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Bad Luck of Broken Hip Morphs Into Lotto Luck at Hospital

NJ man never made it to buy lotto ticket after falling, but hospital pool had some luck

(Newser) - Naturally, Earl Livingston of Blackwood, NJ, isn't thrilled he broke his hip while walking to the store Tuesday. But it was the fact that the 87-year-old's tumble and subsequent hospitalization kept him from buying a ticket for Tuesday's night's $1.5 billion Mega Millions drawing that...

Bruce Dern Takes a Tumble During Jog

82-year-old actor 'in good spirits' after breaking hip while on run in Los Angeles

(Newser) - Even at the age of 82, Bruce Dern is known for his fit lifestyle, heading out for daily jogs around Los Angeles. The actor has had a bit of a setback, though it appears he'll recover: TMZ reports Dern was running in Runyon Canyon close to 4pm Friday when...

Cops: Ga. Sniper Thought Parkland Shooter Was a 'Hero'

Gunman Rex Harbour reportedly died from self-inflicted gunshot wound; 3 injured in shooting spree

(Newser) - Just before noon on Friday, the first of several 911 calls came in about cars being hit by gunfire along Georgia's Highway 365. By the time the chaos ended, seven cars had been shot, three people were injured, and the 26-year-old sniper suspect was dead of a self-inflicted gunshot...

He Tried Not to Spill His Drink. Now He's in a 'Nightmare'
He Tried Not to
Spill His Drink. Now
He's in a 'Nightmare'
in case you missed it

He Tried Not to Spill His Drink. Now He's in a 'Nightmare'

Jamie Harron, 27, accidentally brushed against a man's hip in Dubai

(Newser) - He was trying not to spill his drink. That's what a Scottish tourist says led to his arrest in Dubai for touching a man's hip, the BBC reports. Jamie Harron, 27, says he was walking with a drink in the crowded Rock Bottom Cafe when he put out...

Obama Wrecked Brainy-Black-Guy Cred
 Obama Wrecked 
 Brainy-Black-Guy Cred 

Obama Wrecked Brainy-Black-Guy Cred

Nation's first hip president renders formerly-hip a bit square

(Newser) - Sure, in his first 100 days President Obama made much-publicized strides forward. But he also ruined the game of “black male intellectuals” everywhere, writes G’Ra Asim for Salon: “This dude is destroying our street cred.” Whereas Asim, once “the only African-American male in Advanced Placement...

'Youth Magnet' Cities Swarming With Unemployed

(Newser) - The recession hasn’t done anything to stem the tide of young people pouring into places like Portland, Austin, and Seattle, the Wall Street Journal reports, and that’s straining those cities’ job markets. If anything, hipsters who’ve lost jobs elsewhere are more likely to set out for these...

A-Rod to Undergo Minor Hip Surgery
A-Rod to Undergo Minor Hip Surgery

A-Rod to Undergo Minor Hip Surgery

Yank puts off bigger procedure until winter; back in 6-8 weeks

(Newser) - Faced with the choice between playing through pain and undergoing an invasive surgery, Alex Rodriguez chose Hidden Option C: an arthroscopic surgical procedure that will put off the major operation until after the baseball season. He'll still be out for 6-8 weeks, but the scandal-plagued slugger prefers that to the...

Patients Have Bone to Pick With Squeaky Fake Hips

Noisy ceramic joints worry doctors

(Newser) - Ceramic artificial hips are far more durable than their metal and plastic counterparts—but frustrated patients are complaining that they squeak. It's embarrassing. “It can interrupt sex when my wife starts laughing,” said one. But some doctors fear it could be a sign that the ceramic replacements aren’...

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