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Crises Meet a Biden Core Belief
Crises Meet a Biden Core Belief

Crises Meet a Biden Core Belief

President believes in the role of the US in crises, David Sanger writes, but he has a nation to convince

(Newser) - President Biden traces his political and diplomatic history back to Golda Meir and Mikhail Gorbachev. So crises like the wars involving Israel and Ukraine confirm for him the role of the US as the only nation that can help put the world right. The two wars, David Sanger writes in...

All the Problems With Isaacson's Musk Biography

Author was 'trying to write a Great Man book,' and it shows, argues Elizabeth Lopatto at the Verge

(Newser) - Walter Isaacson is an illustrious biographer who's probed the minds of Alfred Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Steve Jobs, to name a few. His latest 670-page biography of Elon Musk, however, is threatening the journalist's reputation for accuracy and fairness, as Elizabeth Lopatto contends at the Verge . She gives...

Warning to UAW: Don't Kill 'the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg'

In 'NYT' op-ed, Steven Rattner worries about strike's 'implications for our economy,' and for Biden

(Newser) - The United Auto Workers union is threatening to expand its targeted strike against Detroit's Big Three automakers if major advances aren't seen in contract negotiations by Friday. But at least one person thinks that the UAW is "overplaying its hand" in taking on Ford, General Motors, and...

Why on Earth Would Anyone Want to Be a Teacher?
Why on Earth Would Anyone
Want to Be a Teacher?

Why on Earth Would Anyone Want to Be a Teacher?

Writing for 'NYT,' Jessica Grose cites 'culture war madness,' school shootings

(Newser) - Teaching has never been an easy profession, but the "culture war madness" of the past few years has helped create a climate that's causing teachers to flee from their jobs, and for "teacher" to drop further down the list of desirable careers for high school and college...

We Need to Go on a 'Poll-Free Political Diet'
We Need to Go on
a 'Poll-Free Political Diet'

We Need to Go on a 'Poll-Free Political Diet'

Writing for 'WaPo,' Jennifer Rubin lays out 5 reasons why we should ignore polls ahead of 2024

(Newser) - Jennifer Rubin has tried to stay away from "rickety" poll analyses as we inch closer to the 2024 election—a "poll-free political diet" she thinks we all should go on. Writing for the Washington Post , Rubin lays out a laundry list of reasons why, calling the polling field...

A New Dawn on Labor: 'Working People Are Reclaiming' Power

EJ Dionne lays out why this Labor Day in particular is cause for worker celebration

(Newser) - So far this year, more than 230 strikes involving upward of 320,000 workers in the United States have unfolded, along with big victories for unions. This is no fluke, but instead signs of a reawakening for organized labor that has made unions "cool again," writes EJ Dionne...

LinkedIn May Be Cheery, but It's Not Very Honest

Everyone on the career site is doing 'amazing,' 'Guardian' columnist writes—except they're not

(Newser) - Social media can seem somewhat of a cesspool these days, but not over on LinkedIn, where everyone always seems "fantastic, awesome, and amazing." Except they're not, writes Gene Marks for the Guardian , laying out his beef with the career site he says he needs but also confesses...

Think UPS Workers Will Be Overpaid? Think Again
Think UPS Workers Will Be
Overpaid? Think Again

Think UPS Workers Will Be Overpaid? Think Again

Wife of driver says long hours, challenging conditions make pay raise deserved

(Newser) - As UPS workers mulled a tentative contract, some white-collar workers went on the offensive, suggesting full-time drivers would be overpaid with an average of $170,000 in annual pay and benefits within five years. Now, the wife of one such driver in Rhode Island is hitting back at "the...

Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'? Don't Feel Guilty
Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'?
Don't Feel Guilty

Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'? Don't Feel Guilty

In the 'NYT,' Jessica Grose advocates for 'reasonable boundaries' for workers

(Newser) - Feel a twinge of guilt on the days you leave work right on time? Don't, says Jessica Grose, who takes a deep dive for the New York Times into what it means to be a "good" employee. Grose wants a more "positive spin" on two fairly new...

Liberals, Your 'Hero Worship' of Judges, Others May Backfire

At Politico, Michael Schaffer argues progressives are hurting their own cause in regard to Trump

(Newser) - Welcome to the state of politics in 2023: You can now buy T-shirts and coffee mugs celebrating the judge in Donald Trump's federal election-interference case. And as Michael Schaffer points out in an opinion piece at Politico Magazine , Judge Tanya Chutkan is far from the only Trump-related public figure...

6 Takes on Trump's Most Serious Indictment Yet
Pundits Weigh
In on Latest
Trump Indictment

Pundits Weigh In on Latest Trump Indictment

Lying isn't criminal, argues one defender

(Newser) - There have been very different reactions to the third criminal case against Donald Trump from the left and from the right. But if Democrats and Republicans can agree on one thing, it's that the indictment related to Trump's efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election...

The #LazyGirlJob Trend Could Backfire on Gen Z
The #LazyGirlJob Trend
Could Backfire on Gen Z

The #LazyGirlJob Trend Could Backfire on Gen Z

Flexible, remote jobs are likely to be among the first cut, writes Megan McArdle

(Newser) - The idea behind the viral TikTok trend #lazygirljob, touted by influencer Gabrielle Judge and others, is to find a low-stress, extremely flexible, remote job that pays the bills while allowing for a decent work-life balance. The trend isn't specific to women. It's "the latest iteration of 20-...

Please Stop Traveling to Antarctica
Please Stop Traveling
to Antarctica

Please Stop Traveling to Antarctica

Sara Clemence makes her case in the 'Atlantic'

(Newser) - In the first part of her essay on Antarctica, Sara Clemence recounts its "otherworldly" beauty. But that's merely a prelude to a plea she then issues: Everybody should stop traveling there before the increasingly fragile continent is wrecked irreparably. In the Atlantic piece, she notes that Antarctica drew...

Don't Let Turner Classic Movies Slip Away
Don't Let Turner
Classic Movies Slip Away

Don't Let Turner Classic Movies Slip Away

Maureen Dowd puts in her plea to save the cable network and its films, a 'great expander of horizons'

(Newser) - The Turner Classic Movies channel is currently in "turmoil" and what will happen next remains unclear after a house cleaning under David Zaslav, the CEO of parent company Warner Bros. Discovery. Writing for the New York Times , Maureen Dowd makes a plea to "save Turner Classic Movies,"...

Arizona GOPer on Lake Suit: She Must Be 'Held Accountable'

Maricopa County recorder Stephen Richer says ex-governor candidate's lies hurt him, many others

(Newser) - Like an Energizer Bunny custom-built for election denialism, Kari Lake continues to press on with her repeatedly debunked claim that Arizona's governor seat was stolen from her last November. Now she's being sued for her false remarks, by a fellow Arizona Republican who says he's had enough...

Trump Case Isn't a Slam Dunk. It's a Tough 3-Pointer
The Case Is
Strong. Here's
How Trump
Can Beat It

The Case Is Strong. Here's How Trump Can Beat It

Paul Rosenzweig lays out the obstacles faced by prosecutors, starting with the judge

(Newser) - Special counsel Jack Smith has laid out what many observers see as a damning case against Donald Trump over classified documents. Take the view of William Barr, who served as Trump's own attorney general: "If even half of it is true, then he's toast," he told...

Sorry, Parents, Kids Need to Lose Their Phones in School

Jonathan Haidt makes the case for it in the 'Atlantic,' citing mental health, lack of focus

(Newser) - Last month, the US surgeon general released a report pointing to the links between social media and declining mental health in America's kids and teens, and Jonathan Haidt says the transition to cellphones in the late aughts and early 2010s has played a role. That's why he now...

Actor Addresses Rumors on Being Gay in a Perfect Way

'LAT' column lauds Tyler James Williams of 'Abbott Elementary' on his handling of sexuality rumors

(Newser) - There's apparently been speculation among fans that Tyler James Williams, who plays Gregory Eddie on the ABC comedy Abbott Elementary, might be gay, and on Sunday he took to Instagram to address the rumors. But LZ Granderson doesn't care so much about Williams' sexual preferences as he does...

Want to Stop Wildfires? Dump Smokey Bear
We Need to Stop 'Fire
Foolishness' in America

We Need to Stop 'Fire Foolishness' in America

Ex-fire chief pens 'NYT' essay on getting more aggressive on fires caused by human carelessness

(Newser) - Canadian wildfires are wreaking havoc not only in Canada, but in cities across the northeastern United States , leading to hazardous levels of air pollution that the eastern part of the US isn't accustomed to seeing. There may be an opportunity at hand in this unusual event, however, at least...

Debt Deal: True Market Relief, or a 'Short-Lived Sugar High'?

As agreement on raising debt ceiling heads to Congress, varying thoughts on what comes next

(Newser) - An agreement has been reached , at least in principle, by President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on raising the nation's debt limit, and now the final OK is in Congress' hands. Both progressive Democrats and ultra-conservatives are already pushing back on the deal , and if Biden and McCarthy...

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