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They Picked the Wrong Spot for a Soccer Field

Sinkhole opens up in Illinois park above limestone mine

(Newser) - A giant sinkhole has swallowed the center of a soccer complex that was built over an operating limestone mine in southern Illinois, taking down a large light pole and leaving a gaping chasm where squads of kids often play. The good news is that no injuries were reported after the...

Florida Sinkhole That Swallowed Man Returns—Again
Florida Sinkhole
That Swallowed
Man Is Back,
for 3rd Time
in case you missed it

Florida Sinkhole That Swallowed Man Is Back, for 3rd Time

It first opened in 2013, reopened in 2015, and is now back again

(Newser) - A sinkhole that swallowed a Florida man as he slept in 2013 is back, and not for the first time . It first reopened in 2015, and now it's back again, Fox 13 reports. It's estimated to measure 19 feet by 16 feet wide, and 19 feet deep. But...

Water Poured Into Car Trapped in Sinkhole. Then, a Drone

'Maybe 30 minutes later, they could have been dead,' Colorado teen says of his well-timed rescue

(Newser) - When Josh Logue started flying drones as a hobby, he had no idea it would result in him saving lives. That's what happened Saturday morning as the 18-year-old Colorado man sent up a drone to explore the Denver suburb of Brighton after heavy rainfall transformed a dry canal into...

Texans 'Terrified' as Dormant Sinkhole Awakens

Sinkhole in Daisetta, unchanged since 2008, suddenly grew 150 feet wider this month

(Newser) - A sinkhole in Texas was dormant for 15 years—until this month. Authorities in the small town of Daisetta say it began expanding April 2 and has since swallowed up several acres of land, "leaving nearby residents terrified that it will take them and their homes," NPR reports....

Cars Drive Around Barriers, Get Stuck in California Sinkhole

CHP 'at a loss for words'

(Newser) - Drivers who ignored road closure signs in a California town ended up caught in a sinkhole, and authorities sound pretty flabbergasted with the situation. "There are concrete rails across the roadway. It takes a little bit of effort to maneuver around it to get past it," explains a...

Sinkhole Swallows Cars in LA County
Sinkhole Swallows Cars
in LA County

Sinkhole Swallows Cars in LA County

Mother, daughter rescued in Chatsworth during California storms

(Newser) - Amid California's wild weather , a sinkhole opened up during one of the downpours in Los Angeles County, swallowing two cars. The sinkhole opened up around 7:30pm Monday in Chatsworth, and by the time firefighters arrived, it was already 15 feet deep, with heavy rainfall causing it to grow...

Mother, Daughter Missing After Car Falls Into Sinkhole

Their car tumbled into the hole on Saturday

(Newser) - The search for a mother and daughter whose car plunged into a huge sinkhole in Guatemala City changed to a recovery effort Tuesday, three days after they disappeared. Late Tuesday, authorities said they believed they had located their car using geological technology at a depth of about 50 feet. Mynor...

Sinkhole on Arctic Seafloor Could Hold a City Block
Huge Sinkholes
Are Forming on
Arctic Seafloor

Huge Sinkholes Are Forming on Arctic Seafloor

Permafrost is melting beneath the ocean, as on land: researchers

(Newser) - Melting permafrost has been wreaking havoc on the Arctic landscape, triggering ground collapses that leave deep holes in the earth. Now we have evidence that the same thing is happening under the ocean. Large sections of permafrost, or permanently frozen ground, were submerged as glaciers melted around the end of...

He Was Waiting for a Bus in NYC. Then, a Horrifying Plunge

Leonard Shoulders is 'traumatized' after falling into sinkhole full of rats in the Bronx

(Newser) - Yes, 2020 has been a disaster so far, but at least for most of us, "sinkhole full of rats" wasn't also part of the narrative. Leonard Shoulders, however, can't say the same. The Guardian notes that although New York City is "used to tall tales of...

They Were Boarding the Bus. Then the Ground Opened

At least 6 are dead in the Chinese city of Xining after sinkhole tragedy

(Newser) - An everyday event turned to terror Monday when pedestrians boarding a bus—and the bus itself—were sucked into a giant sinkhole in China, the Guardian reports. Hair-raising footage from the city of Xining shows the front of the bus toppling nose-first as commuters plunge into the hole and others...

So, How Was Your Monday Morning Commute?

Sinkhole brings unwelcome surprise for city bus during rush hour in Pittsburgh

(Newser) - As if going back to work on Monday wasn't bad enough: The front of a city bus in downtown Pittsburgh ended up in the air after a sinkhole opened during rush hour. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured. The Port Authority of Allegheny County says the lone passenger was treated...

'Sinkhole' Turns Out to Be Secret Tunnel to Bank
They Thought
It Was a Sinkhole. 
Then They Saw
the Orange Cord
in case you missed it

They Thought It Was a Sinkhole. Then They Saw the Orange Cord

FBI investigating after public works employees find secret tunnel leading to Florida bank

(Newser) - It started out as public works employees checking out a potential sinkhole or pothole; it ended up with the FBI trying to solve what the Sun Sentinel is now calling a "bank caper." What the workers spotted in the hole in Pembroke Pines, Fla., on Tuesday that raised...

Kayaker Dies a Hero After Whirlpool Opens Up

Arkansas man helped 2 caught near whirlpool

(Newser) - Arkansas officials have a message for boaters on the popular Spring River: Stay away from the Dead Man's Curve area near Saddler Falls. Officials say a kayaker died in the area Saturday when a sinkhole opened up in the riverbed, creating a large whirlpool that overturned boats, the Washington ...

Sinkhole on White House Lawn Is Getting Bigger

National Parks Service says it's watching closely

(Newser) - A sinkhole has appeared on the White House lawn, causing headaches for groundskeepers and giving the current occupant's critics an irresistible metaphor. The Washington Post reports that the sinkhole was first spotted last week on the North Lawn, yards away from the White House press briefing office and the...

Sinkhole Swallows 2 Homes, a Boat
Sinkhole Swallows
2 Homes, a Boat

Sinkhole Swallows 2 Homes, a Boat


(Newser) - A sinkhole that started out the size of a small swimming pool and continued to grow in Florida swallowed a boat, destroyed two homes, and prompted officials to evacuate residents from 10 other homes on Friday, the AP reports. Dramatic video showed the home, north of Tampa in Pasco County,...

Sinkhole Opens Up in Front of Trump's Mar-a-Lago

And the internet is amused

(Newser) - It's an otherwise ho-hum traffic alert from the town of Palm Beach, Fla., warning drivers that a new 4-by-4-foot sinkhole on Southern Boulevard might cause some headaches. Except that the sinkhole just happens to be in front of President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, aka the "Winter White House,...

Sinkholes Caused by Bad Infrastructure on the Rise

At least 39 incidents have been recorded since December

(Newser) - Dora Linda Nishihara, 68, was driving in San Antonio one dark evening in early December when she suddenly disappeared from sight. Later, her car, with her body inside, was found at the bottom of a 12-foot-deep, water-filled sinkhole that had swallowed the road ahead of her. Two days later, a...

Michigan Residents May Not Want to Flush at Halftime

Macomb County is worried about sinkhole trouble

(Newser) - A giant sinkhole in suburban Detroit is being threatened by the Super Bowl. Macomb County public works chief Candice Miller is worried that thousands of football fans will flush toilets at halftime Sunday night, reports AP . She tells radio station WWJ that it could overwhelm a broken sewer line blamed...

1 Dead in Texas Sinkhole
1 Dead in Texas Sinkhole

1 Dead in Texas Sinkhole

Man in another car rescued

(Newser) - A Texas sinkhole claimed a life Sunday night. A car driving through standing water entered the San Antonio sinkhole; another passing car stopped, and occupants of that car helped the original driver, a man in his 60s. Both that man and a woman who stopped to help were transported to...

After a Massive Sinkhole's Quick Fix, More Sinking

But just 2.7 inches this time

(Newser) - "Blink and you'll miss it," the Guardian declared. Er, maybe not. After around-the-clock work reverted what was a massive sinkhole into a driveable section of road in Fukuoka, Japan, in just a week, the road seems to be sinking once more. The BBC reports the road sank...

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