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Here's What Just Made Judy Blume Curse on Twitter

After remarks on JK Rowling, author says it's 'total bull----' she doesn't stand with the trans community

(Newser) - Judy Blume may be 85 years old, but she's not shy about throwing down on Twitter if she needs to. The Independent reports that the popular children's author—who has penned such classics as Deenie, Forever, and Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret—is responding to...

Judy Blume Comes to Hapless Husband's Rescue

Guy accidentally gave away wife's prized copy of Margaret

(Newser) - Lots of husbands do lots of things that land them in the doghouse, but one Brooklyn man has Judy Blume trying to bail him out. As the New York Daily News reports, the initially unidentified man accidentally gave away his wife's treasured copy of Blume's classic, Are You ...

Judy Blume Book for Grown-Ups Is Coming

Her first adult novel since 1998

(Newser) - After a 17-year wait, Judy Blume will release a new novel for adults next summer. Her last, Summer Sisters, was published in 1998. The upcoming book hasn't been titled yet, the New York Times reports. All Blume's editor will say of the novel, which she's been talking...

Judy Blume Reveals Breast Cancer

Author describes experience on her blog

(Newser) - Iconic young-adult author Judy Blume was supposed to have a "dream summer" at a castle in Italy; instead, she got diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy in July. She writes about the experience on her blog , noting that now—one month after her surgery—she's "...

Celebs You'd Want to Be Friends With

Famous people who manage to be polite and pleasant

(Newser) - Within days of blowing the whistle on celebrities who act like jerks , the Frisky is back with an exposé about famous folks who are just folks—people "we were pleasantly surprised to find were lovely in person."
  • Paris Hilton: "Always drunk or stoned but really friendly."

Writers Pick Best Books of '09
 Writers Pick Best Books of '09 
Year in Review

Writers Pick Best Books of '09

Nick Hornby, Judy Blume, and more weigh in

(Newser) - What was the best book of the year? Salon asked Nick Hornby, Junot Diaz, Curtis Sittenfeld, and other people with better literary credentials than ours what they enjoyed in 2009. Their responses are in the photo gallery.

Don't Get Comfy, Harry Potter

Dr. Seuss, EB White win popularity contest over Rowling

(Newser) - Both are fantasists who've sold zillions of books, but in a recent poll of American children, the classic wins out: Dr. Seuss' works are more popular than JK Rowling's. Three million-plus kids weighed in on an educational software company's website, and Rowling's Harry Potter books trail works by EB White,...

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