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When It Comes to Retirement, a Possible 'Cultural Shift'

Less than half of Americans think they'll work past age 62, per a new survey

(Newser) - Less than a decade ago, the percentage of Americans who anticipated they'd work past age 62 hovered close to 60%. Now, that figure comes in at less than half: According to the SCE Labor Market Survey released in March and cited by Liberty Street Economics , only about 46% of...

Baseball's Most Controversial Ump Is Out
Most Vilified
Ump Is Out
the rundown

Baseball's Most Vilified Ump Is Out

Angel Hernandez retires midseason

(Newser) - News that a Major League Baseball umpire is retiring typically doesn't make waves. But in this case, the umpire just happens to be the most vilified one in the game—Angel Hernandez. As coverage shows, however, not everybody thinks he deserves his reputation:
  • Retirement: Hernandez, 62, announced his retirement

A Lot More 401(k) Accounts Now Have $1M+ Balances

Still, Fidelity's 485K million-plus accounts represent just 2% of their defined contribution plans

(Newser) - The number of retirement accounts with balances above $1 million spiked dramatically to a new record this year. Some 485,000 401(k) accounts had balances above $1 million in the first quarter, CNN reports. That's a 15% increase from the end of 2023 and 43% higher than this time...

Survey: Many Say They're Being Priced Out of Retirement

Blame goes to cost of housing and everyday expenses

(Newser) - More than one-quarter of US adults over age 50 say they expect to never retire, and 70% are concerned about prices rising faster than their income, an AARP survey finds. About 1 in 4 have no retirement savings, according to research released Wednesday by the organization that shows how an...

Americans Think $1.46M Is the Magic Number

That's how much they think they need to retire comfortably, per a new survey

(Newser) - Americans' best guess of what they'll need to retire comfortably is on the rise. The Wall Street Journal reports that a survey of 4,588 adults conducted by Northwestern Mutual put the magic number at $1.46 million; in last year's survey, they pegged the target at $1....

BlackRock CEO: Maybe 65 Shouldn't Be Retirement Age

Larry Fink addresses retirement system problems in shareholder letter

(Newser) - The CEO of the largest money management firm on Earth has suggested one way to ease the crunch facing the US retirement system, though it might not be the most popular: Everyone should just work longer—or retire later, if that way of putting it is easier to swallow. That...

For Those Turning 65, a Very Different Golden Years Await

In 2024, nearly 4.1M seniors will hit this milestone

(Newser) - This year, we'll be donning birthday hats for more people turning 65 in the US than at any other time in history, in what the AARP is calling the "silver tsunami." And the nearly 4.1 million seniors celebrating this milestone are doing things a bit differently...

Retiring Soon? Consider These States

Florida comes in first in WalletHub's rankings; Kentucky is last

(Newser) - Whether you're nearing retirement age or simply planning way ahead, where you ultimately stick out your golden years can make a big difference in how you live those years, and how much it affects your pocketbook. WalletHub looked at all 50 states, using nearly four dozen metrics in three...

A's Pitcher Takes Parting Shot at Owner: 'Sell the Team, Dude'

Oakland Athletics' Trevor May rails against John Fisher while announcing retirement

(Newser) - Trevor May informed the world that he was retiring from Major League Baseball on Monday, but not before taking a parting shot at the owner of his team. Per USA Today , the 34-year-old relief pitcher for the Oakland Athletics made his announcement in a Twitch video , and while he had...

This Could Be Michael Caine's Last Film

90-year-old actor says he's 'sort of' retired, 'can't walk properly'

(Newser) - Michael Caine appeared in his first movie three years after Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. Nearly seven decades later, The Great Escaper might very well be his last. "I am bloody 90 now, and I can't walk properly," the British actor tells the Telegraph . "I sort...

Congresswoman Will Retire After Diagnosis Worsens

Democrat Jennifer Wexton of Virginia has 'Parkinson's on steroids'

(Newser) - When congresswoman Jennifer Wexton of Virginia revealed that she had Parkinson's earlier this year, the 55-year-old said she planned to continue serving in Congress for years to come. On Monday, however, the Democrat announced that while she'll serve out her current term, she won't seek reelection because...

Older and About to Become an Ex? Think Health Insurance

If you're about to divorce in your 50s, 60s, or older, think ahead so you're not left in the lurch

(Newser) - More than 1 in 3 people who divorce in the United States are age 50 or older, and 1 in 4 are 65 or older, according to a 2022 analysis published in the Journals of Gerontology. Divorcing as you near retirement—or after you've retired—comes with considerations: Are...

Best, Worst Cities to Retire
Best, Worst Cities to Retire

Best, Worst Cities to Retire

The Sunshine State is well represented in the top 10, while the Golden State dominates the bottom

(Newser) - Those lucky enough to be looking to retire might also be looking for the best places in which to do so—and maybe save a coin or two by relocating to a new location. WalletHub notes that the average age of American retirement has stretched from 60 in 1995 to...

10 Small Towns to Consider for Your Golden Years

CNN ranks its favorite places in America for retirees

(Newser) - If you're looking ahead to retirement and trying to suss out how to spend your golden years, now's the time to scout out some ideal spots. CNN has picked some of its favorite small towns in America to consider for a quiet retreat into post-retirement life. The news...

Overlooked in Retirement Planning: 'Longevity Literacy'

Women are better than men at estimating life expectancy

(Newser) - In a financial-advice essay for the AP , Nerdwallet's Liz Weston notes that women often don’t score as well as men in surveys of financial literacy. One area where they seem to do better is “longevity literacy,” or understanding how long they are likely to live. Longevity...

In 2026, Bryan Cranston Won't 'Be Taking Phone Calls'

Actor says he'll hit pause, at least, on working—perhaps in a French village

(Newser) - Bryan Cranston doesn't see himself slowing down. Instead, the actor plans a clean break in 2026, NBC News reports. "It's not going to be like, 'Oh, I'll read and see what I'm going to do,'" Cranston told British GQ magazine. "No,...

French Protesters Burn City Hall
The French Are Really Mad

The French Are Really Mad

City Hall set ablaze in Bordeaux, cops clash with protesters in Paris over changes to pension system

(Newser) - Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron bypassed Parliament and raised the age of retirement from 62 to 64, an unpopular move that left citizens "seething." Anger over the proposal has been bubbling up into strikes and protests since January, but the mostly peaceful demonstrations have also made way...

Macron Bypasses Parliament, Raises Retirement Age

It's now up from from 62 to 64, in risky move on unpopular plan in France

(Newser) - French President Emmanuel Macron shunned Parliament and opted to push through a highly unpopular bill that would raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 by triggering a special constitutional power on Thursday. The risky move is expected to trigger a quick no-confidence motion in Macron's government. The decision...

School Janitor Had to 'Unretire' to Pay Rent. The Kids Stepped In

Nearly $180K had been raised as of Thursday for 'Mr. James,' who was forced to return to work at 80

(Newser) - A GoFundMe that popped up last week features the rather ominous title "Getting Mr. James out of this school." It's not an attempt to see a teacher or staff member fired, however—instead, it's an effort by high school students in North Texas to help their...

Aaron Rodgers to Ponder Future at 'Darkness Retreat'

It's 4 days and nights in the dark

(Newser) - Some NFL stars retire, then unretire, then retire, then ... well, you know how that story goes . Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has decided to take a different approach to determining whether he should stay on the field: He'll be participating in a four-day "darkness retreat," which...

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