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New Cuomo Accusation Referred to Police

There could be a crime involved, Albany department says

(Newser) - City police in Albany, home of the New York governor's mansion, say they've been alerted to the latest accusation against Gov. Mario Cuomo because a crime might have been committed. The department said it was contacted by state police and the governor's office Wednesday night, after the...

New York to Seize Ventilators to Help Swamped Hospitals

Cuomo orders National Guard to move equipment to places with the greatest need

(Newser) - New York will begin sending the National Guard into hospitals and other places in the state to seize ventilators and take them where they're needed more. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the executive order Friday, the Hill reports. He said some hospitals don't have many COVID-19 cases and have...

Cuomo Didn't Like Label of 'Liberal'

He liked 'pragmatic progressive' instead

(Newser) - The late Mario Cuomo is being called a "liberal icon" ( Time ), a "liberal beacon" (the New York Times ), and even a "liberal lion" ( MSNBC ), but in his appreciation at Capital New York , Terry Golway points out that Cuomo himself wasn't a...

A Giant of NY Politics: Cuomo Tributes Pour In

'All who knew Mario Cuomo were better for it'

(Newser) - Three-term New York Gov. Mario Cuomo died yesterday , just hours after his son Andrew was inaugurated for a second term as governor, and tributes have poured in from across the political spectrum for the Democrat who led the state from 1983 to 1994.
  • President Obama: "An Italian Catholic kid

Mario Cuomo Dead at 82
 Mario Cuomo Dead at 82 

Mario Cuomo Dead at 82

Former New York governor is father of current New York governor

(Newser) - The elder Mario Cuomo—the former governor of New York who is father to the current Gov. Cuomo of New York—died today at age 82 at his Manhattan home. Some early snippets in his hometown press:
  • New York Times : "Mario Cuomo, the three-term governor of New York who

Paladino to Cuomo: C'Mon, Be a Man
 to Cuomo: 
 C'Mon, Be a Man 

Paladino to Cuomo: C'Mon, Be a Man

Tea Partier writes scathing letter to Democrat

(Newser) - As love letters go, Andrew Cuomo's probably gotten better: Tea Partier Carl Paladino, recent upset winner of the GOP's gubernatorial nod, took the gloves off to write New York's attorney general a scathing note in which he invited "Dear Andrew" to "for the first time in your life...

3 Hookers in 1 Day for Spitzer: Tell-All
  3 Hookers in 1 Day 
  for Spitzer: 

3 Hookers in 1 Day for Spitzer: Tell-All

Oh no, you're certainly not done hearing about his sex scandal

(Newser) - Just in time for Eliot Spitzer to attempt a comeback, all sorts of creepy allegations are coming out of a new tell-all. The latest: The luv guv once had three visits with three different prostitutes, all in the same day, the New York Post reports. “You must be Superman!...

Rules for Playing Hoops With the President

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s beloved basketball may be the most “accessible and democratic” of sports, but “the game will change once the oath of office is administered,” Andrew Stengel writes for the Huffington Post. “Unlike the checks and balances in our three branches of government, there may...

Hillary's Seat Ignites Cuomo, Kennedy Rivalry

Messy war looms over Senate vacancy between powerhouse families

(Newser) - The jockeying for the New York Senate seat vacated by Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton is aggravating long-simmering tensions between Democratic powerhouse families the Kennedys and the Cuomos, reports the New York Daily News. Ted Kennedy is already lobbying for niece Caroline to step into the vacancy. But New York...

Eloquence Can, in Fact, Be Presidential
 Can, in Fact,
 Be Presidential 

Eloquence Can, in Fact, Be Presidential

Those dismissing Obama's speaking skills miss a key point of the role of a president

(Newser) - It’s a bit weird to defend something like eloquence, but that’s just the task to which the primary season has inspired Calvin Trillin, writing in the Los Angeles Times. Rivals and pundits alike dismiss Barack Obama’s eloquence as some kind of liability, whereas Trillin sees in the...

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