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Salvage Firm Loses to South Africa Over $43M Treasure

But a 'confidential settlement' has been reached over silver found on SS Tilawa, sunk in WWII

(Newser) - A salvage company has lost its claim to $43 million in silver recovered from a passenger cargo ship that sunk during World War II, the UK's highest court ruled Wednesday, siding with South Africa's government. The Japanese navy sunk the SS Tilawa, later dubbed the "Indian Titanic,...

Aquarium Overwhelmed by Hundreds of Baby Sea Turtles

Sea turtle hatchlings got caught up in a storm off South Africa, leaving them sick and injured

(Newser) - An aquarium in South Africa is stretched beyond capacity after more than 500 baby sea turtles were washed up on beaches by a rare and powerful storm and rescued by members of the public. The little turtles are mostly endangered loggerheads and should be cruising the ocean, per the AP...

Nestle Allegedly Pumps Sugar Into Baby Products in Poor Nations

The food giant is being accused of a 'harmful double standard' that could lead to obesity

(Newser) - The Nestle brand may be associated with comfort food and drink, but its infant eats are getting an uncomfortable amount of scrutiny over sugar content. Per a new report from the nonprofit Public Eye and the International Baby Food Action Network, the Swiss food conglomerate adds more sugar to its...

'Digital Nomads' Flock Here, and Locals Aren't Thrilled

Cape Town, South Africa, illustrates a global trend

(Newser) - A category of workers known as digital nomads is growing in ranks around the world, and the BBC reports that Cape Town, South Africa, illustrates both the positive and negative aspects of the trend.
  • The term: Digital nomads are typically younger people who can work wherever they have an internet

Olympian Killed in Gas Station Carjacking
6 Arrested Over
Olympian's Murder

6 Arrested Over Olympian's Murder

Luke Fleurs was waiting at a gas station when 2 men approached, police say

(Newser) - Arrests have been made in last week's murder of a South African soccer star and Olympian. Police on Wednesday said six people have been arrested in connection with Luke Fleurs' murder at a gas station. Two men reportedly ordered the 24-year-old out of his Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI at...

8-Year-Old Is Sole Survivor of Fatal Bus Plunge in S. Africa

The tragedy killed at least 45 people

(Newser) - A bus carrying worshippers headed to an Easter festival plunged off a bridge on a mountain pass and burst into flames in South Africa on Thursday, killing at least 45 people, authorities said. The only survivor of the crash was an 8-year-old child, who was receiving medical attention, according to...

Auction Said to Be 'Nothing Short of Remarkable' Is Halted

Sale of Nelson Mandela artifacts has been suspended as South Africa fights for them

(Newser) - The planned auction of dozens of artifacts belonging to Nelson Mandela has been suspended pending a court application to completely halt it. The online auction had been scheduled by New York-based Guernsey's auction house on Feb. 24, in conjunction with Dr. Makaziwe Mandela, the eldest daughter of the anti-apartheid...

South Africa Makes the Case for Genocide in Gaza

Netanyahu defends military campaign as being 'in full compliance with international law'

(Newser) - A continent away from the fighting between Israel and Hamas, South Africa told judges at the United Nations' top court on Thursday that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza and pleaded with the court to urgently order Israel to halt its military operation, per the AP . "Genocides are never...

Photographer Documented Apartheid Despite the Cost

Peter Magubane was beaten, jailed, for covering South Africa's racial oppression

(Newser) - Peter Magubane, a fearless photographer who captured the violence and horror of South Africa's apartheid era of racial oppression, and was entrusted with documenting Nelson Mandela's first years of freedom after his release from prison, died Monday. He was 91, the AP reports. He was a "legendary...

South Africa Hauls Israel in Front of UN Court

Accuses Israel of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza

(Newser) - South Africa launched a case Friday at the United Nations' top court accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and asking the court to order Israel to halt its attacks—the first such challenge made at the court over the current war. Israel swiftly rejected the filing "with...

Not Seen for 80 Years, This Little Guy Reappears

De Winton's golden mole was presumed extinct

(Newser) - Researchers in South Africa say they have rediscovered a species of mole with an iridescent golden coat and the ability to almost "swim" through sand dunes after it hadn't been seen for more than 80 years and was thought to be extinct. The De Winton's golden mole—...

Conservation Group Is Freeing 2K Rhinos

African Parks has acquired South African farm that housed private breeding operation

(Newser) - When a South African farm home to a herd of around 2,000 white rhinos went up for auction earlier this year, there were fears the animals could end up with a buyer that didn't have their best interests at heart. Instead, there were no bids at all, but...

Dozens Killed as Fire Blazes Through Settlement

Johannesburg building was full of 'informal structures,' firefighters say

(Newser) - More than 70 people were killed early Thursday when fire swept through a five-story building in South Africa's biggest city. Authorities say squatters had moved into the formerly abandoned building in Johannesburg's central business district and created an "informal settlement" with many shack-like structures inside, the BBC...

Illegal Miners Blamed for Gas Leak That Killed 16

3 children among the dead in South Africa disaster

(Newser) - At least 16 people, including three children, were killed by a leak of a toxic nitrate gas being used by illegal miners to process gold in a settlement of closely packed metal shacks, South African police and local officials said late Wednesday. Emergency services initially announced that as many as...

They Buried Their Dead 100K Years Before Homo Sapiens

Researchers describe cognitive complexity of Homo naledi, though skeptics remain

(Newser) - Just two hominin species are thought to have intentionally buried their dead: Neanderthals and modern humans. That idea has been floundering over the last decade, however, with the discovery of Homo naledi , an archaic human species that appears to have buried its dead deep inside South Africa's Rising Star...

Russian, South African Generals Meet After US Arms Accusation

American ambassador had suggested weapons were shipped to aid Ukraine invasion

(Newser) - Russia's top army general and his South African counterpart discussed "military cooperation" while meeting Monday in Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The announcement came hours after South African President Cyril Ramaphosa denied accusations by the US that his country was siding with Russia in the war in...

Farm With Huge Herd of Rhinos Is Being Auctioned Off

South African breeding farm has more than 10% of the world's white rhino population

(Newser) - If you've ever dreamed of owning your own herd of rhinos and you have a spare $10 million or so, you have until May 1 to place a bid for a farm in South Africa that's home to a large share of the world's surviving white rhinos....

Inmate Who Escaped in 'Hollywood' Fashion in Custody

Thabo Bester, celebrity girlfriend detained in Tanzania, returned to South Africa

(Newser) - A convicted rapist and killer who faked his death before escaping from a South African prison a year ago is back in custody. Thabo Bester, his celebrity girlfriend, and a Mozambican national were arrested last week in Tanzania, from which they planned to travel to Kenya, officials say, per CNN...

Snakes on a Plane Became Real Life on This Flight
Pilot Who Felt 'Cool Sensation'
on Back Made Terrifying Find
in case you missed it

Pilot Who Felt 'Cool Sensation' on Back Made Terrifying Find

Highly venomous cape cobra had slithered its way onto the plane

(Newser) - A cobra encounter is nerve-wracking no matter where it takes place, but we imagine it's worse when trapped in a small plane 11,000 feet high in the sky. That was the plight earlier this week of a South African pilot and his passengers when he was confronted by...

This Nation Spends the Most Time Online

South Africans spend average 578 minutes per day on the internet, per Atlas VPN

(Newser) - It can be hard to accurately estimate how much time we spend online, though Atlas VPN notes that for many of us, it's a "significant portion of our day." Using data on internet usage trends among internet users 16 to 64 years old, the VPN service found...

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