Waters has branded President Biden a "war criminal" for supporting Ukraine after the Russian invasion. Waters, asked during a CNN interview why he includes Biden in a montage of "war criminals" displayed during his concert...

Pink Floyd Co-Founder Has Harsh Words for Zuckerberg

Roger Waters calls Facebook CEO a 'little prick' after offer to use song

(Newser) - Pink Floyd co-founder and bassist Roger Waters had a strong reaction to Facebook's request to use one of the band's songs in an ad promoting Instagram: "F--- you. No f---ing way." Waters went into detail about the offer during a Thursday event in honor of Julian...

2012's Top-Earning Musician Might Surprise You
2012's Top-Earning Musician Might Surprise You
'forbes' list

2012's Top-Earning Musician Might Surprise You

'Forbes' releases annual list of highest-paid musicians

(Newser) - The top-earning musician of 2012 is ... Dr. Dre? Yes, the rapper tops Forbes ' annual list of the highest-paid musicians, thanks mostly to his wildly successful Beats headphone line, which also scored him a spot in Forbes' top five highest-paid celebrities this year . The top 10 musicians who raked in...

Roger Waters' Giant Inflatable Pig—Found!

Remains of Pink Floyd alum's swine end up at country club

(Newser) - The bus-sized, helium-filled pig unintentionally unleashed by Pink Floyd alum Roger Waters at the Coachella music festival Sunday has been found—in two pieces—at a nearby country club, reports the Desert Sun of Palm Springs. "It is entirely possible that I have at least part of your pig,...

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